The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 37: Monster Hunting at the Mines – Day Two (2/2)

My job was to take the earth mages among the adventurers and lead them to the designated place ahead of everyone else, where we would then dig a big hole.

“Seeing it in person, those cliffs sure are huge.” [Ryouma]

“The goblins definitely won’t be able to climb up those.” [Adventurer Mage 1]

The designated location was like that of a ravine, sandwiched between two cliffs, so the number of goblins that could fit in a row would be limited.

The hole we dug was 4 meters long, 50 meters wide, and 3 meters deep.

” ‘Create Block’!” [Ryouma]

“That spell is amazing.” [Adventurer Mage 1]

” It’s a combination of ‘Rock’ and ‘Break Rock’! It’s really efficient!” [Ryouma]

“Can I try it too?” [Adventurer Mage 1]

“Sure!” [Ryouma]

Working as fast as we could, from time to time teaching the other adventurers a new trick or two, we dug a hole along the route the goblins were expected to take.

To minimize the risks, I’m going to have the slimes hide their nucleus. All they need to release their acid is to form a tentacle with their body and extend it through the small holes we’ve prepared. Like this they’ll be able to safely melt the goblins.


After digging the hole, all that was left was to throw the acid slimes in. With that, our acid pool was complete.

“Can we throw this in as a test?” [Mage Adventurer 1]

“I want to see if it works.” [Mage Adventurer 2]

“Is that a small rat? Sure.” [Ryouma]

At that, the adventurer threw the corpse of the small rat into the acid pool, and in the blink of an eye, its skin melted and the white of its bones showed. Like that it quietly sunk into the bottom of the acid pool.

“…Gruesome.” [Mage Adventurer 1]

“Were acid slimes always this dangerous?” [Male Adventurer 2]

“Well, a little acid on the skin will at most leave burns. For the skin to melt enough to show the bones, you’d have to be sunk into a pool like this with no room to escape.

Also, the melted prey will serve as nutrients to the acid slimes, so they can release more acid as time passes, and the battle will progress much better for us as well.

The acid levels will just keep on rising because of that, but I’ll make sure to tell them to stop once the acid levels are high enough.” [Ryouma]

“I absolutely don’t want to fall…” [Mage Adventurer 1]

“Excuse me! Where should I put these?” [Adventurer]

Oh, it’s the adventurers from the detached force. Looks like the goods are here. After the meeting, the adventurers quickly went to make rods out of the nearby trees and gather the scythes from the cave mantises that were killed yesterday and today.

Cave mantis scythes aren’t very sharp, but because of that they’re durable enough to be used to push the goblins into the acid pool as planned. I ordered the sticky slimes to connect the rod and the scythes with their hardening liquid.

We also used the earth we’ve dug out to create some railings around the acid pool to keep us from falling in ourselves, then we made some platforms for the archers and mages to use. We took extra care to make them easy for the mages and archers to use.

With that, our preparations were complete.

The platform would stand out too much, though, so I also erected an anti-physical barrier. Anti-physical barriers only work on physical things, so the spells should still be able to pass through unhindered.

I reported all of our progress to the leader. My job was finally done. Well, for now, anyway.


“Let’s run through this again! F and G ranked adventurers are to stand near the acid pool and deal with the goblins using the scythes. E Rankers are to engage the goblins in close combat and drive them toward the acid pool. At the same time, you must also ensure that the F and G Rankers are unharmed. As for the archers and the mages, your job is to take out the goblin archers and mages as soon as you spot them.” [Prolia]

All of the adventurers voiced out words of understanding.

“Alright. All platoons are to rest until the commencement of the operation.” [Prolia]

Since all preparations were done, all that’s left was to wait. As such, the surrounding adventurers all relaxed and went about their own ways to rest.

As a result, I once again have nothing to do. This is just like yesterday. Maybe I should check on the slimes and the weapons again…

“Excuse me! D-Do you have time right now!?” [Young Adventurer]

“Huh?” [Ryouma]

I turned around when a voice called out to me, and what greeted me was…

“Ah, you’re from yesterday.” [Ryouma]

Behind me were the six young adventurers from yesterday.






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