The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 1 Chapter 15: Guild Registration (2/2)

“A lot has changed since I was active.” [Reinbach]

“It comes with the years. The old retires one by one, and now, even the upper brass are getting younger. Because of that even the opinion on familiars is changing. Ah, forgive me, I’m starting to rant.

Anyway, let’s continue with the registration. Once you’ve been registered you’ll be able to purchase feed from the guild at discount and you’ll be able to receive tutoring from your seniors if you wish. There’s nothing amiss with your documents, so all thats left now is to confirm your skills. You can show me the Monster Taming skill on your status board as proof or you can choose to show me your familiar. Up to you.” [Taylor]

The ojousama and I decided to show him our status board.

“No need to do it directly. Just Place your status board on top of this stone plate.” [Taylor]

The stone plate he presented had a hollowed part on it just like the one at the baptism hall. But this time there was a metal plate inside the hollow part. It seems we were supposed to place our status board on the empty part.

The ojousama went first then me. When we inserted our status board a character appeared on the metal plate.

“And with that, your registration is complete. We of the Tamer Guild welcome you as our new members.” [Taylor]

After that the branch head, Taylor, asked me about my circumstances. I told him the same thing I told the ducal family.

“In that case, why don’t you play it long for the tamer guild and register at the Adventurers Guild as well? If you can live in a forest for 3 years alone and even hunt a black bear, then you must be quite the hunter. The Adventurers Guild should be able to accommodate your promotion.”[Taylor]

“I thought it would be safer to rely on you, so we came here.” [Reinbach]

“I see. Sorry for not being able to help.” [Taylor]

“Well, it’s not your fault. I’m sure Ryouma will do just fine at the Adventurers Guild.” [Reinbach]

The Adventurers Guild can’t give jobs to people with no abilities either, but the basis of their ranks mainly revolves around one’s survival abilities and battle prowess, so I probably won’t have any problems with them.

“Although I couldn’t help you with your rank, feel free to drop by anytime you have a problem. I can at least lend you an ear.” [Taylor]

I thanked the branch head and went with the others to the Adventurers Guild.


Adventurers Guild.

We didn’t happen along any thugs or any such cliché developments along the way. I walked up to the reception desk normally and asked to register.

The Adventurers Guild has 8 classes starting from Rank G. Normally, one can only take jobs of the same rank, but it’s also possible to take bigger jobs after forming a party. There are also times when the guild itself will gather several parties to execute a large-scale operation. Doing a job with other people, whether it’s with just one party or with several parties, greatly reduces the difficulty of the job, so it’s possible to take jobs even one or two ranks higher.

The minimum age for registration is 10 years old, so I have that covered. Only, since I’m under 14, the guild will have to check my abilities, and I won’t be able to work on jobs even if it’s the same rank as me without the guild’s approval. This rule was implemented to avoid children with no self-control from doing reckless things. That limit is lifted upon turning 14, but at that point, one has to take responsibility for all failure. One would have to pay the penalty for breaking the contract, and there’s also the possibility of losing one’s life.

After the reception desk explained that, it was decided that I will be taking the combat examination.

“You want me to go all out?” [Ryouma]
“Yes… You should do your best here and show the guild your worth.” [Sebasu]
“That would be for the best.” [Reinbach]
“We’ll support you if anything happens.” [Elize]
“Good luck!” [Elialia]
“Just relax and do what you normally do.” [Reinhart]

As everyone encouraged me at the back of the training area, the receptionist from before came with a big burly man with a scary face.

“Are you the one taking the test?” [Scary-Looking Big Man]
“Yes, I am Ryouma Takebayashi. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” [Ryouma]
“I see, and those people are your chaperons?” [Scary-Looking Big Man]
“That would be correct.” [Reinbach]
“Feel free to watch, but please don’t interfere during the test. It won’t be necessary.” [Scary-Looking Big Man]
“But of course.” [Reinbach]

The man turned to me after saying that.

“So your choice of weapon is a bow, huh. Alright, let’s start right away. First, shoot those 5 targets from the line. You have 5 arrows. Shoot them one at a time.” [Scary-Looking Big Man]

The targets he pointed to were simply lined up along each other. Following his orders, I stood at the line and aimed at the first of the targets.

I stood with my legs shoulder-width apart as I nocked an arrow and pulled the bowstring. I executed the entire thing smoothly without halting for even a moment as I shot the first arrow. There was no pause to my movements even as I drew another arrow and shot at the second target.

I neither made noise nor panicked. I simply nocked one arrow after another as I quietly shot each target dead center.

I was pretty good at archery even back then, but ever since coming to this world, my archery has reached a whole new level thanks to all the hunting I did in the forest. I definitely couldn’t shoot these targets as quickly in my previous life.

By the way, the school of archery I study under isn’t Kyūdō but Kyūjutsu, so there’s no need to stop like the kyūdōka (people who practice Kyūdō) do with their eight stances. I could stop if I want to, but the principle my father taught me was to focus on speed after confirming that the arrow would hit. In the past, my dad would hit me and yell at me if I stopped for even a moment.

I started reminiscing after shooting my targets, but I quickly snapped out of it and looked toward the examiner. He was already walking toward the targets. After checking every one of them, he came back.

“Everything was hit dead center. They may not have been moving, but that’s still an amazing feat. Not bad. Next up are moving targets. Look at that wall over there.” [Scary-Looking Big Man]

The wall the man pointed to with his thick fingers was directly opposite the entrance. There was a pillar standing on one part of it, beside which was a gaping hole.

“A long time ago, a magic weapon called shotgun made that hole. It was a projectile weapon made by a famous adventurer called Kengo.” [Scary-Looking Big Man]

That’s obviously an otherworlder. What was he thinking bringing a shotgun to a sword and magic world?

“It eventually stopped working, though, and his rank stopped at C. But because he was able to come up with this device, he still managed to live affluently. That’s just how useful this device is.” [Scary-Looking Big Man]

Stopped working? Did he fail to maintain it or simply ran out of ammo? …He definitely pissed Gayn and the others off! Otherwise, they would have at least given him the ability to maintain and reload it. Besides, I doubt they would have given him such half-hearted support if he’d just properly talked to them.

As I was thinking that, the examiner continued.

“Targets will come shooting out of that pillar’s hole. Just shoot them as they come. There will be 50 targets all in all, and you’ll also be given 50 arrows. Your grade will depend on how many you can shoot down.” [Scary-Looking Big Man]

In other words, he wants me to play clay target shooting with a bow.

“I understand.” [Ryouma]
“Alright, we’ll start at my whistle. Good luck.” [Scary-Looking Big Man]

The man handed me a quiver and stepped away.

I wielded my bow and waited for the signal.





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