The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 41: Going Home (1/2)

“What are you doing at a place like this, Ryouma?” [Jeff]

While I was dozing off at a place some distance away from the carriages, Jeff-san called out to me. Behind him were the people who helped out with the latrine pit.

“Aren’t you going to go home, nyaa?” [Miya]

“Good job today, everyone. I don’t think I could get a ride right now even if I wanted to with how many adventurers there are, so I think I’ll ride last.” [Ryouma]

“You too?” [Jeff]

“You too? You mean you guys are going last too?” [Ryouma]

“Well yeah, with how exhausted everyone is, we don’t really wanna tussle with all those adventurers.” [Mizelia]

“You said it… I know we were hired precisely for situations like today’s, but it’s still tough.” [Gordon]

“Especially today. We even had to deal with a goblin king. And that’s a monster you deal with only after preparing for it. I couldn’t help but remember that story while fighting. You know that one about never letting down your guard even when fighting weak monsters.” [Mizelia]

“Ah, are you talking about the country that got wiped out by 10,000 goblins? I remember that too. It’s really a miracle no one died today.” [Cher]

Was there a story like that?

Gordon had his thick arms around his neck as he grumbled, while Mizelia-san echoed his statement.

Everyone sure looks tired… As I thought that to myself, I asked Cher-kun about that story Mizelia was talking about.

“Huh? Ryouma-kun, you don’t know about it? I thought for sure it was a popular story.” [Cher]

“I don’t recall hearing it…” [Ryouma]

“Ah, you were probably that kid, weren’t you? The kid that didn’t read fairytales in his childhood and instead read nothing but complicated stuff.” [Jeff]

When Jeff-san said that, everyone nodded.

For some reason, my ignorance was taken in a strange light.

Do these people seriously see me as a swot?

“It’s a story about knights and adventurers who fought hard to protect a country, only for their efforts to go to waste, as the goblins overwhelmed them. We can laugh at it now, but without you and your slimes, we would have suffered the same fate.” [Gordon]

Well, regardless how strong one is, if you can’t apply that strength, then it’s meaningless. ‘There is power in number’ is a common saying too.

“Oh, right!” [Raypin]

While ruminating to myself after what Gordon-san said, Raypin-san suddenly yelled.

“What is it all of the sudden, Raypin-ossan?” [Jeff]

“Ryouma, can you show me your heal slimes from before? I’ve never seen one in the flesh, de aru.” [Raypin]

“Sure.” [Ryouma]

I called the 2 heal slimes over and lifted them up so Raypin-san could get a better look.

“Here.” [Ryouma]

“Thank you, de aru. Hmm… They’re white… And they’re short, even for slimes… I saw them use healing magic in person. It seems the rumors are true. What do they eat? Is it the same as normal slimes, de aru.?” [Raypin]

“They only drink water, and they won’t eat meat unless you order them to. I think the meat thing is just preference, but when it comes to drinks, they really can’t drink anything but water. That part is a pretty big difference compared to normal slimes.” [Ryouma]

“Really?” [Raypin]

“How do they live with just water?” [Wereanna]

“They have a skill called Photosynthesis. With it they can get all the nutrients they need just by bathing in sunlight.” [Ryouma]

“There’s a skill like that, de aru!? Mu mu mu… How interesting… Ah, come to think of it, the encyclopedia did mention plant-type monsters having a skill like that, de aru.” [Raypin]

“Are those slimes strong, nyaa!?” [Miya]

As Raypin-san went off into his own world, Miya-san asked a question.

“They’re really weak. They’re so weak that if they were to fight a normal slime, they’d lose.” [Ryouma]

“That’s really weak, nyaa…” [Miya]

“That’s probably the reason why heal slimes are so rare. Since even if a heal slime manages to be born in the wild, it’ll just get killed right away.” [Ryouma]

“That makes sense, de aru. Weak critters can’t live in the wild. Do heal slimes have any methods of self-defense, de aru?” [Raypin]

Ah, Raypin-san heard us.

“They’re completely specialized in healing. They also have the Increased Vitality skill on top of healing magic, so they could heal while running away should they be attacked.” [Ryouma]

“So they have no choice but to take the hit while healing and running, de aru?” [Raypin]

“They’re surprisingly tough, actually, but of course, they can’t live long in the wild by themselves. And they seem to know that instinctually since even if you tell them to do as they please, they won’t separate from my other slimes.

They’re really useful, though, since they immediately heal my other slimes when they get hurt. They’re healers through and through, so they can’t be used to fight.” [Ryouma]

“I see… That was interesting. Thank you, de aru.” [Raypin]

“It’s rare to have someone who can understand slime research, so this much isn’t really worth mentioning.” [Ryouma]

“If you have any questions, feel free to ask me too. I’m confident I can answer it so long as it’s nothing too complicated. Talking with you is a joy since you always have so many discoveries. It’s unfortunate that you don’t get much recognition despite that.” [Raypin]


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