The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 20

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Volume 2 Chapter 20

Our break ended, and we resumed the training… or so I thought we would, but apparently, our training for the day is already over.

“It’s because you two have already learned how to use ‘Sensory Link’, so all that’s left is for you two to practice on your own time. That’s why, Ryouma-kun, right now you should just leisurely spend your time while you listen to Elia’s performance. You might think that it’s just because we’re doting parents, but Elia’s performance is actually really good.” [Rheinhart]
“Performance? Why, all of the sudden?” [Ryouma]

What’s going on?

“Do you remember the discussion we had regarding the rimel birds?” [Madam]
“Yes, it’s the objective of everyone who comes here, right?” [Ryouma]
“That’s right. After all, rimel birds are agile and have the ability to use wind magic. But because of that, it’s difficult to catch one without hurting it. As a result, it’s very rare to see one. But the rimel birds are a magical beast after all, so it can be tamed!” [Madam]

I see. Since it’s possible, it makes one want to tame it… But then, what does that have to do with Elia’s performance?

“Then, does the performance have anything to do with that?” [Ryouma]
“It has plenty do with it. If you want to tame a rimel bird, then music is a must.” [Madam]

“Really?” I thought, at which Sebasu-san explained.

“A rimel bird possesses a sizeable amount of magic power inside its body, and at the same time it is highly intelligent. Because of that, if you try to tame it normally, it will simply resist, and you won’t be able to contract it.

However, a rimel bird is very sensitive to sound, and is able to differentiate its friends with a beautiful cry. Taking advantage of that behavior, one can play some music before contracting it, and if it comes to like you, then you’ll be able to make a contract with it. This is the most accepted theory when it comes to taming a rimel bird.” [Sebasu]

As expected of a different world, to actually have a method which goes beyond common sense! Seriously, you actually have to play music to tame it?

“To think that you could actually tame a magical beast that way. I didn’t know about that at all.” [Ryouma]
“Well, the probability of success is extremely low. So because of that, there are many who think this method is fake. However, aside from this, there are no other ways to contract a rimel bird. So technically, this is the method with the highest chance of success.” [Sebasu]
“With that in mind, Elia will also be performing for the rimel bird to try to tame it. That’s what the training this afternoon is for.” [Rheinhart]
“Ryouma-san, please listen to my performance. But don’t worry, even if you fall asleep, or even if you don’t listen, I won’t mind. But please don’t go back home.” [Elia]

What’s going on? If she asked me to listen, then it would have been fine. But she’s actually telling me that it’s fine even if I don’t listen as long as I don’t go home?

Then all of the sudden, Sebasu-san and the others laughed as they looked at me.

…………… Ah! You mean to tell me!!

“Looks like you noticed.” [Rheinbach]
“It’s because you’ve been working too hard without rest these past few days. So we thought we’d have you rest for a bit.” [Madam]
“Do you remember when you came to our room, when the store was about to be completed? We’ve been thinking about it a little since then. Ryouma-kun, you made a store right after completing a subjugation request. Then while hiring some employees for your store, you took some requests from the adventurer’s guild. Then, on top of all that, I heard that you’ve actually been patrolling the abandoned mine and creating water proof cloths. You haven’t been able to properly rest, right? There was even that incident yesterday. You’ll most likely become even busier from now on in order to deal with that. So we thought we’d have you rest today under the pretext of training your slave magic.” [Rheinhart]

“When we told your employees to let you take rest, they cheerfully agreed.” [Sebasu]
“When did you…?” [Ryouma]

I didn’t notice at all.

“We’ll be properly watching you today. And we definitely won’t let you work, Ryouma-kun.” [Madam]
“You may not be able to rest your mind like this, but even if it’s by force, if you don’t rest your body, you might break it. So from now on, even if it’s by force, as long as you work like this, I’ll be taking you to my house.” [Rheinbach]
“Sorry for making you worry.” [Ryouma]
“You may not be overworking yourself, but if a normal person were to continue with the kind of workload you’re putting on yourself, they would surely break. You also just might not be aware that you’re pushing yourself, so be careful.” [Rheinhart]
“So with that in mind, we’ll be having Ryouma-san rest today. Then, I’ll start my performance now.” [Elia]

Elia’s being unusually pushy today… or maybe she actually normally like this? … But then again, I guess you could also say that she’s just innocent.

While I was thinking that, Elia took a violin from Sebasu-san, and started playing. Looks like there’s also a violin in this world. Though it’s also possible that an otherworlder brought it here.

