I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-10: The True Intentions of the Demon Tribe and the Mission of the Mask (3/6)

No matter how much the demon tribe may have liked to fight the strong, this was a different matter altogether.

The things the demon tribe liked and the question of responsibility when one errs on the line of work were two different things.

Someone had to take responsibility for allowing the assassin to slip through the castle’s security.

Naturally, the one to take responsibility was none other than the person in charge of the guards, Shutol. He especially had to take responsibility since this was a grave matter where one step wrong would have meant the king’s assassination.

It was so great a matter in fact that he was lucky to get away with only having his head and the properties of his ‘house’ taken and crushed.


That’s why I think dad and Masquerade might be working together.”

When all is said and done, when you look back to everything, it’s clear that the situation has resulted in a kind of peace. Because of that the first prince can’t help but think that the king might have been expecting this outcome.

“…What do you mean?” The older sister asked.

“Ahh, in other words…” The younger brother explained.

Subtly disappointed that his older sister could not understand what he was getting at, Reben thoroughly explained it so that she could understand.

The demon king had zero interest in attacking the human territories.

But there was a possibility that the situation might take a turn for the worse due to the increasing support of the Human Purge Faction.

Given the situation at hand, it is possible that Masquerade, who – for some reason – wanted the Pupils of the Demon King, contacted the demon king.

And together they made a deal to enact that failed assassination attempt.

“If dad were to be attacked, then the person in charge of the security, Shutol, would have to take responsibility.

Without their leader, the Purge Faction will collapse and the security of the castle will have to be tightened.

At the same time, the allied armies of the humans that wish to attack will lose their opportunity.

No matter how stupid the humans are, even they aren’t dumb enough to attack their castle when it’s being so closely watched.

If the allied armies can’t attack, then their alliance will collapse and they will be able to avoid a confrontation.

It’s a bit rough, but I think that’s what happened.”

There are some lucky factors involved in the plan, but it’s very close to what had actually taken place.

As such, it’s likely that things might indeed have progressed as the Demon King and masquerade planned.

Of course, that’s under the assumption that Reben is correct.

“But he’s a human assassin.

Wasn’t it just a coincidence that things went well this time?”

It was because of that that Ymir thought Reben was just thinking things too deeply.

She believed it was much more likely that someone just happened to hire an assassin, and that assassin just so happened to fail to finish off his target and had no choice but to run away. Of course, she didn’t know what motives the client could possibly have.

But either way, to her, that was a much more believable story.

“If Masquerade was really an assassin and he attacked with that timing, then perhaps I too would find that more likely.”

“Hmm? Isn’t he the masked assassin, Masquerade?

What do you mean he’s not an assassin?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, he might actually not be a real assassin.

I was curious, so I did my own investigations on Masquerade.

But despite being called an assassin, he hasn’t actually assassinated anyone.

Especially, this generation’s Masquerade. It’s likely that he hasn’t even killed anyone yet.”


Despite being called an assassin, not only has he not assassinated anyone, he has never even killed anyone.

Such a statement was so contradictory that Ymir couldn’t wrap her head around it at all.

In order to explain it properly, Reben decided to invite his older sister to his room, where he then took out a document from one of the many unorganized documents lying around.

“Although his great renown has not reached us or our neighbors, Damores, Masquerade is a rather famous hero in the human territories.

Famous enough to appear on picture drawings meant for children.”

As he said that he handed a picture book to his older sister. In it was a masked figure wearing black clothes that made it hard to discern his appearance. In the picture book, the masked figure would fight against the forces of evil and come out victorious.

It was a simple fairy tale of a hero crushing evil and saving the weak.

The one thing strange about it is the word ‘assassin’.

“Based on the records, this figure appeared before the world some 600 years ago.

During the victory parade of a tyrant, who ruled over a great nation and spread war throughout the world, Masquerade appeared and killed him in front of a great multitude. That began the legend of Masquerade.”

From then on, Masquerade would appear on the stage of history from time to time, and be related to incidents and wars that would have an influence over the whole word, vanquishing the seeds of tragedies from the shadows without being affiliated to any one power.

Gradually, the people began to see him as a hero.

The reason they continued to call him an assassin was because of his outfit and what he did when he appeared before the world..

Above all else, it was because he himself claimed to be an assassin.

There are various opinions on whether he has actually assassinated anyone since his first appearance, but there haven’t actually been any assassination incidents that could be clearly linked to him.

“…Hmm. So his lifespan is as long as the demon tribe members!? That’s great!!”

After all that talk, that’s what you’re concerned about? And why are you so happy?

Reben had a lot of comments he wanted to make, but in the meantime, he shook his head.

“Obviously, that’s impossible.

Weren’t you listening? Awhile ago, I said, ‘this generation’, didn’t I?”


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