I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-10: The True Intentions of the Demon Tribe and the Mission of the Mask (1/6)

—Demon King Castle

The humans and the demon tribe.

The castle was positioned in such a way that it demarcated the territory of each side.

Within it were naturally many demons working. It was also where the royal family of the demon tribe lived.

The reason why the royal family of the demon tribe was situated in what was basically the front lines could only really be answered with ‘because they are demons’.

In a corner of that castle was a young boy with blond hair walking through a dark hall while reading a book. For some reason, he wore a difficult expression on his face as he did.

Genan Reben. The second child of the demon king and the first prince. He was currently on his way back to his room after retrieving several books from the archives.

This was a common scene.

The soldiers and handmaids that passed him from time to time didn’t pay him any mind.

For some reason, though, most of them were intentionally refraining from avoiding him.

Normally, one would crash into another if one did so, but the prince was full of dexterity and was able to avoid each one of them himself.

This was while his attention was completely taken in by his books.

There were some who were even intentionally trying to bump into him, but none could touch the prince.

When the soldiers and the handmaids saw that, they all nodded and walked away. The prince did not mind their actions.

To humans such actions might appear uncalled-for, but to the members of the demon tribe, this was just the usual.

“…They’re really into it.”

Though the prince walked with dexterity, he was actually fully devoted to his thoughts. They’re so zealous, he thought.

The security within the castle had been tightened several times greater than before. The number of patrolling guards has also increased.

On the face of each and every guard was a smile. They were eager and it could even be said that they were excited.

Every one of them was happy.

As for why…

It was because they had been given an opportunity to offer their services for the king that they had sworn absolute fealty to.

Although there were no rules saying that they couldn’t be like this, because of that and due to other reasons, they have garnered a reputation for themselves of being ‘undemon-like’, but they knew that themselves.

They were all waiting.

Waiting for that man who attacked the demon king to appear once again.

Waiting for that fearless man who was able to get pass their security and wound their king.

“…Fu fu, so the boss herself has come.”

As the prince sensed someone approaching from in front, a faint smile appeared on his face, then he closed his book and turned his gaze in front of him.

A closer look would show that a pure red hair that stood out even in the darkness was swaying behind a figure’s back. It was a woman with a horn extending up from her temporal region and was wearing an unhappy expression.

She was Reben’s older sister. The first daughter of Gior and the first princess. She was Genan Ymir.

“It seems today was no good too, Aneue.”

The prince asked with certainty and without any inkling of trying to hide the direction he came from. It was only then that she noticed the presence of her younger brother.

“Reben, so it’s you.

I said I would search for him alone, but dad was hellbent against it.

That ruffian slung mud on the house of the demon king. And he even stole the ‘Pupils of the Demon King’!

We should be out there looking for him!”

Reben wryly smiled upon seeing this older sister of his smack her fist into her own palms in irritation.

Ever since that day, Ymir has appealed to the demon king directly many times. She wanted him to give her permission to chase after the intruder.

But Gior insisted under his authority as a demon king that they prioritize fortifying their defenses over chasing some intruder.

Since then they have been quarreling with each other like that almost every day.

But the reason this younger brother of hers was wryly smiling was not because of a reason that a human’s common sense might lead one to assume. No. He was not at all concerned about her safety or danger because of her position. Rather he was wryly smiling precisely because he knew exactly what this older sister of his was thinking.

“…So, what are you really after?”

“Isn’t it obvious? That skill that wounded even father! That speed! Obviously, I too wish to fight him!!”

Suddenly, the demon princess’ face bloomed into a dazzling bright smile.

That proud and noble face had in one instant turned into the innocent face of a little child standing before an irresistible sweet.

The fact that she returned to the way she originally spoke and referred to herself was proof of that. [1]

It’s been so long since the prince last saw his older sister this happy.

This is also the reason why the people within the castle were happily waiting for the intruder.

They too wanted to fight the person who was able to take the king by surprise and wound him. After all, who was their king? Was he not the very man who stood at the apex of the demon tribe? Very much so; hence, the desire to fight him could not be greater. In fact, it could even be said that compared to that desire, they couldn’t care less for the secret treasure that was stolen.

“Yeah, figures. You really are the very image of a demon.”

“Why are you talking like it’s not your business too? Didn’t you smile for a moment when he passed by you?

Did you really think I missed that?”

“Ha ha. That’s true. But it can’t be helped. If he shows me something like that, it’s only natural that my blood will stir.”

The members of the demon tribe were weak to this belligerent nature of theirs. That held true even for the prince.

Although, at the time, this pair of sister and brother prioritized their position as members of the royal family, what they really wanted was to chase after that intruder and fight.

In the end, they somehow managed to find a reason (excuse) to chase after him, but unfortunately, even after giving chase, they couldn’t find any trace of him.


[1] – She uses Warawa to refer to herself.



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