I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-09: The True Intentions of the Alliance and a Maiden’s Heart? (3/6)

“He was probably brought back along with Kite-dono.

I can more or less tell that the hero is safe, so he is probably safe too.

The fact that Youko isn’t running around and that they’re together is a small mercy.

…Or, no. I suppose that’s not quite right, is it? After all, they were sent home,” Stella said.

“They were able to go home when going home should have been impossible. Normally, that’s something we should be celebrating, but…” Another maid said.

“Now, the world is going to be divided,” the princess concluded.

Although the princess knew how he felt toward his family and hometown, she also knew that that forceful return meant that they would never meet again.

That event also allowed them to grasp the position of ‘Earth’, but the required mana to reach it was simply too great that she could only be stupefied in the face of it.

“In order to meet him, I would need so much mana that were I to wish it I would easily be able to destroy any country.

Even if I risked my life and released as much mana as I could, it is doubtful if I could even reach half the mana required.

It’s practically impossible for Earthgant to prepare that much mana.

I miss him, but unfortunately, there’s no other choice but to give up.”

Even if she was the princess of a great magic country, and even if she was praised as its greatest mage, the required mana was so absurd that she didn’t even feel like trying.

That’s why she didn’t even try to hide the loneliness she felt as she said that.


“There was a lot more I wanted him to teach me.”

“It’s too bad. I finally improved a little, but he’s gone already.”

“Everyone did their best to get revenge too.”

The maids shared the disappointment and resignation that their master felt.

Meeting with that boy had simply changed their view on life that much.

To be honest… From a third party’s perspective, their meeting was not a good one.

In fact, it could be said that they met in the worst way possible.

“But that’s only a given.

We, the honorable guards of the royal palace (royal guards)!

Moreover, royal guards as skilled as us who were even entrusted with the safety of a member of the royal family!

Was wiped out by just one boy!

Moreover, we were defeated after the princess and the hero were beaten black and blue!

That person may be our benefactor, but this is this and that is that!”

Stella spoke enthusiastically about needing to get revenge for that time.

Normally, she was a lot more reserved and did not express her emotions this openly. It was rare to see her talk this much and so spirited.

Although she was partly saying this as the ‘leader’ of the maids, but there was ‘also’ a fear in her face that only her colleagues who have been with her for a long time would recognize.

“Head Maid, I know how you feel, but…”

“A physical revenge is a bit…”

“Yeah. That was… really bad.

Shin-kun is really merciless to people he considers to be an enemy.”

“When I think of how he was still holding back then, I can’t help but get goosebumps.”

That incident when they first met flashed through their minds. Looking back at it now, they know now that they were in the wrong. More precisely, it was the princess and the hero who were in the wrong. But at the time they just wanted to kill the man who hurt their master.

In a sense, they had taken the right course of action, but the result was a defeat so great it left an irremovable trauma in them.

After that they worked together and got to know each other better, but that harsh defeat has already left a deep mental scar in them.

But their master, who had met a similar fate, probably sees that event in a different light.

A sweet breath leaked out from her.

“Indeed. I get chills just thinking about it.

It’s only been five months, and yet, Ahh… What a nostalgic memory.

Just remembering that time is enough to make me climax… Haa…” The princess said.

“……Ah, she’s gone.” A maid asked.

“She’s been in serious mode the past few days, so I’d forgotten, but, yeah… She’s like this,” Stella said.

While the princess looked up at the empty air with an expression of ecstasy and yearning, the maids around her were bitterly laughing with a strained expression and feelings of resignation.

‘If not for this, then she would truly appear as a good princess,’ the maids thought.

“Those condescending eyes that look like they’re looking at trash!

Those merciless words that cut me like sharp blades!

Whenever I recall that time when he kicked me in the stomach and stepped on my face, I just— AHh!!”

As she screamed so full of life, what flashed through her mind was that incident where they met for the first time.

The one-sided beating they received under the pretense of a spanking when they did something that angered him.

With just his bare hands, he knocked down the supposedly unrivaled hero, broke his limbs, and rendered him incapacitated.

With his magic, he overwhelmed the magic she was so proud of and made her experience a humiliating defeat.

And then he hit her, kicked her, stepped on her, and insulted her.

—Maggots like you shouldn’t be playing human when your brain has gone rotten!


Just remembering it leaves me spellbound!

Haa haa, nfuun… He was really amazing…”

Although her expression was just like that of a maiden in love, with her cheeks beet red, the things she was saying were dangerous no matter how one spun it.

Let it be written. She is a pervert.

“…Although there are a lot of things I’m thankful to him for.

There is just one thing I wished he’d apologize for… Flowering this unnecessary side of the princess,” Stella said.


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