I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-53: I’m Always Doing Stuff Like This 2 (3/6)

Aristel F. Padyuel.

That was a name that anyone with the slightest interaction with the news or entertainment would know.

And just the sight of her was enough to shock the criminals and even take away their sense of superiority without their knowing.

“Ha, ha ha! Looks like a big one appeared! If we get you, no one will be able to ignore us!” The male criminal said.

“Behave yourself now! We have a hostage and a bomb, so… Huh?” The female criminal said.

There should have been a bomb in the woman’s hand and a staff member under the man’s foot, but both disappeared and instead a boy carrying them appeared some ways away from them.

Unable to keep up with what had happened, a look of confusion surfaced on the two criminals.

“Hah, what’s with the stupid look?”

The boy said in a provocative tone with an expression just as provocative.

Blood immediately rushed up the two criminals’ head, and they tried to the bomb and the hostage back, but…

“Your courage is commendable for being able to forget about me.”

The enchanting voice of a girl that could take captive even those of the same gender suddenly resounded from behind, and so closely too.

The woman swung her fist in a backhand, but the girl read that ahead of time and easily dodged it by crouching. By the time, the woman realized what had happened, her consciousness left her.

An uppercut had hit her square in the jaw, sending her flying into the man and causing them to fall down together.

“What— Gah, damn it, woman, move! Higgya!?!?”

While the man still hadn’t grasped what had happened, he tried to push the woman aside, but before he knew it, the sole of Aristel’s shoe was already upon him, and he was stomped. At that, he too blacked out.

After knocking them out, Aristel immediately started tying them up with the rope conjured from a skill. Evidently, she felt nothing about the violence she exerted.

All of this happened in a single breath.

“Trampled and tied up by a young noble lady… In some industries, that’s actually a reward,” Shinichi said.

“Oh, certainly— Not! What are you even saying!?” The male staff said.

The male staff still didn’t understand what was happening other than he was saved, but when his benefactor said that, he couldn’t help but throw a tsukkomi.

That girl was the young noble lady of a great noble family that counted among Garesto’s top 10 nobles. Impropriety toward her would surely not be forgiven.

Of course, he conveniently ignored the fact that he’d almost been convinced before coming to his senses.

However, the boy just laughed and healed him while analyzing the bomb.

It required quite a good amount of dexterity to be able to be able to do both things in parallel.

“So, how was it, Shinichi-san? Did I do a good job?”

With a face worlds apart from when she was speaking with the criminals, a smile bloomed on the otherworld princess as she called out to the boy and ran toward him.

This was the male staff’s first time meeting them, but even then, he could tell that behind the slight anxiety on her was confidence that she’d done a good job.

At the same time, he could also sense that overflowing affection she held for the boy.

“Yeah, you did well. You got their attention and even dealt with them yourself… Have you been training since then?”

“Yes! I made sure that I would be able to fight even while barehanded!”

Just the sight of her smiling from the bottom of her heart was enough to make the male staff fall in love at first sight.

That’s why he could feel how close the two were despite their brief exchange.

What was curious though was that the boy seemed to be the one in charge.

No matter how he looked at it, he was just a normal Japanese, while that girl was a princess of Garesto.

But while that question marks continued to pop up over his head, there was one thing he understood well.

───The princess is actually madly in love with him! I’m so jealous!

Though, considering that he was actually leisurely enough to be jealous despite the situation at hand, the male staff was quite something as well.

“As expected of the students of Garesto Academy. You saved me. Thank you so much.”

The male staff could put two and two together just from seeing Aristel.

Aristel was a bit embarrassed when he thanked her, but Shinichi didn’t care and just went to examine the construct of the bomb.

“Hmph! It’s useless even if you catch us!”

A voice yelled with confidence, and Aristel and the male staff turned to it.

The criminals, who had been tied to separate posts, were seated on the ground, but their demeanor was just as arrogant and fearless as before.

But of course, that was only until that moment.

“We have allies in the security room, they’ll notice immediately and—”

Shinichi didn’t even bother to respond and just quietly fiddled with his foster while looking at the bomb, then several screens were projected into the air.

On them could be seen the security room that the man wouldn’t stop talking about, as well as the sight of several men dressed in uniform all knocked down.

“Huh?” One of the criminals said.

“Well done,” Shinichi said.

『Kyui kyui!』

Among those sleeping bodies could be seen a three-tailed creature squealing triumphantly from above them while tugging on their cheeks.

Shinichi was connected to the security system and found it odd that the security office wasn’t doing anything despite the video feeds, so he sent her to check up on them.


Though the Amaryllis were not yet well known to the general public of Earth, they were known well enough by the underworld.

After all, they were legally recognized to be the most powerful creatures that should never be interfered with no matter what.

A living legend that made ranks of strength among human meaningless.

“Didn’t we tell you earlier that we took care of the security room already? That’s why we were able to do as we please here in the first place.”

Weren’t you listening? Aristel’s scornfully glared through the man and the woman.

Even the man couldn’t help but feel the pressure from her gaze, but since she was younger than him, he found that humiliating and snapped back.

“S-Shut up! That’s not the only bomb anyway, and if you try to disassemble it──”

“And done.”

“──it will, wait what?”

Before anyone knew it, Shinichi used a skill to conjure an energy tool and disassemble the bomb into harmless fragments(parts).

With the bomb transformed into mere rubbish, the jaws of the criminals fell.

“The school’s fosters are so needlessly efficient. They even tell you how to disassemble something after scanning the interior.”

Although the bomb they were using was an Earth device that didn’t utilize any Photons, that actually made it easier for Shinichi.

The reason he examined the bomb himself was to confirm that the foster’s data was correct.

“It’s because the school’s curriculum presumes that all students would be able to use the various equipment in school to a certain degree. Some students might have the know how and the skill but be unfamiliar with the equipment, so there’s a support system too that will allow them to quickly adapt.”

“Oh? I didn’t know that.”

Aristel happily shared that information, while Shinichi nodded with admiration.

The girl was so happy that she could be of use to the boy that an enchanting smile bloomed on her.

“…I’m so jealous.”

As a result, the male staff accidentally let out his true thoughts, but only the wryly smiling boy heard him.




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