The Man Picked up by the Gods – Prologue 2

“Then, let’s decide what power to give to Ryouma-kun!”

“Alright, well first of all I don’t think Ryouma will need Martial Class related abilities anymore, so as planned let’s give him a Magic Class Ability… or so I would say but it seems Ryouma-kun also has quite some talent in magic”

“Is that true!?”

“Yep, it’s true.”

“Um… the skills I have only include Magic Detection, Manipulation and Magic Recovery Rate UP. And my Magical Strength is only 172. Even with only this, could I really have talent?”

“Well the other world aside, for an earthling those stats are abnormal. Actually I wasn’t able to tell you but since magic has long been forgotten on Earth, the magical power being 0 is supposedly a given. Normally there shouldn’t even be a single person on Earth that has Magic Class Skills.”

“Is that so?” –

“It is. Although there are at least people that have a strong sixth sense and after continuously training, able to receive the Magic Detection ability. However, people that can manipulate magic do not exist. And even in the other world, people who possess the skill, Magic Recovery Rate UP, are ridiculously rare, it’s a rare skill you know? For an Earthling to possess such skills, that’s just too amazing… Oh, I got it! Ryouma-kun! How about I give you the skill, All Attribute Aptitude?”

“Oh, that’s a good idea!”

“Right, that’s probably for the best”

“Um… I‘m not sure but I feel like this is some sort of super cheat skill, huh?”

Hearing Ryouma’s words, the three gods laughed while broadly grinning.

“Everyone that comes here says that”

“Indeed, All Ability Aptitude, it’s definitely border line cheating”

“Right it’s that kind of thinking that many people refused to choose this ability. But you know, the truth is in the other world All Attribute Aptitude isn’t that rare. It isn’t something to make such a big fuss out of”


“Umu, there are people who were born with such abilities, and if you think about it as long as anyone trains, then anyone can gain All Attribute Aptitude. If you take a look at a country’s battalion of knights, you will find that there are at least around 10 to 20 people born with the ability. Furthermore, even though the number of attributes that someone with All Attribute Aptitude can use is quite big… But because of that if you train those attributes equally then the development of attribute will be slow. Say there were two magicians, one has many different attribute magic but all of them are weak, but the other can only use one powerful magic. In this case the one who will be more highly valued is the latter.”

“In other words a jack of all trades but a master of none. “


“That being the case, it’s not really that amazing… so how about it?”

“Right. Let’s go with All Attribute Aptitude then”

“I understand, Ok. Then you’ll able to use the lower attributes, fire, water, wind, earth and neutral. You will also be able to use the middle class attributes, electricity, ice, poison, and wood. As well as the higher class attributes, light, darkness, and space. Is there any other ability you want? We still have quite a bit of room.”

“Can you increase the foundations of my magic?”

“Well it’s possible but, considering the fact that you are an Earthling who was supposed to have 0 Magical Strength, if we were to increase that even more you will most likely end up becoming an existence that is no longer human. The norm in the other world is 100 Magical Strength for a normal person, a warrior that also uses magic is around 500 to 700, a normal magician ranges from 1000 to 5000, and a royal court magic practitioner ranges from 10000 to 50000. And then for the people that we have sent into the other world with the body we made, the lowest was 10000. But that still doesn’t include the fact that, that number will still increase depending on the talent and training.”

“In your case, it will definitely increase, and not a meagre amount either”


“Yes, I believes so. 0 is 0 right? No matter what you multiply it by, it should remain 0. This and that is the same thing. Earthlings are generally supposed to have 0 magical strength. While the possibility isn’t 0, other than you we have only seen one other earthling that has gained magical strength. But even then, it was only 1 magical strength. “

“There is a big wall that one needs to overcome in order to go from a 0 to a 1. But in your case not only have you surpassed that wall, but you have even increased your magical strength. According to nature this should be impossible.”

“Well if it’s not possible to increase my magic’s foundation, then I want some magic that will help me not die once I get there. In particular I want, defensive and healing spells”

“Oh right, I forgot about healing spells! Good, good, let’s go with this. In regards to defense all the attributes have various method of defending… it’s a bit minor but how about, Barrier Magic?”

“Barrier! Of course!”

“Alright, good. But again we still have a lot of room left”


“Umu, it’s because your soul is really strong. Since the vessel that will accept our power is quite big, how about a special kind of magic?”

“What do you mean by special?”

“Boost Magic and Alchemy, Summoning Arts, and Slave Magic”

“I can somehow imagine Boost Magic, Alchemy, and Summoning Arts, but what is Slave Magic?”

“It’s an ability that allows you to make a contract with beasts that you’ve caught. I guess you could also call it taming. While it can be strong depending on the beasts you’ve caught, finding them a place to live in may be a bit difficult. I would suggest going with summoning rather than this, since you can just summon them when needed and when not you can unsummon them.”

