The Man Picked up by the Gods Revised – Volume 1 Chapter 16: Exam Conclusion (1/2)

After Ryouma shot five targets dead center, Elialia became very excited. Contrast her, however, the 4 adults were speechless.

“Amazing! Right!? Father!” [Elialia]
“Y-Yeah…” [Reinhart]
“I’ve always thought archers took their time to aim, but they actually shoot so quickly.” [Elialia]

Sebasu and Reinbach quickly pointed out Elialia’s misunderstanding.

“No, Ojousama, that sort of archery is not normal, but merely a result of Ryouma-sama’s technique. A normal archer could never shoot that fast. An experienced archer might be able to, but even then, only if he were to forget hitting the target.” [Sebasu]

“Elia, don’t use Ryouma as a standard. Handling a bow at that speed and hitting all the targets dead center is impossible for a normal person. You probably won’t find many who could even in the country’s army.” [Reinbach]

“Really? Ryouma-san is amazing!” [Elialia]

“That’s true, but…” [Reinbach]

“We may have underestimated his actual abilities…” [Reinhart]

Ryouma wasn’t aware of it, but after coupling the training he received in his past life with the live combat experience in this world through hunting, his skill in archery has already reached national levels and could be said to be one of the best in the country. The only help he received from the gods were in regards to his magic; hence, this ability could be said to truly be his own.

After the stationary targets came clay target shooting. Ryouma stood at the designated location and drew his bow. The targets would be coming from the opposite wall, so neither Elialia and Co. nor the examiner could see Ryouma’s expression.

Raising his concentration to the limits, not even a ripple of impatience could be found within his mind, in fact, there was neither excitement nor enthusiasm. He was as tranquil as a lamb on quiet pastures as he silenced his emotions and looked ahead.

Ryouma might appear young on the outside, but he was already a nearly 40 year-old man who has trained his whole life. Because of that he had a heightened ability to concentrate that was often wasted on his day-to-day life, only proving useful when he needed to do a mind-numbing task that needed to repeating.

It was only on that aspect that his coworkers, who normally treated him poorly, acknowledged him. They spurred him on as a machine that could take on the annoying jobs. But those jobs never managed to make use of Ryouma’s full concentration prowess.

Throughout his whole life, there has always only been one thing that could allow him to demonstrate his concentration prowess to its peak, and that was none other than his martial arts. Ryouma would trace the same stance day after day, executing the techniques as naturally as breathing. It was already at a subconscious level and there were no impediments in his heart; hence, he could execute the techniques to their utmost. That was Ryouma’s true power, a power which he brought with him from his previous life.

Back then he had to adapt to his surroundings and put a lid on his abilities; otherwise, the people around him would fear him. But the laws and common sense of Earth no longer had anything to do with him; hence, from this point onwards, in a place far beyond the reach of the prison that was his former world, Ryouma could at long last unleash his true power.


At the whistle of the examiner, one clay target came shooting out of the right pillar. Ryouma predicted where it would go and shot toward it. Immediately after, the clay target fell to the ground, and another one came shooting out, but this time it was from the left pillar. Ryouma did the same as before, and the clay target fell again.

Although Ryouma had to figure out from which pillar the target would shoot, what he had to do was the same. Relying on his long training, he simply shot the clay targets as they came.

Gradually, the clay targets shot faster and faster, slowly raising the difficulty of the exam, but Ryouma still hit them. When two clay targets appeared at the same time, Ryouma shot one first then he quickly drew another arrow and shot the other clay target before it disappeared in the hole of the other side.

For the last part, four targets appeared at the same time. In response, Ryouma took out 4 arrows and shot them all within the span of one breath. When all targets fell, a whistle sounded, signifying the end of the exam.


~Side Ryouma~

Fuu… !!

“! ‘Earth Needle’ !” [Ryouma]

When the whistle signifying the end of the match sounded, I put down the bow and took a breath, only for a knife to suddenly fly toward me. Fortunately, by reflex, I managed to catch it in between my fingers and throw it back to the examiner.

As the examiner drew his sword from his waist and cut down the knife, I threw away the bow and used the earth magic, Earth Needle, to create a sharpened rock rod, which I kicked at the base, breaking it, and then wielded as a spear.

“Stop! It’s my bad, my bad, ok? The exam is over. You passed with flying colors, so put that scary thing away, will ya?” [Scary Big Man]

The examiner did not seem to be hostile. Apparently, that knife was also part of the test, so I broke the spear with Break Rock, but I remained wary of him.

“Sorry about that. That knife throw is something I use to warn archers taking the exam. Archers have a tendency to ignore everything and focus only their targets, so there are a lot of guys who forget to take heed of their surroundings.

That knife throw is me saying, ‘if this were the forest, you’d be dead already.’ Most of the archers would make an unhappy face saying they were taking an exam, while the others would understand and be grateful, and while there are a few who manage to barely dodge, as far as actually starting a counter attack goes, you’re the first.

I don’t have any qualms about your archery, so I won’t put a limit on you. Feel free to take jobs of the same rank as you wish.” [Scary Big Man]

A closer look at the knife shows that its edges were all rounded, so he’s not lying, but… I think he just likes to pokes his nose into people’s affairs needlessly. In any case, I finally stopped being wary of him and thanked him for the warning.

“I understand. Thank you.” [Ryouma]
“Right, I’ll be expecting lots from you from now on, so do your best without pushing yourself, aight? I’m Wogan, the guild master of the Adventurers Guild Gimuru Branch. Glad to make your acquaintance.” [Wogan]

He’s the guild master!?

“The pleasure is mine. I didn’t think the guild master himself would be overseeing the exam.” [Ryouma]
“Huh? Well, you know…” [Wogan]

The guild master glanced at the members of the Jamil household and said.

“There’s no way I could have left you in some greenhorn’s hands when the duke’s family came with you.” [Wogan]

Well, now that he mentions it.

“Good point.” [Ryouma]
“No really, why are they with you?” [Wogan]
“I happened to meet Reinhart-sama while I was hunting in the forest and was invited 2 weeks later to travel with them.” [Ryouma]
“What kinda circumstance is that?” [Wogan]
“Excuse me for intruding on your conversation, but it seems the exam has already ended, so we would like to know what the result is.” [Sebasu]

The one who interjected was none other than Sebasu. Ojousama looked nervous as she waited for the results.

“Sorry about that. He passed with flying colors, so I won’t be putting any limit on him. There are no problems ability-wise.” [Wogan]
“I see. Congratulations, Ryouma-sama.” [Sebasu]
“Congratulations, Ryouma-san!” [Elialia]

The ojousama ran toward me and took my arms, then she went round and round around me as if she were dancing… When she’s this happy, I can’t help but be happy too.

“Ojousama, please let Ryouma-sama go. Ryouma-sama still has some things to complete.” [Sebasu]
“Ah! That’s right…” [Elialia]
“Thank you, Sebasu-san.” [Ryouma]

After that I was brought to a room, the guild master’s room, to complete my registration.







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