I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-49: We Arrived, But… (3/5)

“…By any chance, am I intruding?”

The way she said those words with a smile sounded as though she welcomed the notion.

Intuitively, Shinichi realized it─────Ah, this person is just like me.

“Huh?” Frire said.

“Yes, actually,” Shinichi said. “And I almost had her too.”

Since that was the case, then the rest was simple. He just had to act the way he usually did.

For a moment, Teacher Satou froze, but perhaps because she came to the same realization as he did, she quickly recovered and continued.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Nakamura-kun,” Satou said.

“Huh? What are you two talking about?” Frire said.

“I’m surprised you could endure for so long, though,” Satou said.

“I’m surprised myself. There’s a sumptuous feast right before me, but I somehow managed to retain keep my wits about me,”

Shinichi said proudly as he praised himself with clenched fists, while Teacher Satou clapped for him as though to praise his hard work.

They were both turned to Frire, and among the three of them, she was the only one that couldn’t follow.

“J-Just what are the two of you on?” Frire said.

“I’m a woman as well, but even I might not have been able to help myself.”

Teacher Satou said as she opened and closed her hands repeatedly in front of those twin mountains that Frire unconsciously emphasized through her tank tops.

With such thin clothing, neither the volume nor the clea*age could be hidden, thus giving rise to a seductive aura.

“Those are great too, but these slender, white legs… These are something else.”

Shinichi didn’t hesitate to give those pair of long, beautiful legs that were so unsparingly exposed an eyeful.

Their translucent white skin and voluptuous contours were truly nothing less than bewitching.

“Oh dear, now that you mention it…”

“Eh, eh, eh, ehhhh!?”

As expected, even Frire would understand what was happening when they stared so brazenly at her chest and her legs.

A cry escaped from her lips as she backed off into the room, but she was still within reach of the smile and gaze of the two.

“Teacher Satou, did you see that reaction just now?”

“Oh, it was perfect. That shy face of hers is just so adorable.”

For some reason, teacher and student looked at each other with a smile and shook hands firmly.

But as Frire’s body quivered, she could intuitively tell that this was the birth of the worst tag-team in history.

She hurriedly put her tracksuit back on, not knowing that her panic itself was a source of amusement for the two.

“I did think it would be fun to tease her, but I never thought it would be to this extent.”

Teacher Satou carried herself with her usual demeanor, but the way she watched Frire with a smile was just like that of a hunter.

Normally, this would be a shocking scene for Shinichi. She was just too different compared to her usual self, but as a kindred soul, he easily accepted it as another side of her.

“Despite appearances, she’s actually still just an innocent girl deep inside. She really is quite amusing, but… Only when I’m around.(・・・・・・・・・), okay?”

Despite having the same smile on his face, he looked at Teacher Satou meaningfully.

For a moment, she didn’t understand what he meant, but she quickly picked up on it and nodded.

“…Alright, it’s a pity, but I’ll behave myself when you’re not around. If I’d known she was this amazing, though, I would have called dibs on her first.”

“When it comes to stuff like this, coming first is everything, Teacher. You have to go for it(・・・・・・・・・) as soon as you get the urge.”

“Hey, by any chance, are the two of you talking about me!?”

Frire complained as the two discussed the rights to tease her.

But her complaints only fell on deaf ears, and Shinichi even scowled at her.

“In the end, you’re still wearing that tracksuit. Don’t you have any other clothes?”

“Come to think of it, in these three years, I’ve never seen her wear anything other than her tracksuit or the undershirt of her exoskeleton.”


“I-It doesn’t really matter, does it? I’ve never had any problems just having my work clothes(tracksuit) and my lounge wear. It’s not a job where you need to look good anyway, and there’s no reason to doll up either.”

The tone of her voice suggested that she knew little about such matters, but what really shocked the two was that Frire really meant that.

Teacher Sato and Shinichi glanced at each other and nodded. They were like two peas in the same pod, so they knew exactly what the other was thinking.

“Can you leave this matter to me?”

“I suppose I could do that much… But where are you going?”

Shinichi asked as he transferred some data, while Teacher Sato nodded and asked a question of her own.

Though neither had made it clear what they were talking about, the answer should be a given.

But of course, to the both of them, this was nothing more than an excuse to mess with her.