“Well that’s also fine, but isn’t it a bit half baked? Isn’t there a different way to use Slave Magic?”


“Isn’t it possible to use Space Magic in exchange for summoning for use with the Slave Magic?”


“What I mean is using Slave Magic to catch the beasts, then using space magic to summon or unsummon the beasts. Like this space magic can be used to create a place that would act like a store house for the beasts, allowing me to summon and unsummon as if I was using Summoning Arts.”

After Ryouma said this, the three gods huddled together and began talking amongst themselves. After a few minutes…

“Ryouma-kun, that proposal just now is possible but, there’s a bit of a problem”

“What is it?”

“It’s fine for small magical beasts but with bigger magical beasts, the space you need to make will also become bigger. That kind of magic that can create such a huge space, Another World so to speak, is an advanced level magic.”

“So there’s no problem with small or middle size beasts, then?”

“Yep, creating a middle class Dimensional Home for the beasts can be done one way or another. Only thing though is that since Space Magic is a high level attribute, if a middle class space magic were to be seen by someone, it will be stand out. But if it was only a low level space magic around the size of an item box, or short distance teleportation then there won’t be much of a problem”

“If it’s that much then that’ll be fine. I’ll do things as stealthily as possible”

“Un, then, just one more thing left. What do you want? Should we strengthen your body further and go with different martial class skills?”

“This body has already been forged by martial arts. Even if I go there, the martial arts that I’ve learned in this world will still apply, right?’

“Of course, or rather in regards to techniques isn’t the one over yours more varied?” (take with grain of salt)

“Then in that case I won’t learn new martial class skills and go with what I’ve trained with until now. Also, will my knowledge regarding medicine and medicinal plants still apply there?”

“It will, the basic knowledge of the other world and knowledge regarding the skills will respond to the level of skill you possess now. Once you get there you will understand. Of course, your level of knowledge and ability will remain the same.”

“Understood, well then in that case please grant me the ability of Alchemy”

“Is that ok? If it’s magic, then it will require you to train you know? You won’t be able to use it instantly.”

“Yes, it’s alright. Since I already have a way to protect my body and I’ve also already received healing spells. There’s also no problem in regards to martial skills. That’s why, little by little, I want to train my magic. Also alchemy combined with pharmacy may turn out to be interesting. Lastly, by extracting the ingredients of medicinal plants it may be possible to create medicine similar to the ones we have in our world, so with that I don’t have much to worry”

“Right… then that’s good…well then, as expected we really have ended way earlier than we planned, huh. Even though I usually get forced to sit with people I don’t like for a long time, why is it that when I find a guy I like the preparations end so fast?”

“Well, it’s good bye”

“Unfortunately, that seems to be the case, after deciding the power we will grant you, without waiting we have to send you to the other side”

“I see… I’m reluctant to part but, this favor that you have given me. I won’t forget it for the rest of my life.”

“Don’t mind it. It’s your life, live as you wish.”

“Because we’ll always be watching over you”

“Show us something interesting, ok?”

“As much as possible, we’ll first send you to a safe forest, so no worries”

“This is the last time, so it’s fine to say something selfish you know?”

“It’s fine even if you talk without all the formalities”

“At the very last won’t you show us your real self?”

“um… yeah, that’s right. Thanks. As expected, if it’s only on the outside then the fact that I’m just acting politely can be seen through, huh.” (He stops using formal language from here on)

“You’re human, so don’t think of absurd things. We are god. Noticing is a given”

“You’re Etiquette Level is 7. That’s really amazing. Even amongst the nobles and the royal family, there isn’t someone with a Lv 7”

“Well, hearing that makes me feel somewhat better, since I’m quite bad at dealing with people. Somehow I ended up being able to do things exactly in accordance to form. And because I can do something like this, I was able to barely pass as a working adult. That’s why being found out is quite problematic”

“Even though, right from the start, anything would have been fine”

“Isn’t it also bad to just suddenly talk casually with a god?”

“It’s unpleasant if you go too far, but if it’s you then its fine. Besides, my heart is big, I’m a goddess after all”

“I see”

“Do you have any plans after going there?”

“If you have any worries, you should let it all out now”

“We’re all ears here”

“Right… Well in regards to my inter-personal relationships. 39 years, and I’ve never been able to get along with people well. Even if I go to a different world, I am myself. Even if I go to a different world I don’t think that will change. Honestly, I’m tired of getting along with people. Just keeping up appearances to get along with other people, I’ve actually thought retiring soon would be good”

“If you want to do that, then do it. That too is living”

“But at the same time, since I’m going to a different world, I thought wouldn’t it be a waste if I don’t walk? Hmm… what should I do…?”

“Then, for a while, while you’re thinking of retiring, when you feel like it, how about going on a trip?”


