I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-63: At the Open Air Bath (2/5)

“Padyuel, huh. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that…” Frire said.

“But even then, you are someone who will have to stand before others, whether those people are your students or your people. I believe that for people like us, we should always be aware that people are always watching,” Aristel said.

“Can’t argue with that… Thank you, Senba, Safina.”

Frire wryly smiled, then thanked the two girls when they finished tying her hair.

They knew she was beautiful, but it was only when they were this close that they realized just how ludicrously beautiful her face and figure were.

“Oh, don’t mention it, I got an eyeful as wel— I mean, it was my pleasure,” Youko said.

“So this is the difference between those with and those without… *Gulp,” Tomoe said.

“Tomoe, I know how you feel, I really do, but that’s unladylike, so please don’t gulp!” Youko said.

As they entered the bath again, Tomoe and Youko took an eyeful of the two princesses of the great families of Garesto.

Even from behind, Tomoe could tell that theirs were overwhelmingly large.

And upon reentering the bath, Tomoe’s eyes were magnetized to those twin mountains floating in the water.

She gulped. This had already gone past mere jealousy. Already, those bountiful peaks were emanating a spell that drew her in.

Indeed, she was not the lone victim.

Other girls could be seen sneaking glances from a distance too.

A portion of those, however, were the exact opposite of charmed.

They fancied themselves philosophers, believers who had seen the light, who saw those mountains for what they were: mere lumps of fat.

“Fu, fu fu… So both men and women love big ones that much, huh!”

Before Aristel even screamed, she, the self-proclaimed representative of the school in that regard, was already behind her.

Her ability to hide her presence easily made that possible.

“Huh, kyaaan!?”

Without any hesitation, her hands reached out for those mountains. She grabbed them tightly, and the victim, Aristel, screamed.

Rizet was right beside when that happened, and though she still had an ‘X’ on her mouth, she quickly tried to put a stop to the crime; however, the offender glared at her with a bloodcurdling face. Though not as big as her master, Rizet too had a big chest.

“Myuhi! What are you doing!?”

Youko tried to stop Myuhi, but with her fox ears and tail standing on end, she refused to hear any of it and continued to grope with wild abandon. She would furiously squeeze and twist and deform them into all manners of shape as though some great injustice had been done to her.

Not a hint of sanity or warmth could be seen in her eyes.

“These! Useless! Lumps of! Flesh!! Are they! Really so! Good!!?”

“Ah! Wait, a, moment, Myuhi-san, where are you touching, ahh!”

She squeezed and stretched and played with them however she pleased, but they were so big that her small hands couldn’t cover them entirely. Her expression dropped into the freezing point.

Already, her gaze was so cold it seemed she could freeze the bath with it alone.

“Not! There! Ah~!”

“Darn it! What the hell is this! The tension is so good, and even the sensitivity is just right! This… This is just ridiculous!!”

Neither the lecherous hands nor the sweet moans showed any signs of stopping, but Myuhi’s mood only grew worse by the second.

She was clearly stuck in a vicious cycle, but unfortunately, there was no one who could stop her.

After all, the highest ranked person here was also…

“Ruona, calm down a sec, ah, hey!” Frire said.

“Since you have so much on you, the least you could do is give me some!!” Myuhi said.

Frire tried to stop Myuhi since she was starting to cause too much of a fuss, but alas, her efforts were akin to pouring oil into the flames.

There was no way that the berserked Myuhi could calm down in front of her two biggest enemies from the school.

What grated her nerves all the more was the fact that they showed them off so shamelessly.

“Ah, haa… I, I can’t… Anymore…”


After the flushed princess was groped to failure and abandoned, this time it was the servant’s turn to let out a scream, albeit silent.

Myuhi immediately launched a head-on assault against the next pair of mountains.

“L-Let go! Don’t just play with other people’s chest! Hyaan! W-Why are you so much stronger than usual!?”

Frire tried to pull Myuhi off of Rizet, but in an attempt to be pacifistic, she used too little power and brought the aggro onto herself, bringing her huge, white, breasts in Myuhi’s hands, allowing them to be transformed into whatever shape she pleased.

