The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 48: Building a Store 4 (3/3)

“There are other things too other than food. Like technology or knowledge. But not all otherworlders ar eas passionate as him. Some were eager but lacked the ability or knowledge, some had bad luck and failed, and then there were those who failed to hand down their knowledge because of war or other otherworlders.”

“Makes sense… But what do you mean by other otherworlders being the reason they failed? Did they hand down something even better?” [Ryouma]

“…I can only blame it on bad luck, but there was a medical student who came to this world in the past and spread his knowledge on medicine and diseases. But now there’s no such knowledge right?” [Kufo]

“Yeah. The guild master didn’t even know about infectious diseases.” [Ryouma]

“Actually, there was a girl who once wanted to become a saint. She was the person before your predecessor.” [Kufo]

“A saint? You mean that stuff that holds a high position in the church or something?” [Ryouma]

“Right, that one. Someone who uses the divine to heal people. She wanted to live like that and be spoiled. Oh, but she wasn’t a bad kid by any means. She loved to go, “I want to be spoiled!” But she genuinely wanted to save others.

That’s why Rurutia, Gayn, and I gave her our divine protection, so that she might be able to heal other people. Her power wasn’t strong enough to revive the dead, but it was enough for her to heal anyone as long as they had a sliver or breath left. Along with that we also gave her a power that rendered her completely immune to all poison, diseases, and injuries. At the same time, she also could not be bound by anyone.

Like that she lived as a saint, but…” [Kufo]

“But?” [Ryouma]

Did something happen?

“She could heal any sickness, but others could only use normal healing magic and couldn’t heal sickness like she did. From time to time, there were also diseases that this world’s medical science couldn’t treat. When such people failed to receive treatment from her, there was only one option for them: death.

When she saw that she realized that there would be more people like that after she died, so… At the end of her life, she used the power of god and prayed, “Please make all the diseases vanish from this world.” [Kufo]

“She wanted to erase all diseases!? Is such a thing even possible?” [Ryouma]

“Normally, no, but we gave her her power directly, and she had also gathered plenty of faith from her achievements, so after adding the wishes of the people, her powers were greatly amplified and she was able to have her prayer answered. In other words, she used a trick.

But that trick was also only possible because she used literally everything she had, including her soul. Normally, the soul would enter the cycle of reincarnation after death, but in her case, it simply perished. That was the price for using so much of her power.” [Kufo]

“What an amazing person…” [Ryouma]

“Although she started living like a saint because she admired them, she was really troubled at the start. Still, in the end, she found her purpose and became a true saint.

Using the power of faith as energy may be obvious to us, but that’s not true for humans. And yet she came up with such a method… Although she wasn’t able to completely remove all diseases, the people who died due to disease in the past 400 years dropped sharply. Wounds were still a thing, though, so healing magic remained, but because of what she did, all knowledge on treating diseases stopped being passed on, bringing us to where we are today.

Although the effects of her power have already vanished, the knowledge lost won’t come back.” [Kufo]

“I see…” [Ryouma]

Still, it’s really hard to believe that one person was able to do such a grand thing, even with cheats…

“Actually, as long as you’re resolved to sacrifice your soul, you can do something similar. The effect won’t be as strong as hers, though.” [Kufo]

“Seriously!?” [Ryouma]

“When the soul of man is fused with the power of god, a great power can be born. Which is also why we use the souls of humans such as yourself to transfer mana from another world to this world.

Well, even if you attempt it, at most you can only stop diseases from appearing for a few years. In her case, a lot of people believed in her and she also specialized in healing, so she was able to stop diseases for 400 years, but in your case, not only do you not have other people’s religious faith, you also don’t specialize in healing. in fact, you’re an all-rounder.

Thanks to that though, you basically have no limits. You grow fast too, so given time, you’ll probably gain a power greater than just a mere cheat. But that’s fine since we enjoy watching you.” [Kufo]

“So in the end it comes down to that?” [Ryouma]

“That’s because it’s really boring here in the divine realm. There’s nothing to do at all~” [Kufo]

When Kufo said that, light began to glow.

Ah, this must be that.

“Time’s up, huh.” [Ryouma]

“Huh? Already? …Oh, right! Gayn and Rurutia aren’t around, so I can only keep it up this long! Ryouma-kun!” [Kufo]

“What is it all of the sudden?” [Ryouma]

“I summoned you here because I have something to tell you! Unfortunately, I wasted time talking about unrelated stuff! Anyway, I’ll just tell you the gist of it! We forgot to mention this, but as a consequence of making you young again, your mind is going to faintly regress into a child!

This happened to the other otherworlders too!

You are Ryouma Takebayashi [1], the man who lived and died on Earth after 30 years. But at the same time, you are also Ryouma Takebayashi [2], an 11 year-old boy living in this world! The reason you couldn’t keep your poker face was because of that! That’s why while it’s okay to train yourself, don’t push yourself too much!” [Kufo]

After Kufo hastily said that, light filled my vision and I was back in the room.

What did he say? My mind is being affected by my body? I don’t really get it, but isn’t this really important?

And I feel like I can somewhat understand what he means by regressing to a child’s mind…

When I was working at the company in my past life, I had a poker face that was so stiff no one should’ve been able to tell what I was thinking, but now people keep telling me that I’m like an open book. I was told something similar when I was a kid too…

In any case, nothing’s changed. I will still train myself. Still, Kufo did go out of his way to tell me, so I should keep it in mind.

I quietly thanked Kufo in my mind, then after leaving a donation, I left the church.

It was already getting dark, so I went back to the inn.

Tomorrow’s the day! Everyone’s going to be coming to my store! Let’s go to bed early and do our best!

[1][2] – The former is written in kanji, the latter is written in katakana.


Tl Note: Sorry couldn’t post yesterday. Was sooo busy. Have prelims this coming week, so might have to cancel some chapters or just post really short ones.






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