“Well whichever way you decide to go, at the start when you enter the world you will be in the forest. If we were to teleport you right at the center of the town, it might end up being a huge mess. That’s why for a while, go live in the forest, and then after that, won’t you try going to the village? Besides you want to practice your magic right?”

“Ah… well, yeah…”

“It’s fine to take your time. You’re the serious type so when you think of something you end up wanting to do everything. Do it slowly, one at a time. It’s fine to wait until when you feel like it. And even if at the very end you aren’t able to, then that’s also fine.”

“You’ve already died once, you know? That’s why you will be able to truly be reborn, your previous life is different. So, isn’t it fine if you live as you wish? Especially since right after going there, you’ll be only a kid. So I think it’s fine if you go there and play as much as you want without thinking of anything else, other than protecting your life. Enjoy your practice in magic, Ah… but when you go there, you won’t be able to use everything from the start. But, since, you have the knowledge you had with you on Earth, you should be able to understand very quickly, so don’t be impatient, ok?” It will be good if you put emphasis on controlling.”

“Umu, that will be good. In the unlikely case, where a bandit may be there, if it’s you then it’s not like you’ll fall behind.”

“Live at ease, as you wish… huh? If I can live in the forest, then I’ll seclude myself there for a while. You made me a feel a little better just now. Thanks.”

“If you try going to the town, then, it will be good if you go to the church, frequently. Although we can’t meet, if you can get a Skill of Trust, then for a short time, there’s a possibility we may be able to talk. The higher the level, the longer and more frequent”

“Roger that, when I go to the city, I won’t forget and we’ll talk.”

“Un, I’ll be waiting”

“Oh yeah, won’t the three gods tell me their names?”

“Ah… now that you mention it, we haven’t able to tell you, huh? Please, excuse my rudeness, I am in the other world “Seiruforu” the Creation Deity, the greatest god, Gayn.”

“I am the god of life, Kufo”

“I am the god of love and healing, Rurutia”

“Gayn, Kufo, Rurutia. I’ve memorized it. I don’t know how long it will take, but I promise I will definitely go the temple.”

“At that time I’ll have you talk to me”

“I am also free so… ho ho ho” –

As Gayn laughed, Ryouma’s body began to be covered with light, the size of a grain.

“… Looks like it’s time”

“Umu, Just like the light novel of your world, template, all the sudden being calm… there’s nothing to worry about” (didn’t get the latter half of this line very well)

“Well then, there’s nothing left to say… Until the next time we are able to talk again, based on the standards of man it will take quite a bit of time”

“Yeah, that’s about right… But whatever you say, I’m grateful to the three gods. And then… oh right, why is it that I have magical strength and magic class skills going into another world?”

“Ah… that’s because…”

“You kept going over the routine your dad made you until the day before you died, right?”

“That’s cause it’s completely become a routine, besides I had the time”

“In that routine you also meditated every day, without missing, right? That is the cause of your magical strength. That’s why, without thinking about it you were able to detect magic, and have been able to continuously manipulate magic. Because you earnestly continued to do that, without noticing it, you kept using up magic. As a result you ended up with the Magic Recovery Rate UP Skill. There are also other reasons, but us gods of a different world, do not know it either.”

“I see… thanks, just understanding that is enough. I will be born again, the things that happened in earth have nothing to do with me, right?”

“That’s right, it’s fine if you don’t think about it anymore”

As Rurutia said that, the light became stronger.

“Ah, by the way, in the end… why did I die? I should have been sleeping as usual… was it a heart attack?”

“Nah, you hit your head while sleeping and ended up with brain hemorrhage”

“Eh!? I don’t remember such a thing at all though!?”

“Un… well yeah, that’s true”

“I also haven’t seen anyone die in that way other than you”

“You know… although it’s hard to say, the thing is you sneezed a lot, you know? Many times.”

“… huh?”

“4 times actually. While you were sneezing, the pillow slipped out, and at the last moment, you hit your head against the floor. It’s because your futon was cheap, that’s why there wasn’t much cushion.”

“Although it wasn’t to the extent were it woke you up, that served as an impetus to the cutting of several blood vessels in your brain. Then until morning came, your brain, compressed by the hemorrhage…brought you to your death bed….”

“How come I died like that?! What is that! Hit the head and bleed, from what I know that normally happens in accidents, no? But, a sneeze!? I died while sleeping because of a sneeze? I just can’t accept it!!!”

“C-Calm down…”

“I… I don’t know what I should say, but…”

“I understand that you can’t accept it, but, it can’t be helped anymore…”

“… right .. haa … cause of death: Brain Hemmorage, cause: Sneeze. … Today, this is definitely the most shocking thing.”

While saying that, the light grew stronger again.

