I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – School Field Trip Arc – Act 1: This Is What Happens When I Go on a Trip – 04-84-05-B: That’s Why He Made It in Time (2/5)

After the 50th wave, counting the enemies became impossible, and when it became apparent that different individuals were starting to appear, Shinichi clicked his tongue.

“Tch, how clever of him to give learning capabilities to the magic formula!”

Perhaps the magic formula changed its approach after failing to land even a single strike after all those attempts, but this time, it brought out a large number of mass produced monstrosities to act as meat shields before summoning the main force, a complex combination of the best parts of the golems, automata, and chimeras to make up for their deficiencies.


“Just some leftovers.”

Youko called out to her master in an apologetic tone for failing to destroy their enemies, but Shinichi just effortlessly annihilated the surrounding rabble. The golems he sent flying shot out like bullets and crushed the other enemies, but he didn’t even spare them a glance before continuing to destroy the next set of foes with machine-like efficiency. Under his efficient and swift ministrations, the reinforcements summoned by magic alchemy were all too easily wiped out.

But then something suddenly covered the illumination of the stars and moon above.

“Master! A big one is coming from above!”

But Shinichi just calmly crushed the head of a chimera as though he didn’t hear anything.

A powerful bellow full of anger resounded from the giant creature.


Though the air shook and the roar was loud enough that Youko had to bend her ears, Shinichi just calmly continued his work.

It was as though he couldn’t even be bothered to glance at the source of that ruckus.

“You might be the first human to show such indifference to a dragon… As expected of my master!”

Though Youko trembled with astonishment and admiration, she too ignored the dragon as she continued her attacks.

Was a flying lizard simply unworthy of attention? No, it was simply a priority issue.

After all, there was no way that a body that exceeded 25 meters in size accompanied by wings large enough to accommodate that could be ignored.

It was made partly with parts from the automata series and put together with the manufacturing method for the chimeras, but that did not weaken the pressure it emanated and instead added an ominous touch to it.

“There are plenty of other insects that need to be dealt with, so I won’t be wasting my time with you! However, do be glad and know the honor of serving as the stage upon which my master’s glory shall be displayed.”

The dolls headed straight for the villa, as though they had been ordered to ignore everything else, so Youko prioritized dealing with them.

As for the dragon, she knew it was already as good as dead, so she ignored it, though she did bless it in her own tenkorius way.


It was curious if the dragon understood that or not, but it roared again and descended toward Shinichi.

Shinichi calmly stepped over the destroyed automata and golems as he looked up at the descending dragon.

He knew that it had been tinkered with by the alchemist and transformed into his very own toy, but not a hint of pity could be seen in his eyes.

All that was there was open hostility to destroy that which dared get in his way.

“You’re in the way.”

That was the respect he offered to those who stood before him.

As soon as he said that, he reached out with his right hand, and light shone from it.

The dragon sought to trample him, and he leaped up to confront it. They passed by each other.

It was only for a moment, but a flash of light flickered, and in the end, there could only be one conclusion.

The giant body descended successfully, but as though it could not endure the impact, it split into two.

The flesh parted to its sides and crushed the soldiers around it.

“…I’ll send your remains to your hometown… Consider that my payment for this.”

Shinichi landed to one side of the dragon and grabbed the tail.

As the light of teleportation shone once again, he lifted up the dragon and swung it around, instantly destroying the next wave of soldiers.

He repeated that four times, and when he saw that the sturdy scales could no longer endure, he took the other half and repeated the act four more times.

“Wow, my master is as exceptional as ever!”

The dragon club was actually even faster than Youko at wiping out the enemies, but she just cheered all the same.

The sight of a human swinging around half of a dragon’s body like a club was just too spectacular, though of course, to normal people such a sight was more terrifying than spectacular.

In fact, the peanut gallery behind the fence were so shocked that their jaws dropped.

“…Consider this extra compensation.”

But while everyone else was shocked, Shinichi’s cheeks just twitched at the sight of the now ruined corpse.

Meanwhile, more enemies appeared.

“That makes 78, but 23 locations yet remain unknown… Looks like there’ll be more to come.”

By pursuing the traces left by teleportation, he has managed to find the bases where these dolls were being made and stored.

There were even places beyond those that he’d known beforehand.

Once he’s completely grasped the picture, he’ll be able to destroy the source of these dolls and defeat them in the truest sense.

But it was not possible to do that just yet. If he were to destroy the bases he’s already located, and the enemy managed to find a solution to his solution, then they really will have no choice but to keep fighting until all the soldiers were destroyed.

That’s why there was no other choice right now than to keep fighting like this and locate more bases.

“That would indeed be the fastest and surest way.”

But it was still too slow.

Despite not struggling in the slightest, Shinichi was irritated.

His senses could cover too much. That’s why he could understand that he would not make it in time at this rate.

It was akin to seeing someone drop something and picturing in one’s mind the object hitting the ground.

Even before that object hit the ground and even before someone reaches out his hand, humans are generally able to tell if they could make it in time or not.

In that regard, it was the same for him. Only, in his case, it was so precise that his prediction was almost certain.

In other words, it was almost certain that someone would die before him again.




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