I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-09: The True Intentions of the Alliance and a Maiden’s Heart? (6/6)

When she heard him say something that was not like his usual teasing, she couldn’t help but find herself choking.

Moreover, she was a world-renowned mage. That status came with a knowledge that made her understand what it means to be turned into a vessel and yet continue living as one’s self.

At the same time, she also understood the truth that his existence in this world meant the destruction of the world itself.

Ah, so that’s why he always looks so lonely and yet continues to smile.

She remembered how when she thought that to herself, her eyes became moist and she became unable to see his face.

“The factor of the evil god resides within me yet. If I die, the factor of the otherworld (over there) suppressing it will disappear.”

That’s why he could not live in this world.

This world that knew about the existence of the evil god, that same world where the evil god had once acted upon.

If him staying here meant that the factor of revival would remain, then this world could not possibly allow him to live in it.

For to live in this world meant that he would one day die.

Moreover, there was also a faint possibility that he might be able to go back.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already resolved myself in case I can’t go home.”

‘I’ll find a quiet place somewhere that no one can enter and sleep forever’ he said in a gentle voice.

When she realized that that was actually the truth behind his secluded way of life, she couldn’t help but let those tears building up in her eyes fall, and in response, all the boy could do was to wipe them away.

Lilisha wept and wept, but there was truly nothing that she could say.

After all, it was him who had taught her how a noble queen should behave.

Thus, she could not say anything that would betray those teachings.

She couldn’t shamelessly say something so selfish as to ignore the world and its people.

“*Sniff… I-I’ll pray for your safe return… *Sniff.”

“…Thank you.”

In the end, that was how their last conversation concluded.


“Perhaps in a few years this memory will turn into nothing more than a nostalgic story of a broken heart.”

After remembering that last conversation she had with him, a wry smile appeared on her face.

But although her words seemed as if she wished for that to happen, they carried with them a nuance that meant that she would hate for that to happen.

“Even though it would be so much simpler if only you were clearer on whether you could become a little more reliable or not.”

It was such a complicated thing because he was both knowledgeable and undefeated in battle.

If only he were also stubborn, then she would be able to leave him alone without a care in the world, but unfortunately, while that was a trait that the hero possessed, that was not the case for the boy.

He was someone with a ‘weakness that made others become concerned for him’.

“Good grief.”

Stella agreed from behind Lilisha. That was were she usually was.

Lilisha faintly smiled, and as she took another sip from her cup, she prayed.

—I pray that in your home world you might be able to meet people who can notice that about you.

Although Lilisha did not say that prayer out loud, Stella faintly smiled all the same.


Behind the smiling master and head maid, however, was a scene of calamity, one arranged with a heap of beaten corpses.

“I definitely took a couple of hits. Oww…” Said a maid.

“It’s hopeless. There’s no way we can win against an opponent like that…” Said another.

“If we have to play with the head maid like this every time she’s embarrassed, we’ll definitely die one of these days.”

“Uu, ah… S-Shin-kun, c-come ba-ck…”

Someone reached out a hand but it grasped nothing and only fell to the ground.


Tl Note: This release is a bit shorter than usual due to me making the last release longer than it should’ve been, but there will be another release tomorrow, so the wait for the next release won’t be as long.

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    1. Probably? The fact that she specified “a world that knew the existence of the evil god” makes me think that only by acknowledging its existence can it be dangerous. It reminds me of another novel where otherworldly demon gods can only invade other worlds under certain conditions such as “enough people knowing about their existence”.

    2. If he was telling the truth, then maybe he thought the lack of magic would make it a meaningless worry, or he could have just been talking about his out of the box thinking, since even other earthlings tend to conform to the thinking of the world they are on.

    1. I was thinking maybe it wasn’t literally that he’d be possessed by an evil god (or be a vessel), but rather than he has the potential to become one himself.

      Like maybe if the hero was just a person with “the factor of a hero”, the the evil god is just a person with “the factor of an evil god”. Maybe if enough people believed him to be one, he would really become one (whatever that entails). And because of his assassin profession, maybe that wasn’t too far off.

      Hence why, if he couldn’t leave back to earth, he’d choose somewhere quiet to die/stay. Being in the spotlight (married to a princess), could accelerate that factor.

      Just my 2 cents tho. Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to tomorrow!

  1. Am I the only one who thinks the Evil God thing is a lie from the MC so he can leave the people and the Fantasy World without having them miss him or expecting him to come back (he obviously failed on that goal).

    I mean in previous chapters he was obsessed with going back to his Homeworld because he missed his Friends and Family and was worried about them, with good reason as we already found out.

    So that’s why I think he wanted to have a “clean farewell” without any hard feelings so he lied.
    But maybe I’m wrong and it’s all true, I don’t know.

  2. Hmmm… the lore chapter mentioned that the Evil God was split into different parts and sealed. He may have the key factor necessary for resurrection, but he’s lacking the other parts hence why it’s safe for him to return to earth?

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