The Man Picked up by the Gods Table of Contents

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Author: Roy


Ryouma Takebayashi, 39 years old, found himself in a strange white room. The gods tell him that he has died and they are sending his soul to a different world, a world where magic exists.

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  1. Thanks for the translations. Also two quick remarks;

    You really couldn't have picked a worse name for your blog 'web novel translations' is not something easily searchable. If you keep it as is you'll make it hard on people trying to find your site (I saw you on MangaUpdates and was lucky you posted links on Reddit, I would not have found you otherwise). I strongly suggested changing it if at all possible, even just 'Neo's Translations' would be fine.

    Also would appreciate if you changed the theme to something black-on-white (Or black-on-[pastel color] if you really want) as it's easier on the eyes.

  2. you could also register on where they actually links to the translators

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. After checking the forum for a bit, it seems I should make the post after the blog is a few weeks old. I'll apply for it when the blog is a bit older.

  4. Nice to see this series get picked. It's one of my favorite heartwarming series in Narou. I've thought of translating this also, but if you can keep it up, I guess I should pick other series instead.

  5. Thanks translator sama!. I have to say the it was really difficult to find this site.

  6. thanks for putting them out at a conststant time. Neo the translation is awsome!! love your fan

  7. Hay neo can you put up a progress of chapters e.g. Chapter 13 -40%- done
    Love fan girl

  8. Sorry, can you put something that transforms the titles if we already read that chapter.I normally forget which chapter i was in.

  9. This is great! Just wondering where did All Attribute Aptitude go in his skill card? I'm just curious about the level and it didn't show up in chapter 11's skills list. Thanks for translating!

  10. It's not there in the raws, it probably doesn't have a level and just means that he's able to use all the magic attributes.

  11. Hi, I've just added a donation button a while ago. Unfortunately I can't promise any extra chapters outside of the schedule. If you do feel like donating, however, I'll gratefully accept it. Thank you.

  12. I really like this story, but I do have a major complaint, and I wonder if I'm the only one. My complaint is the complete lack of detail/description. We have no clue as to what any of these people look like along with the environment they are living in. I have been filling in the detail using my decades of entertainment consumption, but come on author this is your world! It's your job to make the universe you are creating a living, breathing thing, not mine.

  13. Rewrite like doing some changes to the stuff hes already writen or like hes going to completely restart the story?

  14. Thanks for all the translations!
    You're the fastest translator I've seen! so thanks for everything so far!

  15. yeah, the author is going to post the rewrite of the series in a different label. as of now the current version of the series is completed. he is going to stop continuing the story to re write it from the beginning. it probably shouldn't take too long since he has the basic story. he is going to post it as a different series on his ncode but it is the same story only rewritten and edited. it is like a reboot that dc comics does.

  16. Story is paused and will be updated under a different post since it is undergoing a rewrite. It is being rebooted for continuity. basically all 5 volumes are done and he said he would finish the fifth volume before the rewrite. now he is working on rewriting volume 1. In a week or so maybe he will start reposting the chapters. He will leave the old chapters alone, but he is also going to post the rewritten chapters in a different page.

  17. somehow those name cofused me,so can somebody show me they name and who they are please ? (like Rheinhart Jamil : the feudal lord of the Jamil duchy ),so I can identify each character to imagination easyly

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