The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 38: Interview (1/2)

Ah, right. The F and G Rankers are with us, so of course they’d be here too.

“That’s right! Thank you for yesterday!” [Young Female Adventurer]

“Thank you for yesterday!” [The rest of the party]

After the young female adventurer thanked me, the rest of their party followed suit. With so many people bowing their heads like that, it was only natural that the curiosity of the surrounding adventurers would be piqued. They couldn’t help it, and telling them not to look was pointless. After all, there were countless slimes occupying one corner of a nearby waiting place. Just that alone was enough to gather attention.

“Umm… What is this…” [Ryouma]

I can more or less tell what this is about, but their behavior is completely different compared to yesterday.

“We want to thank you for yesterday, as well as apologize for our behavior.” [Young Female Adventurer]

“You went out your way for that? You’re welcome, and it’s great that you’re safe. I’m Ryouma Takebayashi, a human. And these here are my slimes.” [Ryouma]

This would be our third time meeting each other, but I don’t even know their names. Since they went out of their way to thank me, I figured I might as well introduce myself. Because of that they too introduced themselves.

Surprisingly, I found out that they were all non-humans.

The boys were:
Small Monkeyman Tribe, Berk, 13 years old.
Dogman Tribe, Ruth, 12 years old.
Big Monkeyman Tribe, Wist, 11 years old.

The girls were:
Half-elf, Martha, 12 years old.
Half-dwarf, Finia, 12 years old.
Dog tribe, Rumil, 12 years old.

The two halfs look just like a human. And big monkeyman tribe? Small monkeyman tribe? Talk about confusing!

Incidentally, the small monkeyman tribe member, Berk, was the smallest guy of the bunch who loved to talk. Because of his short stature and the way he talked, I’d assumed he was just a cheeky brat with a sharp tongue, but as it turns out, he was actually the oldest and was just trying to fulfill his role as the eldest.

On the other hand, the big monkey tribe member, Wist, was the biggest of the bunch, but he was actually the youngest. I thought for sure he was the oldest.

“T-The adults said it’s because of my race that I’m so big…” [Wist]

On top of that, he’s the very picture of timidity. Yesterday, he was standing so tall and proud, and now…

When I asked the others about that, it turns out that they have him do that to keep other adventurers from looking down on them. After all, he is relatively more intimidating compared to his age if he just quietly stands.

When I asked about the details surrounding the big monkeyman tribe and the small monkeyman tribe, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the gorilla and the golden snub-nose monkey. The color of their hair matches perfectly too. Of course, it’s rude so I won’t say it, but after seeing it, I can’t unsee it anymore.

Anyway, let’s put that aside…

They may just be kids, but they each have their own racial specialties.


Tl Note: Sorry, I couldn’t push out anything long enough to even be called a chapter part today. I’ll release the full chapter in 10 to 11 hours. Sorry for the delays. I’m super busy with some IRL stuff, and I can’t stay up late. ‘

Tl Note: Changed title to better fit the story and the numbering to avoid confusion.






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