I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-84-05-B: That’s Why He Made It in Time (1/5)

“…Did I get lost inside a myth?”

The count stood behind the fence of the royal villa as he watched the battle unfold.

It would be safer for him to stay inside the villa, but as the man who invited the guests and was responsible for this land, he could not remain indifferent to the battle unfolding just past the fence to protect them.

But of course, that was also because the enemy was so powerful that if the enemies did manage to get past those two, the villa’s walls and barriers wouldn’t even be able to serve as condolence.

“My Lord, I believe it would be more apt to call this a nightmare than a myth!”

One of the count’s guards pointed out.

The sight unfolding before them clearly had the guard terrified, but he didn’t take his duties so lightly as to abandon his lord in this dire moment.

Besides, the sight before them was so strange that the both of them could not help but doubt where they were.

“It’s just like the records of the Great War of the Evil God. It is said that the incarnation of the evil god covered the earth and the skies, and pillars of fire would burn, thunders roar, and blizzards whirl. A series of calamities caused by the mere presence of the evil god!”

The guard looked like he was about to cry. Why did he have to get caught up in something like this?

He could not be faulted for comparing both attacker and defender to the evil god, however.

And in fact, while the authenticity of such claims remained to be proven, the count himself could not help but agree with the guard.

Though enemy forces filled the heavens and the earth, the cataclysm unleashed by the tenkorius destroyed them instantly time and time again.

The tenkorius took on the appearance of a human, but that was only a given since her master was also a human.

Even from a distance, her beauty and allure was clear to see, though such bewitching beauty was in and of itself a cause for fear.

Regardless, the might of the tenkorius shook the earth, scorched the skies, and froze the air.

It was a scene straight out of those tales passed down about the strongest monster beast.

The count found it outrageous how unexaggerated the stories passed down were.

──They should have just exaggerated them.

Tales too tall were always suspect of exaggeration, yet it turns out that those tall tales were not tall at all.

Ironically, those tales passed down in warning were actually unexaggerated, but the tales just seemed too tall for anyone to take seriously.

“No, the real nightmare(problem) is…”

The count turned his attention to the boy and gulped.

He had been focusing on the tenkorius purely to escape reality.

The guard probably couldn’t understand the significance of the sight unfolding before them, or perhaps just like the duke, he was unconsciously feigning ignorance.

“…An unprecedented master.”

By this point, the count could only wryly smile.

In the end, was someone who could fight alongside a monster still human?

Enemies would appear in waves, and each time, the tenkorius would wipe them out immediately.

And amidst her vicious attacks was her master who leisurely took care of those that she missed.

The count had heard that two names were added to the younger princess’ entourage just half a month ago.

The count had been managing the aftermath of her troublesome journey out of his loyalty toward the royal family, so information about the boy naturally reached his ears.

At first, the count was uneasy because the identity of the boy was a mystery, but then he found out that the boy was none other than the master of the strongest monster beast and was someone who frequently scolded the princess and the hero.

He had been full of respect and praise for him ever since finding out that the princess listened to him.

At the same time, he thought he was incredibly audacious.

However, upon seeing this scene, it all finally made sense.

───The gap in existence(power) was just too big.

The count was also a skilled mage, one better than your common noble or mage, and he held some pride in that regard.

That’s why he understood full well how dangerous the soldiers birthed by magic alchemy were, and how frightening it was for such an army to pose no threat whatsoever.

The fact that such an army could easily be neutralized by just two people meant only one thing.

These two – master and servant alike – could easily destroy the whole world or rule it if they so wished.

And to make things worse, the servant was a tenkorius, a species known to never change their master.

The union of two such powerful calamities was indeed nothing short of a nightmare.

“Just where did the princess find them…”

From the little conversation they had, the boy seemed to have some virtue to him, and he seemed to have a good head on his shoulders too.

He was curt, but that might have just been because he understood the situation too well and did not see the need to waste time.

There have been many tenkorius masters identified to this day, and they have always varied in race, personality, and gender, but there was one thing that they all had in common, and that was the lack of an ambition.

Of course, there were those who defended themselves or were merciless to their foes, and there were even those that overcame something grand, but there was an unnatural lack of masters that actively fought to achieve something using the tenkorius.

That’s why some magic scholars argued that perhaps the tenkorius instinctively choose a master that wouldn’t lose themselves in their power.

If true, then nothing could be more reassuring, but…

“…Seeing something like this just gives me the chills.”

To have this much power and yet not lose oneself in it.

In the end, was someone like that still human?




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