I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-53: I’m Always Doing Stuff Like This 2 (4/5)

“S-Stop screwing around! Even if you can dismantle it, there are still plenty of bombs elsewhere! And even if you catch us, there are still plenty of us left!!” The man said.

“That’s right! They’ll immediately notice that they can’t contact us, and come to think of it, it’s just about time for them to check up on us,” the woman said.

“If they don’t hear from us, they’ll think something happened, and they won’t even waste time thinking about it and just blow everything remotely!”

“It’s just too bad that we won’t be able to dye this place when the crowd is at its peak during the last part of the parade.”

The man and the woman said with a proud look.

The male staff was disturbed, but the boy and the girl remained calm.

“…You really do love to prattle, don’t you? Is there something wrong with your brains or something?” Shinichi said.

“I’m almost tempted to read too much into their claims,” Aristel said.

To be more precise, they were dismayed and couldn’t help but wonder if these two were seriously saying all that.

But before the two criminals could notice that, their terminal rang.

A victorious smile appeared on the two criminals as though to say, ‘told you so.’

“Alice, can you gag those two for me?”

“Of course,『Bind』!”

“Fuguu!?” The criminals cried.

Aristel used a restraint skill again and bound their mouths with a photon rope.

The skill that Aristel used on her head servants couldn’t be used unless the other party acknowledged her as their superior, so she had to rely on a physical method to keep them quiet.

Muffled screams resounded when they were suddenly gagged, but Shinichi ignored them and took the terminal.

He touched his throat a little, then after confirming his condition, he pressed on the call icon.

“Huh? Wait!” The male staff said.

“Mn, mn… Hello? Yeah, this is Makita. Yeah, thanks for checking up on us,” Shinichi said in the voice of the man.


The first one to be shocked by that was the woman. She even let out a voice of disbelief.

The words that came out of the boy were without a doubt that of the man working with her.

“Yeah, no problem here. Everything is going as planned. Before long, all the simple-minded fools will be blown to pieces. I’m looking forward to it,” Shinichi said in the voice of the man.

The man could only notice because of the woman’s reaction and from how Shinichi could continue the conversation without any problems.

The voice that people heard when speaking was mixed with the reverb inside the body, so it’s actually different from what other people would hear.

An interesting trivia for sure, but the man never thought he would learn of it in a situation like this.

“Hmm? Here. He wants to talk to you. Always so suspicious.”

The two criminals were shocked when they saw the boy perfectly imitate the speech and conduct of the man, but when they realized what they were talking about, happiness filled them.

After all, it was impossible for the boy to replicate the voice of the woman.

“Yes, Gondou-san? It’s me. Do we really have to wait? I can’t wait anymore, let’s go and turn this place into a sea of fire already.”


“It so annoying seeing all those fools laughing thoughtlessly, hey, it’s okay, right? We can blow them up, right?”

Yet the boy perfectly imitated the woman’s voice, and the man muffled out a scream in disbelief.

Thanks to that, the woman too could tell that Shinichi had replicated her voice perfectly and paled.

“Sheesh, I get it already. I’ll endure it. But you’ll have to let us go back first, bye bye!”

After wrapping up their conversation, Shinichi cut the call and glanced back at the two dumbfounded criminals, then he snorted with blatant mockery.

Being able to imitate a voice he’s heard once was well within the scopes of his Skill rank, and the Evil God had plenty of knowledge and experience in that regard. After all, it could be used for either infiltration or deception, though the evil god likely used it mostly for deception to lead people astray.

As for Shinichi, well, he used it mostly to ‘harass’ people, so it was actually curious who exactly between them was worse.

“H-How did you do that? Does the academy teach stuff like that too?” The male staff said.

Aristel was already somewhat used to Shinichi’s antics, but the male staff was meeting them for the first time, so he was understandably shocked to see skills rivaling that of a certain third-generation thief and master of disguise.

“No, the foster just changed his voice to make it sound like theirs, right?” Aristel said firmly as she implored Shinichi to agree.

“Why does it feel like you had to cover for me? …Well, anyway.”

Shinichi wasn’t wholly satisfied that she had to cover for him, but there was no denying that she helped him, so he just let it pass and sat in front of the criminals, then he peered into their eyes and removed the photon gag that was no longer necessary.

“Y-You! Even if you fool them like that, the bombs will still eventually go off!” The man said.

“One wrong step and someone will notice and press the switch! You’d have to find all the bombs in this giant park!” The woman said.

The two criminals desperately cried out as though to insist that they hadn’t lost yet, but no matter what, they just looked like a pair of sore losers that couldn’t accept their defeat, not realizing that they only dug themselves deeper the more they spoke.

“Are you talking about this?”

As a screen projected into the air, a simplified three-dimensional map of Nyazdaland appeared.

On it could be seen several red dots blinking.

“Ah, that’s!?”

“You’re kidding! Why do you know where all the bombs are!?”

“I got the information from your terminal. I had to unlock it, of course, but the information matches with the terminal your other friends willingly(・・) gave to me, and your reaction is a source of confidence too… Though I certainly didn’t think you’d be so cooperative.”

Looks of pity fell on the two criminals as doubts regarding their intellect surfaced.

No one was asking, but they just kept on giving information.

Moreover, they remained oblivious to how they’ve been essentially sabotaging themselves and their friends, their faces just red with anger at how everyone kept on looking down at them.

But then a cold voice called out from behind the boy that doused cold water on that.

“So we know where the bombs are, how many there are, and we can dismantle them as well. We even fooled your friends. Is there anything else you would like to say? Any other requests?”

Aristel said sarcastically and calmly, and finally, they understood what sort of predicament they were in.

It was checkmate, and there was no excuse that would allow them to protect their pride.

“Ku ku, don’t worry. Just say whatever comes to mind───I’ll be sure to crush everything.”

Shinichi played along to Aristel’s performance and snorted with blatant mockery.

The two criminals were humiliated, but the facts made it impossible for them to argue, so they just wailed and cried to vent their frustrations about how their plans were ruined.

“Damn it, damn it! Why are there students of the academy at a place like this!? There’s even a great noble princess! Why did you have to be here of all days!?” The man said.

“Don’t screw with me, you brats! Just how much effort do you think we spent just for this day!? Eek, gah!?!?”

But that was silenced with a small movement from the boy.

The criminals, the girl, the staff, though there was a difference in the extent to which, regardless, they all froze when he acted.

Because without even the slightest hesitation, Shinichi stabbed the woman’s throat with his fingers.




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