I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-09: The True Intentions of the Alliance and a Maiden’s Heart? (4/6)

Stella looked like she was glaring at some illusionary image of a person that wasn’t here, but when she said that, the other maids simultaneously interjected.

“You’ve got it wrong, Head Maid,” a maid pointed out. “Shin-kun himself thought he was in the wrong!”

“That’s right! He was really troubled and complained to us, saying, ‘Why did things turn out like this!?’” Another maid said.

“That’s why he accompanied us for some time.” Another maid said.

He felt responsible for the princess and tried to bring her back to normal along with the maids.

Unfortunately, the end result of that was that the permanence of the princess’ perversion.

“Although when you think about it, it was sort of a blessing in disguise.

After all, thanks to Shin-kun accompanying us, he decided that he might as well give us some pointers. Because of that we were able to improve our skills in just a month.

It was such an unbelievable increase in skill that it almost felt like a joke,” a maid said.

“…Those ‘might as well’ pointers of his were so brutal that it’s a mystery how we’re still alive today, though…” Another maid said.

It is said that even if the humans of this world tried to increase their Skill stat their whole life, at most they’ll only be able to raise it up to a B+. That’s why it was so frightening that Shinichi was able to raise their Skill stat so quickly.

But that growth rate came with an appropriate level of harshness. As such, when the maids thought back to it, they couldn’t help but make that thousand-mile look for a moment.

“Unfortunately, the only thing the princess got out of that training was her perversion,” Stella said.

“Mn~ —Hey! You’ve been saying rude things about me since awhile ago, haven’t you!?

What’s with you people acting like I’m some sort of perverted masochist!?”

After recovering herself from her trance, the princess firmly denied any and all accusations of her being a pervert, but… Alas, isn’t it a bit too late to be denying this, Princess? The maids all looked at her with an expression that said ‘But you are a pervert’.

“Listen, you guys. All I want is for him to step on me! Is that so wrong?

And when I think of how not being able to meet him is basically a kind of abandonment play, I just… Ohh! I can just feel my loins quivering!”

A smile bloomed on that sweet and lovely face, to which many a man would find oneself captive, but the things coming out of her lips did not match the flower one might assume, and even those who have long grown used to her antics, found even themselves shaking their heads.

Once more, let it be written. She is a pervert.

“…Good grief. Won’t that man take responsibility?”

There are a lot of complicated reasons, but seeing the princess like this just makes one want to grumble.

She may be like this, but she’s still the princess of a great power. There are many candidates for a groom and many houses looking for a bride.

But with the way she was now, she’ll either be divorced the day after or be married only in name. But whatever circumstances there may be, in the end, she was still the master they served.

As a member of the royal family, she was destined to be married off for political reasons, yet as much as possible they still wished that she would find a marriage she could be happy in.

Stella treasured the princess enough to pray that much for her.

But the only one who could handle the princess was him.

Alas, he was no longer in this world, and there was no longer any meaning in chasing after him.

And yet…

“Hmm… Responsibility? You want Shin-kun to marry the princess?” A maid asked.

“Oho? But isn’t that the same thing as asking Shin-kun, ‘Won’t you please become my master?’” Another maid pointed out.

“Uwaah! Head Maid, I didn’t think you were that bold—!?” Another maid remarked.

As the maids were talking behind the head maid, a long weapon suddenly passed by in front of them.

A halberd with dazzling silver blade and a thick handle had lodged itself firmly into the wall.

“I’m sorry, can you tell me again Who was saying what?” Stella asked.

More importantly, just where were you hiding that huge thing?

She took that thing out so naturally and threw it at the other maids that they had no choice but to go quiet and start vigorously shaking their heads.

“Nothing. No one was saying anything. We’re sorry,” the maids said as they pleaded for their lives.

That was how unsmiling Stella’s smile was.

She was normally expressionless, so it was really scary when she smiled like this.

“Sigh… Whenever that person is involved, the conversation always becomes like this,” Stella said, then she muttered, “How troublesome” as she sighed and retrieved her halberd to be put away.

Just where in that standard maid attire of hers is she hiding that thing?

Even her colleagues who were watching her from right beside her apparently had no idea.

Although that was mostly because they were too tense from having that weapon pointed at them that they could simply not be bothered to find out.

Stella asked them not to bring the topic up anymore.

And then she went and started talking about her impressions of Shinichi, even though no one was asking for it, but clearly that did not matter.

“In the first place, he’s 10 years my junior!” She pointed out. “He solves problems recklessly, and despite being able to think things through thoroughly, in the end, he lets himself get swayed by emotions and ends up putting himself at a disadvantage.

His mouth is potty and he plays with women’s feelings. Do you know? He actually said that he’s happiest when teasing others! What a guy!

His mind is so fragile he gets depressed for the strangest things, and yet he’s so stubborn.

In spite of his high Skill, he’s so clumsy at living his life.

I’m sorry to him for saying this, but as far as men go, he is completely useless!!”

That’s why there’s no need for further inquiry. ‘It’s unnecessary’ she says in a – very unlike her – emotional manner.

But the people around her blinked for a moment and then started making strange faces.

Even the princess, who was in a trance just moments ago, was making a strange face just like them.

“W-What’s the matter?” Stella asked.

Strange. Seeing everyone act so differently from what she’d expected, Stella also found herself confused.

“Uhh… We’re your subordinates, so it’s a bit hard for us to point out. Princess, why don’t you be the one to tell her?” A maid said.

“Right. Stella.

You know, you seem to think you’re complaining, but… It really sounds like you’re praising him instead,” the princess said with a huge grin on her face.

That same grin that a certain young boy loved to wear.

Stella was petrified.


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