I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-63: At the Open Air Bath (1/5)

“Mn, mnuu~! Ahh, yes!”

A girl with chestnut hair stretched herself as she savored the pleasure.

Above was the crimson sky of dusk and the spectacular view of Arashiyama dyed in its hue.

That alone would make for a memorable scene, but what truly filled her with happiness was the warmth that enveloped her.

“Oh, I could just melt like this… In fact, I wish I could melt right away.”

That was an open air bath made of rocks big enough that she could stretch out her limbs as she pleased.

The accommodation the school(Shinichi) arranged for them was big enough to accommodate them on short notice and was also plenty hospitable.

It also boasted a large open-air bath with a spectacular view and offered great comfort, an amenity that Tomoe enjoyed to her heart’s content.

The black-haired girl beside her was also enjoying it, but she still found Tomoe odd.

“Tomoe, aren’t you being too exaggerated? It’s true that it feels good, but surely not to that extent.”

“…You don’t get it, Youko… We just had to beaten that bad even though it was after a hard fight.”

‘By that big brother of yours,’ Tomoe added quietly.

When she tried to think back to that terrible experience, her brain refused to cooperate.

How could the training be dozens of times harder than the real thing?

She was so tired she couldn’t even remember how she made it back.

She just laid down in her room in a daze and before she knew it it was bathing time.

As her roommates would testify, it was as though her soul had left her body.

“But seriously, how did I make it back?”

Curious, she tried to piece together what she recalled.

A panicking Ryou, a wryly smiling Shinichi, a body gently held up, an enveloping touch of warmth, someone’s closeup face – which she was unusually familiar with – and the excited members of her club.



“Oh, it’s──”

‘Nothing.’ Or so she meant to say, but her voice stopped in its tracks.

She hadn’t noticed it until now because of how good the bath felt, but that Japanese black hair, that flushed cherry blossom skin and nape, and her curvaceous body line made clear by her nudity.

Neither too big nor too small, nor overly protruded nor overly contracted, that beautiful pair of her good friend was captured fully by her eyes.

“Hey! Where are you looking! It’s rude to stare, you know!”

“Heh… The gods really are unreasonable, aren’t they? Ha ha.”

For a moment, she glanced down at her own reflection on the water, then turned to Youko beside her and let out a dry laugh. She had always been bothered by her dissimilarity to her mother, and now, the very picture of her ideals was here.

In fact, that was why she was interested in Youko in the first place.

“Hey, can we swap bodies? Just once is fine.”

That’s why she found herself making that joke, but her eyes weren’t joking.

Youko understandably twitched. What made that all the more terrifying was that Tomoe actually had the knowledge and power to make it happen.

“Y-You know, don’t you think you should do something about that Japanese complex of yours? If you ask me, I think your chestnut hair and blue eyes are beautiful.”

The grass was ever greener on the other side, and people always want what they don’t have.

Youko tried to persuade Tomoe as such, but she failed to get through to her since she was mostly dejected that she couldn’t inherit the traits of the mother whom she admired so dearly.

She didn’t hate the appearance she inherited from her father’s side, but as a daughter, she wished that she could’ve inherited more of her mother’s obvious characteristics.

“I get what you’re trying to say, but… Even my chest(this part) isn’t anything like my mother’s.”

Her mother should have been average-sized, but reality was cruel, and a glance down would be a smooth trip down to her legs.

In a sense that part alone resembled a Japanese, but unfortunately, it did not resemble her mother.

It was as though there was nothing motherly about her, and that made her heart feel cold despite the warmth of the bath.

“Looking like my mother didn’t do me any good, though,” interjected a third party.

Tomoe and Youko turned to the direction of that voice and became speechless for a different reason.

“Excuse me,” Frire casually said as she approached them with nothing but a small towel over her shoulders.

With her nude form laid bare, the two girls naturally found themselves staring, but she didn’t seem to mind at all as she entered the bath.

Be it her figure or her unaffected attitude, either was an ideal that women strove for, and neither Tomoe nor Youko could keep themselves from becoming captivated.

Those long, slender, white legs, that firm but feminine waist, and those sensuous twins that engendered a motherly aura.

Each in turn they sank into the bath with that dazzling white hair flowing behind.

“Mn, nuu… haa… Sorry, I’ve never really had to worry about that kind of stuff, so I can’t really give any advice. Looking like my mother never did me any good, after all.”

It might have been because she wasn’t used to it that Frire let out an unusually sweet breath, but regardless, she seemed sincerely troubled by her inability to give advice.

That was likely due to her being their teacher.

Unfortunately, Frire’s two students failed to pick up on that.

“A-Ahh! Teacher! Your hair!”

“Teach, you can’t let your hair in the bath like that! You have to tie it up!”

Though they would never say out loud what it was that left them speechless, the overwhelming volume it possessed was indeed a marvel.

However, they were still quick to point out when her hair entered the bath, though Frire just tilted her head.

“Ah, sorry. I usually just take showers, so I’m not familiar with bathing etiquette… Did I do something wrong?”

Frire couldn’t understand what it was that they were so bothered about.

She even scooped up her hair as they floated in the bath while asking that question.

“Youko, do you have a hair tie with you?”

“Sure do, give me a hand.”

After a moment of silence, the girls grabbed a rubber hair tie and got Frire to sit on a rock so they could tie her hair.

Frire’s body was so wonderful that despite being the same gender they could not help but feel faint.

Still, they did their best not to think about it, and fortunately, due to them also having long hair, they quickly finished.

“Thanks, sorry about that, was it etiquette to tie your hair before getting in?”

Frire was sorry that her own students had to do this for her, but it couldn’t be helped since she didn’t know.

“It’s unhygienic to let your hair into the water and would trouble the other guests, but it’s also bad for your hair.”

“Exactly. Teach, your hair is so beautiful, and all the students talk about it, so it would be such a waste to ruin it.”

To Frire’s surprise, the two girls were all praises for her lustrous white hair.

“Really? I haven’t done anything special, though.”

“Huh? This is natural!? …So what will happen when you actually start taking care of it?”

“Perhaps it will turn into a silver that transcends white!”

“W-Well, actually, I’ve been taking care of it a bit more lately because someone advised me to, but I’m not used to it, so the results aren’t very good.”

Frire wasn’t used to being praised, so she ended up speaking humbly, but with how beautiful her hair was, the girls were still left stunned.

“Oh, Teacher Doneju. Please do be more mindful of those around you.”

Apparently, someone had been watching them, and a figure suddenly entered the bath.

Though the steam made for poor visibility, and the ringlet curls were nowhere to be seen, the aura she carried made it clear who she was.

Tomoe and Youko even found themselves faltering.


“I-I knew this would be amazing too, but wow, that’s really something!”

Aristel’s hair that usually stood out was perfectly tied up, while her white skin and nape were laid completely bare.

Unlike Frire, however, she could not afford to be completely shameless and had to put some effort hiding her body, but that only served to engender an even more sensuous atmosphere that captivated Tomoe and Youko.

With a wonderful pair that did not lose out to Frire, and a figure perfectly balanced in smoothness and in curves, hers was a body that could only be described as one sculpted by the divine. But unlike Frire, she was from their generation, so the impact was much greater.




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