I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-53: I’m Always Doing Stuff Like This 2 (2/6)

“Are you done? I’ve finished cleaning up.”

“Yeah, thanks. Gotta say, though, Earthlings sure are terrifyingly easy to put to sleep.”

“It’s something they don’t have, after all.”

“At this rate, a Falandian baby might actually be a harder target,” Shinichi lamented.

He was not talking about how little resistance the Earthlings had, but how little restraint he had toward them.

Back at Falandia, the people saw him as Masquerade, and that became a shackle that restrained him..

Someone who didn’t mind such shackles would never be chosen to be Masquerade’s successor.

However, in this world, where no one looked saw him as such, he couldn’t help but wonder to what extent he would be able to restrain himself.

“…Come to think of it, just what was that rebellious old man thinking?”

Because of that, he ended up thinking about Garesto’s hero.

A man who has earned the respect and support of the military, the populace, and even the politicians started a rebellion with Myuhi and the others.

Myuhi did say something about it, but it wasn’t something he could understand with just that. Other people were one thing, but that old man must’ve had a reason(>・・・・・・・・) that compelled him.

“By the way, are you sure about this?”

“…About what?”

Youko’s voice stopped his thoughts from getting sidetracked.

Shinichi believed she did that intentionally.

“Won’t the cops find out that you were involved?”

“Don’t worry. After going through all that, there’s no way they would be able to remember my face properly. Fear will turn this experience into a collage, so whatever portrait they come up with won’t resemble me at all. I’ve left some data behind to serve as evidence, but I’ve already checked their contents, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Besides, my face is too common, so it won’t be easy to remember,” Shinichi laughed.

Even if they did managed to remember him accurately, he had no special traits, so it would be difficult for them to describe him.

“Be sure this barrier remains while we move out. Looks like this is going to be a lot more troublesome than I’d thought.”

Shinichi clicked his tongue in irritation as he looked at the terminal he took from them.

There were red dots blinking all over the map of the park, and from his expression, it was evident that he wasn’t happy.

“We’ll just have to deal with them one by one… Oh, no! One of the staff that noticed is being attacked! We have to hurry!”

Shinichi, who was already sharing the eyes and ears of the security system, rushed out, but perhaps because of his nature or simply because it was a bad habit of his, the moment he became concerned about another person, he dropped his guard, and as soon as he left the barrier, he violently crashed into a girl he knew.



The boy and the girl finally met, but it was in a head-on collision.

The girl’s head was pushed away, so Shinichi hurriedly grabbed her. It was then that he finally noticed who the girl was.

“Sorry! Wait! Alice!?”

“Fue!? Ah, S-Shinichi-san!?”

Similarly, the girl too recognized who he was.

Everything happened so suddenly that she ended up in his arms, but Aristel didn’t mind. Perhaps that was her showing that they could just stay that way longer, or perhaps she just hadn’t thought of it that far.

“I would love to tease you if not for the situation at hand, but alas…”

Unfortunately, despite being able to enjoy all the soft curves of the girl in his arms, and despite the desire welling up from within to fiddle and play with them, Shinichi had to regretfully prioritize the more urgent matter.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the eyes of the people there reminded them to hold onto their restraint.

“I-I’m sorry! I wasn’t looking in front of me, and… Huh? Is that blood I smell?”

Aristel noticed the lingering scent of blood.

Though Aristel was the young lady of a noble house, the nobles of Garesto were all people that stood in the battlefield.

Moreover, Aristel herself has experienced a tragedy up close, so she was sensitive to such things.

Shinichi thought he lucked out by hugging her, but it turns out, he messed up instead.

“Tch, sorry, Alice. I’ll give you my time later, so I’ll need you to give me your time now.”

It was more efficient time-wise to just get her caught up with this than to try and fool her, and given the situation of that staff, Shinichi really didn’t have time to waste explaining or playing tag with her.

“Huh!? S-Shinichi, what are you!?”

“I’ll explain while on the move, so keep quiet or you’ll bite your tongue!”

With practiced movements, Shinichi nimbly carried her under his arms and ran out.

Strange gazes gathered on them, but the girl did as she was told and kept quiet.

Shinichi’s explanation, however, gradually made her expression stiffen.



“Hey, I thought there wasn’t supposed to be anyone at this time!?”

“Shut up, I don’t know. There’s nothing we can do if someone came!”

That was the storage room of a store inside Nyazdaland.

It was one of the busier places they knew of, so they decided to make it their target and chose a time when no one would come to sneak in, but certain items were selling much better than expected, so a staff came in to restock and bumped into them.

It was a two on one, and the pair of man and woman came with ill intent, so of course, the male staff couldn’t offer much of a resistance.

“Uu, gu… A-Are you thieves?”

A bruise could be seen on the male staff as he looked up at the pair of man and woman from the ground.

The two were dressed like normal customers, but there was a mocking smile on them.

“Hemp, don’t lump us together with petty thieves!”


The man kicked the stomach of the male staff, while the woman laughed at him.

“Hee hee, we’re revolutionaries, and today we’re going to open the eyes of the foolish populace that leisurely accept the threat of another world.”

She even sounded as though they should be grateful. Understandably, the staff couldn’t help but doubt her sanity, but he kept himself from saying anything, as doing so would just provoke them, and that would put his life in danger.

“Look, we’re going to blow everyone up with this.”

The pair took his silence for fear and proudly took out an object.

The staff wasn’t well-versed in that field by any means, but the moment he saw it, he immediately knew what it was. It was just too obvious.

“I-Is that… A bomb?”

With several long sticks that looked like relay batons bundled together in a belt with a timer attached and a colored cord connecting all of them, it looked like a joke or a toy of some sort, but from the conviction on the face of the criminals, it could only be the real thing.

“This isn’t some weak stuff either, you know. A store like this will be blown up so easily. But don’t worry. At this distance. you’ll die instantly, you won’t even have the time to suffer.”

“Be glad, you’ll die a noble death… Ufufu…”

“You, ugu!?”

There was no way the man could keep quiet after hearing all that.

But when he tried to get up, they stepped on him and pushed him back down to the ground.

Though he had confidence in his Stamina, he was too estranged from violence.

He did not know how to respond, and while he wanted to scream for help, he knew no one would hear him.

The only thing he could rely on was the security camera, so he turned to that one sliver of hope, but…

“Unfortunately, our friends have taken over the security room, so you can forget about help coming.”

The woman wore a victorious smile as she looked down at the resentful staff.

Joy could be gleamed from her expression. Clearly, the sight of the male staff groaning on the ground under her excited her.
However, it was in that moment, that that expression transformed into something else..

“「──────Unfortunately for you two, we’ve already recovered the security room.”

The voice of a girl suddenly resounded.

In the dimly lit storage room, there was no mistaking the direction of a voice, and the three of them immediately turned to it.

There, a girl with an atmosphere ill-fit this place greeted them.

A Garestonian with luxurious, blue ringlet curls and a beauty to accompany it.

Though it was her that suddenly appeared, the storage room suddenly seemed so unworthy to receive her.

Yes, a true noble accompanied by a noble air was standing there.

“A-Aristel F Padyuel!?”



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