The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 40: The Ending Battle, the Continuing Battle (2/2)

After warping to where Raypin and the others were, I was greeted with many wounded adventurers.

“Ryouma! Over here, de aru!” [Raypin]

Raypin-san called out to me, and after giving me back my two heal slimes, he immediately led me to the person in charge of the healers, who then gave me my orders.

I and my slimes first went to heal the relatively less wounded adventurers, but because they were fully conscious, they were shocked every time they saw my slimes using healing magic.

After dealing with the less wounded adventurers, this time we dealt with the heavily wounded adventurers.

I was finally starting to run out of mana, so I used the MP recovery potions that I got from Serge-san a few days ago.

There weren’t a lot of adventurers with heavy wounds, but those that did lost too much blood, so several healers had to use the intermediate healing spell, High Heal, several times to save their lives.

My and my slimes’ low level heal was ineffective on heavy wounds like that, but after the adventurers recovered a little, we could finally be of use. I also shared some of my MP recovery potions to keep the healing going.

We had to stop the bleeding as soon as possible, so couldn’t stop for a moment; otherwise, these people were sure to die.

We were almost as busy as the warriors fighting in the battlefield. We didn’t have the leisure to think of any unnecessary things.

“Huh!?” [Healer 1]

As I quietly continued healing the adventurers, suddenly, one of the healers exclaimed.

“What’s wrong!? Need help!?” [Healer 2]

In response, a male healer called out.

“N-no! That’s not it!” [Healer 3]

“It’s just that the slimes started using High Heal all of the sudden, so I was a little shocked!” [Healer 1]

Hah!? My slime did!? Weren’t my slimes only capable of Heal? I’m pretty sure they never used anything other than Heal…

The male healer from before asked me if my slimes could use High Heal, and I immediately shook my head.

“If they did, then they probably picked it up just now because I’ve never seen them use it before.” [Ryouma]

“Well, the more help the better!” [Healer 2]

After that we went back to healing, and then a little later, another healer exclaimed. Apparently, the other heal slime also started to use High Heal. I didn’t expect them to grow up like this, but it’s not a bad thing.

In any case, with this we’re able to heal faster. After taking out a large number of MP recovery potions from my Item Box, we were somehow able to successfully heal everyone. It will still take some time before everyone can fight again, but at the very least, there’s no more threat to their lives.


I checked the skills of the heal slimes, and it turns out that their healing magic has already leveled up to 3. As for mine, it leveled up to 2.

While I was doing that, over 10 adventurers suddenly surrounded me and thanked me profusely. Apparently, among the people I healed were their comrades. If it weren’t for my heal slimes and MP recovery potions, they would have surely died, or so they said with tears in their eyes.

I had no idea how to deal with them, but fortunately, the guild master came and told me to tell the my platoon (the ambush platoon) to gather at the entrance of the mine with everyone.

You couldn’t have picked a better time to come! I thanked the guild master inwardly, and then I hurriedly went to deliver his message.


While the adventurers were gathering at the entrance of the mine…

“Good job, everyone! the job was a lot harder than expected, but because of that the reward will also be bigger!” [Wogan]

The guild master said that when he appeared, and immediately after, waves of cheers resounded.

“Everyone shall receive 1 big silver coin as payment!” [wogan]

The cheers grew even bigger at that. The cheers of the F and G Rankers were especially loud. 1 big silver coin is equivalent to 5,000 suits. That’s enough to pay for 50 days’ worth of living expenses. This is probably their first time receiving such a huge sum of cash..

“Any complaint? No? Good! The sun’s still high up, so you’ll be dismissed after disposing of the goblin corpses!” [Wogan]

After saying that, the guild master seemed to have recalled something, and he looked at me and said this.

“Oh, right! Ryouma!” [Wogan]

“Yes?” [Ryouma]

“I know you’re paying for the monster corpses, but you can have the goblin corpses for free.” [Wogan]

“I’ll take it if you’re offering it, but are you sure that’s alright?” [Ryouma]

“Goblins don’t have anything worth selling, so it’s fine. You’re all fine with that too, right?” [Wogan]

Many adventurers were surprised to hear that I was the one buying the monsters corpses, but no one had any issues with me taking the goblin corpses away. If anything, there were adventurers happy to hear that there would be less work. Apparently, they were originally planning on burning the corpses, but that would require the fire mages to use their spells even if it meant almost running out of mana, so of course the fire mages weren’t enthusiastic about taking on that role.

“In that case, I’ll gratefully accept. I’ll have the slimes eat their fill as a reward.” [Ryouma]

But I feel bad getting something without giving back, so I’ll offer the cleaner slimes’ services later.

After that the various adventurers went back to their respective posts, and I went back to where we ambushed the fleeing goblins.

There, I retrieved the acid slimes, then I filled the remaining space of the hole with goblin corpses, and then I had the sticky slimes and poison slimes eat their fill. With this the poison slimes will eat the poisoned goblin corpses, and the sticky slimes will eat everything else.

As for the scavenger slimes, I had them eat the blood and flesh bits on the ground. By the time they were done, not even a drop of blood was left.

I just realized this now, but aren’t scavenger slimes actually perfect for destroying evidence? I’m definitely not giving a scavenger slime to a bad guy, not that I’m planning on giving one to anyone.


Alright, just a little bit more and we’re done!

While the slimes were feeding off of the goblin corpses, I told the E, F, and G Rankers about the abilities of the cleaner slimes. When I showed it off to them, all of the filth on my body and equipment were washed away in an instant, and the adventurers were immediately hooked.

At that, I ordered my 11 cleaner slimes to clean the adventurers. When everyone was done bathing via the cleaner slimes, I waited for the slimes to finish eating, then I went to where the main force was.

I did the same thing there and had the cleaner slimes clean the adventurers and their equipment. I also ordered the scavenger slimes to eat the filth on the ground and in the goblins’ nest.

Goblin blood, bodily liquids, and smell are really hard to get rid of, so the cleaner slime baths became very popular.


After cleaning the place up, we were immediately dismissed, and the adventurers all went back via the stagecoaches.

As I watched them leave, I rested somewhere slightly remote with the slimes.

Because of all the goblins the slimes ate, the poison slimes, acid slimes, and cleaner slimes have all become able to split. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough mana right now, so I need to recover a bit to form the new contracts.

To recover mana as quickly as possible, I decided to ride home last and relax.

It feels like the time just went by since I started healing the adventurers… As expected, I’m a little tired…


Tl Note:That one chapter was finally edited and the pdfs/epub have also been uploaded.






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