Unfortunately for Myuhi, the more she played with them, the more she realized how wonderful they felt and how amazing their size was that allowed them to transform into any shape.

“Wow, it’s so soft! My fingers are sinking so much! …Tch, you shamelessly sexy teacher! You might have your fun now, but they’ll sag in the future, mark my words!!”

“Ah! Mn… Hey, that’s not a nice thing to say! Even I’d get hurt from that!”

Shocked by Myuhi’s last remark, Frire stopped holding back and forcefully threw her off.

With the difference in Strength and physique, Myuhi was easily thrown somewhere away in the bath, but she immediately got back up with such intensity that the water seemed to split.

The air about her was so intimidating that it made her petite stature irrelevant. A cursory glance at her eyes would show that she was indeed not sane.

In fact, the strange light in her eyes seemed to be getting worse.

“You sure you don’t need to stop her, Ms. Roommate-cum-Public-Morals-Officer!?” Tomoe said.

“That girl sometimes goes crazy when about her chest… There’s nothing I can do. Sorry,” Youko muttered out a quiet apology with a somewhat melancholic look.

Evidently, Myuhi had gone wild before and caused someone to suffer.

“Why are you acting like this has nothing to do with you, nyaa!?” Myuhi said.

“Woah, when did you!?” Youko said.

Apparently, Myuhi had no intention of letting Youko get off scot-free.

Tomoe was ignored, but she didn’t have the leisure to be sad about that.

After all, her best friend was in danger.

“Eek, w-wait, Myuhi! Let’s calm down! Also, there’s no point even if you attack someone average-sized like me!” Tomoe said.

“Fu fu, you’re normal? You? So by that logic I’m below you, aren’t I? Even you think like that,” Youko said.

“N-No! That’s not what I meant!” Tomoe said.

Youko covered her chest and tried to slowly move away, but Myuhi’s two palms still reached out for her.

No one could stop the rampage of the fox girl. Those with mountains might as well have been mute, while those with flatlands kept their distance and radiated a similar evil.

Tomoe was calm, but she had no confidence in suppressing her.

In the first place, the normal Myuhi was already too much for her to handle.

“You know those two’s chests are irritating, but they’re still fine. They’re ridiculous, but that’s exactly why they’re an unreachable goal.”

Like a ghost, Myuhi eerily and slowly approached Youko, her speech suddenly growing quiet, though that tranquility brought with it its own spookiness.

“But you know, Yoppi… Yours are really realistic. Just looking at them makes me hope and envy at the same time. A pair of sinful breasts,” Myuhi said.

“Ah, I can relate to that!” Tomoe said.

“Tomoe!?” Youko said.

Tomoe’s unexpected betrayal left Youko speechless, but Myuhi ignored her.

There was no change in the insanity behind Myuhi’s eyes. That’s why the atmosphere did not permit them to move.

Or perhaps it was because Frire felt that her size would only make the conversation more complicated.

“Don’t worry, just leave it to me… If you just stay put, it’ll be over quickly… I’ll make you feel good.”

With a gentle voice and a pair of lecherous hands, the eerie fox girl approached.

“W-What kind of perverted old man are you supposed to be!? Calm down already, Myuhi!”

Youko backed away in fear and screamed. Conveniently, there was a pail nearby, so she grabbed it and threw it.

Normally, that would be a dangerous thing to do, but the opponent was Myuhi, so it would at most only suppress her.

Alas, such resistance only appeared adorable to her, and a light smile was all Youko got as Myuhi easily dodged.


But in that moment, Myuhi’s fox ears suddenly picked up on a sound, and she felt something bad was about to happen.

It was a sound akin to a finger snap, the kind of sound a certain someone would make before doing something.

Myuhi immediately went pale, but it was already too late.

“Ah, gyan!?!”

As a mysterious object hit her at the back of her head, sparks flew from her eyes, and she remembered.

That a certain overprotective older brother who could threaten Nameless(them) was around.




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