I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-10: The True Intentions of the Demon Tribe and the Mission of the Mask (4/6)

Reben figured that she had probably already forgotten, but he still pointed it out conscientiously.

After all, he knew that if he didn’t do this, then this older sister of his won’t remember.

“I don’t know what Maquerade’s exact race is, but the person behind that mask is being changed every generation.

The way he does things changes too much each generation. There’s too many cases of it.

That’s why it’s possible to figure out when the person behind the mask changed with only a little digging.”


So how long has the current Masquerade been active?”

“This is just a conjecture, but the current generation has probably only been active since two years ago.

At a certain time in a certain region, the Rimoa Church was in conflict with the Evil God Cult. The latter is really more like a terrorist, but I digress… Anyhow, it’s been confirmed that someone has been crushing the branches of the Evil God Cult. That’s probably our guy.”

There wasn’t much proof that it was Masquerade who destroyed those branches, but after the matter was settled, similar activities started occurring.

Reben believes that something must’ve happened before or after the succession of the mask that made the current generation of Masquerade to deeply loathe the religious organization.

“Oh? He’s quite the riot, I see.”

“What are you so happy for? And you have it wrong. It’s actually the other way.”

He saw through what his older sister was thinking, so he reminded her that after violence, what came often times was arbitration.

Moreover, no kills have actually been confirmed.

In fact, it seemed as if the new Masquerade was proactively trying not to kill anyone.

A strange type even considering Masquerade’s history.

“It can be thus inferred that the current generation has a dislike for conflicts, based on how he’s been moving a lot to quickly put an end to any wars, civil wars, or revolutions.

That being said, there’s never been an incident where he’s been allied with the church, so it seems he has factions he doesn’t like as well.”

Actually, throughout history, Masquerade has never really been known to be cooperative with the church and has always been hostile toward the Evil God Cult.

It’s just that it’s only in this generation that that aspect of him has become so noticeable.

“The reason you don’t know about this is because he hasn’t been involved in any of the conflicts with the demon tribes.

Apparently, Masquerade has simply adopted a policy of non-interference with us.”

But on the other hand, it does seem that he’s actively trying to limit any attacks from the human side.

This recent incident could also be attributed as one of his efforts in that regard, Reben thought.

“In any case, I believe there’s no doubting that Masquerade has indeed changed generations 2 years ago.”

“Ohh! I don’t get it, but you did well finding out something so specific!

Well done, my younger brother! I’m proud of you as your older sister!”

This rough older sister of his had a tendency to find attentive people amazing.

Naturally, with Reben being her younger brother by blood, she would praise him all the more.

“I-I guess.”

With his elder sister so full of admiration for him over such a strange thing, Reben couldn’t help but be confused. Still, he honestly accepted the compliment.

But of course… The words ‘I don’t get it’ also left him exhausted.

“Sigh… Anyway, going back to the topic, Masquerade has always had a dislike for conflicts that could bring chaos to the whole world. It’s not just this generation’s Masquerade.

If that’s the kind of mission Masquerade lives for, then it’s possible he might have agreed with dad and formed an alliance with him to cause the collapse of the troublesome Shutol Faction and Human Alliance.

By showing to the whole world a failed assassination attempt of the Demon King, the responsibility of allowing an assassin to slip through can be pushed onto the extremists faction, and at the same time, give the humans the impression that ‘even Masquerade can’t defeat the demon king’.

Some parts of this plan rely on luck, but if everything goes well, it’s an effective plan.”

At least in the sense of postponing the battle between the humans and the demon tribe.

If the Demon King considered the Pupils of the Demon King as the reward, then it would also make sense why he’s reluctant of trying to get it back.

Stopping his daughter from chasing after Masquerade is probably also a part of their deal, as it’s likely that they agreed beforehand that the Demon King wouldn’t allow his people to go after or let them try to kill him.


“So, in other words, you’re saying that dad acknowledges Masquerade as a partner he can scheme with?”

“Yes. That would be correct, Aneue. You really can’t help but try and gauge his strength, can you?”

That kind of thinking was indeed very demon-like.

And although Reben was criticizing her, there was also a hint of admiration hidden behind his words.

After all, their father would never have agreed to a deal with Masquerade unless he acknowledged his abilities.

Deals and promises were things that only held true when two parties were equal.

It wasn’t just Ymir. Any demon tribe member would find himself excited at such a revelation.

“But you’re not wrong… In fact, if he were still in this world, I would go look for him too,” Reben admitted.

“…What did you say?” Ymir asked.


And perhaps it was because of that that Reben himself couldn’t help but give voice to his honest feelings.

Unfortunately, words once spilled can no longer be taken back.

As Ymir smiled a beautiful smile, Reben began to sweat buckets.


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