“Obviously, I’m going to get her to wear some decent clothes,” Shinichi said.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Frire said.

“If you need money, I can provide it. I might look like this, but teachers of the academy do get paid quite generously,” Satou said.

“Huh, that Teacher Satou is treating someone?” Frire remarked.

“Thank you, but as a man, I need to keep up appearances,” Shinichi said.

“Seriously, just what have two of you been going on about since earlier!?” Frire said.

“I’ll leave it to you then. It’s too big of a loss to the world to leave such wonderful material alone,” Satou said.

“Indeed, indeed!” Shinichi said.

As the two ignored Frire once again, they nodded at each other with resolute eyes.

She was the topic of their conversation, yet they just kept ignoring her. Understandably, Frire was at a loss.

“Nakamura, you’re normally so bad with people, but from time to time, you suddenly just start acting like best friends with someone!!”

Like Calisto Salando (conspiracy theorist and history teacher), Wernher Braun, Shirayuki the AI, and the owner of that steakhouse she frequented.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, let’s go,” Shinichi said.

Frire’s words could be taken for either complaint or dismay, but regardless, Shinichi ignored everything and just dragged her by the arm.

She tried to resist, but this was Shinichi, so try as she might to stand firm, the most she could accomplish was to keep herself from falling over.

“W-Wait a moment, we still have work!”

“Well, I say it’s break time, and we’re going to buy you some better clothes.”


“Your looks make you stand out no matter what, so at the very least, you ought to wear normal clothes.”

Of course, what Shinichi was really thinking was that it was a waste of her good looks not to doll up, but if he told her that, she would never agree, so he told her instead that the combination of her looks and her tracksuit would make her stand out worse than if she were to dress normally.

“Uuu, well, it is true that my white hair really stands out in a Japanese city…”

But she didn’t understand and just thought that it was because of her hair color.

Shinichi and Teacher Satou exchanged glances in disbelief and sighed.

It was true that her hair color stood out, but with all the Garestonians walking around the city, it was a trivial issue.

Neither Shinichi nor Teacher Satou actually thought that she was that unaware, but it turns out that that was in fact the case.

“…That’s not it, you dummy.”

“Y-You meant that, didn’t you!?”

“Tch, why are you only sharp at times like this? Yeah, that’s right. Women without any self-awareness are the worst offenders. So go apologize to all the women in the world worrying about their looks, you dummy!”

“Y-You said it again!!”

Frire cried out in a tearful voice, but she was still dragged away.

Their age and position seemed reversed, but Teacher Satou could tell that this was Frire’s true face, and that the boy that had built entire cliffs around him was actually this caring.

As Teacher Satou saw them off, she smiled and muttered to herself with conviction.

“We were just joking around earlier, but those two might really end up in a relationship like that.”

‘How fun’ was written all over her face.

“No one was late, no one met any accidents, everyone arrived safely. That’s great, good job all of you.”

The final destination and meeting place of the students was Shiba Park.

Standing in front of the students dressed in plainclothes and lined up was a female teacher, Frire.

The so-called ‘teacher’s talk’, when given during a trip like this, would be taken much more seriously and be that much more effective when given by a famous ex-military teacher who also happened to be regarded by most students as a demon instructor.

“But know that it is imperative – regardless what the subject at hand may be – that you never let your guard down or allow yourself to be carried away. This is a public place with other tourists, not the school you’re familiar with; therefore, I expect all of you to behave with discretion and to not cause trouble for others.”


But this time around, the students didn’t react as usual.

Only about 20% of the students listened to Frire as seriously as they normally would.

10% were shocked, another 10% were asking themselves, “who is that?”, and about 60% were enchanted regardless of gender.

But that should come as no surprise, after all, Teacher Satou had given a thumbs up when they left the hotel for the shift change, and Shinichi also made a satisfied smile as though he’d done his job.

The teacher that was always dressed in that unfashionable tracksuit was currently wearing something completely different.

It wasn’t anything strange, however. In fact, it was something perfectly normal, especially, for adults.

After all, it was but a chic, black ladies’ suit.

It was form-fitting, yes, but nothing that would look strange or attract needless attention, or at least, it normally wouldn’t attract such attention.

“…Hmm, did I overdo it?” Shinichi said.




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