I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-49: We Arrived, But… (4/4)

“…………Hmm, did I overdo it?”

Despite having the time and the distance to calm down, Frire’s new outfit brought out her hidden charm so effectively that Shinichi still found himself saying that.

Part of it was how different she was from usual, but the way it emphasized her hidden curves caused her to emanate a bewitching aura, only for it to be neutralized by her unwelcoming and threatening aura.

Of course, as far as Frire was concerned, she was just unhappy that she was made to wear that suit.

“………Are you listening!!?”


That’s why she became irritated when she saw some inattentive students.

That reinforced her false image as a demon instructor, but the people in the know were unaffected.

“Good job, Nakamura-kun.”

“S-So that’s an adult woman!”

“All she’s doing is wearing a proper suit, so why is it so erotic?”

“She’s basically been turned into a school anime’s sexy teacher……This must be Nakamura’s work.”

But Frire herself failed to realize that the students’ strange atmosphere was because they were captivated by the way she looked in a suit. Not even in her strangest dreams would she imagine that over half of them would be captivated by her increasingly intimidating presence.

At times, a seemingly cool and beautiful woman with fame and ability is the silver bullet for boys and girls their age.

“For the record, I’m not accepting any comments or impressions about my outfit. And you are all to proceed with haste and good conduct to your next destination.”

She did at least seem to sense that they were reacting differently to her because of her outfit, however, as she pointed them to their next destination, and somewhat forced them to go.

Also, the ‘good conduct’ she mentioned also meant that they were not to use their heightened physical abilities and skills.

The Earthlings were fine, of course, but sometimes there would be Garestonians lacking understanding.

There were already groups starting for their respective buildings, but they would be alone from here on out, so all the groups were actually starting to come apart. They weren’t in their uniforms, so when they naturally started walking off on their own, no one would mistake them to be a group of students on a trip.

“I bet you were the one that got Fudonecchi to wear that.”

A fox-eared girl approached the boy at the back of the line with a smile.

But she wasn’t really asking; she was sure of it.

And there was a tinge of blame in her eyes.

“Because I remember asking Fudonecchi and her telling me that she didn’t have any suits. Which is a bit of a problem considering she’s an adult and all, to be honest.” Myuhi said. “I thought you’d be running errands in the hotel, but it turns out you were just on a date with your teacher. Must be nice.”

The smile never left her face as she warned him, but there was surprise and displeasure in her gaze and voice, and for some reason, she heaved a heavy sigh in between and after her statement.

“…Felt more like forcing a grumbling kid to change, though.”


“She hated it so much. It took a lot of effort just to get her to wear that one suit.”

When Shinichi heaved a sigh and made a thousand-mile look, Myuhi’s cheeks twitched.

She could more or less imagine what Shinichi had to deal with – a boy forcibly pushing a beautiful woman into a dressing room with a suit in hand. A surreal sight to witness for sure.

“I’m surprised you managed to convince Fudonecchi in the end.”

“Well, in the end, I gave her an ultimatum – Either she dressed herself, or I dress her. Inside the store, of course.”

“You didn’t really leave her with much of a choice, did you?”

Myuhi wryly smiled. It was all too easy to imagine how terrible the smile on the boy must’ve been then.

“I also pointed out how weird it was for a teacher to be wearing her school’s tracksuit in the city,

and scolded her, saying, ‘for what reason do you think the school made the students dress casually, you dummy!?’”

That was easy to imagine too. Myuhi could just see it.

‘Ah! You called me a dummy again!’ Frire crying that out with tearful eyes, yet reluctantly obeying in the end.

“Hmph… By the way, Icchi, are you fond of that tight mini plus black tights combination?”

Myuhi peeked at Frire as she walked briskly at the head of the scattered group.

Because of her good figure and posture, she looked great from behind despite not being used to her clothes.

The tight skirt she wore were short just as Myuhi had mentioned, but they weren’t excessively so.

However, her hiplines that were consequently emphasized were just so perfect that when combined with her beautiful legs wrapped in black tights, the result was just so dazzlingly captivating.

Moreover, the person herself was unaware of the effect she had on others, so that aspect stood out even more.

However, if Shinichi had picked out these clothes himself, then Myuhi couldn’t help but suspect that he might have meant for that.

“A certain great baker did once mention that black brought out the beauty in women.”

An implicit confession from the suspect himself.

But of course, with that same mischievous smile he always has on him.

“You’re such a perv, Icchi.”

“Ahaha……If I don’t do stuff like this from time to time, I’m scared it might seriously wither.”

He chuckled at first, but his voice gradually grew serious.

Though he had no intention of living by his lust, he felt he would lose something as a man if he were to lose it completely.

He was at least that aware as a boy his age.

Though that was not really something a girl like Myuhi could easily understand.

“Besides, it’s a hobby of mine to dress people in clothes that suit them.”

“Oh? What do you think of my clothes then?”

Myuhi spun to show him her whole body.

As the sleeveless parka worn over her border shirt fluttered, the shorts and knee-high socks underneath were revealed.

With her tail happily swinging in plain view, it was an outfit that jived well with her loveable petite figure and energetic personality.

“Well, there’s no way I could possibly beat a girl’s aesthetic sense, I’m dressed like this, after all.”

“I suppose you are dressed normally. Though that’s very much like you too.”

Shinichi was dressed in a denim shirt and a pair of cargo pants.

Youko was all curled up on his head too, but she wasn’t part of his fashion.

It wasn’t bad overall, but the colors were plain, so he wouldn’t stand out from the crowd.

Of course,that was precisely what he was going for, so Myuhi wryly smiled, and let her guard down(・・・・).

“Your clothes suit you too, Hina. They’re very cute.”

“Uu, nyo!?”

That’s why that compliment took her by surprise, and she ended up letting out a strange voice.

One moment, he was waving the white flag, then in the next moment, he had her on the ropes.

What’s more was that the way he said those words so nonchalantly actually got her heart racing,

and she ended up frozen on the spot, but Shinichi feigned ignorance and just walked ahead.

“………Truly a man you can’t let your guard down with.”

Myuhi muttered with frustration as she glared at that mischievous back.

She thought of grabbing his arm and putting on a show for everyone, but when she imagined it, she found the plan too embarrassing to execute.

She was able to do it on the first day, but for some reason, she found it too embarrassing now.

Youko seemed to have seen through her, though, as a smile could be seen on her as she sat comfortably on Shinichi’s head.




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