“Mu… looks like its ready”

“It’s time, although I don’t really want to end this with this kind of conversation”

“Stay well, and be happy, ok?”

“Ahh, got it… truly, truly from the bottom of my heart thank you very much!!”

“Umu! Go! Open the gates to a new world!”

“We grant you our blessings!”

“Let there be light on the road of your journey!”

“Enjoy your new life!!! “ (The three gods in conjunction)

Right after that, Ryouma was swallowed up with a light brighter than any other. And when that light disappeared, Ryouma was no longer there.

“…Looks like he was able to leave safely”

“We were able to give him power without any problems… the resulting magical strength was tremendous… much more than expected”

“The other end of the transfer is a safe forest without any strong beasts or animals, its fine right?”

“That’s right, I hope that kid finds happiness”

“I hope so too. The world is overflowing with unfortunate people but, in his case, the kind of misfortune he has is different…”

“Sigh… exactly what is the god of earth thinking!? To think that he would actually change a living being’s destiny!”

“Most likely Ryouma Takuma was originally supposed to have become some sort of amazing person. Perhaps, as a martial artist. But with the sleight of hand that destiny was changed, the people he should have met was mostly filled and changed with malice, closing the road that should have been there.”

“And in the end, the happiness that he should have received was taken away… I don’t know if the god received something from a believer or something, but this way of doing things is… rather than being a god isn’t it more like a demon’s?”

“I heard that faith on earth has been fading but, is it that bad? At any rate it’s not an act that should have ever been done”

“His abnormal Resist Class Skill Level is a result of the god’s curse which caused him to suffer. Because of that his level grew higher than normal”

“I wasn’t able to say it to Ryouma-kun but because he was influenced by the power of a god, that’s why he ended up gaining Magic Class Skills.”

“Let’s make him happy on the other side… I take it there’s no objection?”

“Of course. As the god of life, He, who desperately lived through his past life, can receive Lv 5 survival skills”

“Is that ok? Can his vessel take it?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I just added a bit of power to his originally Lv 3 survival skills to transform it. From the start he was someone who held a skill of the same kind, not only is it easy to add but also safe… but really, no matter how you look at it, it’s an abnormal skill. To think that he was able to go this far with his survival skills in good ol’ peaceful Japan. I do wonder though exactly what was he doing with his traps in that kind of environment”

“… It seems like in order to keep his living expenses in check, he was quietly using traps to catch pigeons in the park, bringing them home and eating them. And since he kept doing it secretly, in the end he also ended up increasing his covert skills”

“Thinking from the perspective of Japan’s common sense, that’s completely an out, isn’t it? Well… it’s because he was able to do something like that, that he was able to live until 39 years old.”

“Isn’t it fine since he will be able to get along with Seiruforu quickly?”

“True, the world he is facing may be Seiruforu… or wait a moment, then in that case give him survival skills before he wakes up”

“I, too, as the goddess of love will grant him the blessed protection of human relations”

“As for me I will change his luck a bit from being too low to one a bit better than average… and as for his face instead of an ikemen (good looking guy) I’ll give him a face that gives off a gentle feeling since he isn’t really used to women, so… being popular all of the sudden may just bring him trouble.”

After that for a few minutes the gods closed their eys, stood up. And then after which, they opened their eyes and began talking.

“Well then, the next thing to do is waiting, huh? Well this is something basic, so I wonder if its fine?”

“It’s definitely ok, he has survival skills after all”

“Well then that’s fine, so let’s go fix his identity settings. There shouldn’t be a problem if it’s in Seiruforu, and that abnormal Skill Resist Level needs to be explained… or else”

“I don’t know if it’s ok or not to say its happiness but… Pain Resist and Mental resist are Lv 8 and Lv 9. That musn’t be found out with only a little prodding”

“Well, it’s at the level where if people see it, they’ll sympathize”

“That the heart wasn’t broken is really a miracle, you know? Well as long as the person has common sense, they won’t go around trying to open old wounds”

“Then in that case how about this setting? A boy who was influenced for a long time by some cruel circumstances, becoming distrustful of others and without going to the city lived in the forest. What do you think?”

“Needs a bit more details but for a summary that should be pretty good. And though it’s a different world it’s not really far off from what happened”

“And practically speaking, he does have a tendency to be distrusting of humans.”

“I think he actually did a good job to grow up without being too twisted, considering the environment”

“Umu, His personality was more or less twisted but… in Seiruforu that range of idiosyncrasy should pass. Besides he also possess Japans morals, so I don’t think he will go off the right path. If it’s only Seiruforu’s common sense, but… “

“That can’t be helped. On the other side is a dangerous world, different from Earth, and has no hesitation in taking human life.”

“Well, that’s right… Shall we put the details in?”

After that the three gods begun discussing and then they too crossed worlds on their own and returned to the world they should be.







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