As Elia began to play, I listened.

Elia’s performance was good. And because it was such a calm tune, I was able to relax.

When Elia finished playing, she asked me what I thought of it..

“Ryouma-san, how was it?” [Elia]
“It was good. Very much.” [Ryouma]

This isn’t flattery. I also used to play a guitar back in my previous life, but I don’t think I was able to play it as well she did her violin. Then again, we can’t really be compared, since the instrument is different. But even though I’m not that acquainted with music, I think her performance was great.

I only gave her my simple impressions, but Elia looks happy. And so, like that, Elia continued to play, while I enjoyed the amiable company of Rogue and the slimes, caressing them, as we passed the time.

While I was caressing the three slimes I’d just recently caught, I let them absorb a little bit of my magic power. While I was doing that, one of them reacted. Seeing that I couldn’t help but exclaim. Because of that, Elia stopped playing and walked over to me. The others too.

“Ah!? It came!” [Ryouma]
“What did!?” [Elia]
“Ryouma-kun, what is it all of the sudden?” [Rheinhart]
“What’s happening?” [Rheinbach]
“The slime is evolving!” [Ryouma]

At those words, everyone gathered around the slime I was caressing. That slime was shaking just like that time with the iron slime. Then it stopped, and then it began to release and absorb magic power.

When the slime’s body began to change color, everyone held their breaths as they curiously stared at the slime.

When the slime’s body turned light brown, the evolution ended. When I checked the slime with ‘Monster Identify’.

Earth Slime
Earth Magic Lv2
Earth Attribute Resistance Lv8
Earth Magic Absorption Lv1
Jump Lv1
Digestion Lv3
Absorption Lv3
Split Lv1

The slime became an earth magician! Experiment, success!

“Ryouma-san, what did it turn into?” [Elia]
“It became an Earth Slime. A slime that can use Earth Magic.” [Ryouma]
“Oh? That’s a rare slime.” [Rheinbach]
“Ryouma-kun, the earth slime is a rare slime. Exactly how were you able to make it evolve like that?” [Rheinhart]

Since they asked me like that, I told them. When they heard how to, Elia and the madam tried it out, but they couldn’t do it.

They weren’t able to release magic power while changing its attribute. Whenever they tried to, they ended up casting magic.

From the looks of things, in order to release magic power with a different attribute, you need to have the ability to delicately manipulate magic. My ‘Magic Manipulation’ skill is at Lv4 so it was possible for me, but it wasn’t for the Madam and the Ojousama.

Elia, seemingly mortified, stopped practicing her music, and began practicing her control of magic.

Looks like after she learns the ‘Magic Manipulation’ skill, she’ll try again.

During that time, I fed the other two slimes with magic power, and they also evolved.

With this, I have two earth slimes, while the other slime evolved into a dark slime.

Dark Slime
Dark Magic Lv2
Dark Attribute Resistance Lv8
Dark Magic Absorption Lv1
Jump Lv1
Digestion Lv3
Absorption Lv3
Split Lv1

After that, I started caressing the slimes again when I neared my magic power’s limit.

It was at such a time that for some reason, the crew bird flew and found a herd of horn rabbits. Seeing that, I decided to hunt the horn rabbits and bring them back as thanks to the people from the shop.

Rheinhart-san, Elia, and the others also came to help me.

I started off by taking out my bow, and shooting them. Then I drove them towards where the slimes, Rheinhart-san, and the rest were waiting. Like this, we were able to easily end the hunt.

After that, I had the bloody slime drain its blood, then I asked Elia to freeze it with her ice magic. Next, I put up a barrier and an anti-barrier on a box that Rheinbach-sama had made with earth magic. We put the spoils in there, then I hid it in my ‘Item Box’. Speaking of which, I wonder if I should change the name ‘Anti-Cold Barrier’ into ‘Cold-Retention Barrier’. After all, since improving the magic it’s already become quite different from before.

While I was thinking that, I went back to Elia’s group, returned the crew bird into the bird cage, and released the contract.

The madam told me that it was fine for me to take it with me, but I politely refused her. It’s true that it’s convenient, but it’s not a problem for me even if I can’t see things from the sky. If it does become necessary, I could just catch one myself.

After that, it was almost time to go home. But because I used up too much magic power, I ended up falling asleep while on the carriage. When we got back to the lodging, I opened my eyes, but… I wonder if it’s because I ran out of magic power. Or maybe I just hadn’t noticed it and the fatigue had actually been piling up. In any case, I went back to my room, and like that, I retired for the day.  







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