I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-10: The True Intentions of the Demon Tribe and the Mission of the Mask (2/6)

“And the reason why dad believes it would be more certain to wait here instead?” The younger brother asked.

The reason he initially gave was that he didn’t want to divert security personnel for other purposes.

A secret treasure may have been stolen, but it was merely a jewel with no value historically speaking, so it wasn’t a very good reason to send people out.

But Ymir insisted on looking for him, as it was more likely that she would be able to fight him that way.

The desire to fight a powerful man. There was no reason more fitting for a member of the demon tribe.

“Yes, I can understand where father is coming from.

But at this rate, someone else will fight him first!”


She wanted to fight Masquerade sooner than anyone else.

The way she looked as her face brimmed with the will to fight and raised up her fists with a cry was truly the picture of a demon tribe member.

It was likely that she didn’t think she would still be in the mood to fight him if he were to be exhausted after fighting many others before her. It certainly wouldn’t be wrong to assume such.

And this is exactly why this younger brother of hers couldn’t help but wryly smile to himself.

“Ha ha ha… Still, father always spoils you so much, and yet for some reason, he’s been strangely firm on this matter.”

Reben thought that something was amiss.

Normally, her selfish antics would be permitted with a laugh from their father.

Of course, that didn’t mean that he would permit her to do anything as long as she asked for it, but a request of this level should still be fine.

That’s why he couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps there was another reason whey their father couldn’t allow her to go.

“Reben, have you thought of something?

Come on, isn’t it your role to be the thinker, while it’s my role to be the doer?”

“…But the one who gets scolded every time is me, though.”

‘Why didn’t you stop your older sister?’ ‘Why did you tell her something unnecessary?’ They would say.

Their specialties have always been unbalanced, so they have always divided the roles.

There actually wasn’t a lot of benefit in this relationship to the younger brother, but his older sister was too strong and he couldn’t go against her.

That being said, it might be that this relationship came about not because of the values held by the demon tribe but simply because of the fate that younger brothers carried.

“…But if my guess is correct, then it’s hopeless no matter what you say.”

Reben shook off the painful memories of the past and said that there was no way to get their father’s permission.

Given that his hypothesis was conditional, his expression was not as confident as usual.

“Are you saying there’s another reason why father won’t let me go?”

“No, I’m not that confident in it since it’s just a guess based on the circumstances, but… You know how dad doesn’t want to fight with the humans? As in he has zero interest in it?”

“Of course he wouldn’t be interested. Why do we have to fight with those weaklings?

Brushing off the sparks that fall onto us is one thing, but taking the initiative to attack such weaklings is a disgrace to the demon tribe.”

As far as she was concerned, the humans were weak creatures that could be blown away with the slightest swing of her arms.

Fight. Destroy. Conquer. Those kind of things… What are they grumbling about them for when they didn’t even have the worth (strength) for it?

Those were Ymir’s honest feelings and the only things she cared about were the few strong among the humans that she’s gotten word of.

“…Yeah, I know. That’s the usual response a demon tribe member would give.

But no matter how much power we display and even if a war hasn’t broken out in a hundred years, the humans will keep coming back.

Even though they haven’t really gotten that much stronger.”

That’s why the demon tribe merely showed off their strength to try and avoid a meaningless battle with the hostile humans.

But while that method may have been enough for some tens of years, after a hundred years, the humans would shake off the fear and attack again.

If they could at least put up a fight, it would be interesting, but unfortunately, that part of them also never changes.

“Umu. I know they’re short-lived, but who would’ve thought the same was true for their memories too.

I do acknowledge their willingness to fight, but I think they should think over their actions a little more.”

“They really must be hopeless for you – of all people – to be the one saying that, Aneue… Well, anyway.

Because of that there are even some among the demon tribe who are starting to reach the end of their patience and are thinking of just getting rid of them once and for all.

It’s a rather extreme viewpoint, but that kind of thinking has appeared in the meetings. Shutol was the one who started it.

It turned out to be a failed attempt, but that declaration of war was the result of those discussions and was meant to serve as a final warning to the humans.”

People like Ymir who rarely attended the meetings didn’t know the situation.

The younger brother snidely remarked that if she had attended he wouldn’t have had to explain this to her, but – as expected – those words couldn’t reach her at all.

“But Shutol is already dead.

Wasn’t he executed because of his failure in this last incident?”


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