The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 49: Meeting the Subordinates (1/2)

12th day.

In the afternoon of Gimuru, a carriage leisurely passed by. Within it were the merchant guild’s Grisiera, Pioro, and Serge. The tamer guild’s branch head, Taylor, were also with them, as well as Serge’s two subordinates, which were a pair of twins he wished to introduce to Ryouma.

“It shouldn’t be long now.” [Pioro]

“Right. It should be right at the second corner.” [Serge]

The pair who looked like each other tried to hide their anxiety as they turned to the windows.

Everything started just a few days ago. While they were working at a branch store in Ruiam, they suddenly got a notice of personnel change from the main store indicating that they were to leave their current jobs to someone els and go to the main store in Gimuru. The notice was signed personally by the president, Serge, himself.

Everyone congratulated them for being promoted to the main store, and after doing just as the notice had indicated and finding someone to replace them, they came to Gimuru. That was this morning.

They had to be delayed due to poor weather conditions, but when they got to the main store, they were suddenly informed that they weren’t called to work at the main but at a store managed by an 11 year old child, who had connections with the duke’s family. After that they had to change into their party clothes and headed to the opening party.

They not only had to be careful not to fail at managing the store, they also had to be tread carefully in their relationship with this child who was most probably the child of a noble himself. How they do here will decided their future.

“Oh, I can see it. That’s the store right there.” [Serge]

“Ho Ho Ho. That kid sure did a good job.” [Grisiera]

“A splendid store! He built this in a week?” [Pioro]

“Nee-san, is this?” [Carm]

“Yeah…” [Carla]

It was a simple looking store with a pure white wall attached with windows here and there surrounded by flower beds and a lawn. It was a simple design, but it was overflowing with an aura of cleanliness.

As the five stepped out of the carriage and entered the store, a shelf near the ceiling caught their attention, for the statue of four gods could be seen on it. When they looked around, they noticed various wooden furniture with a gentle atmosphere like the right L-shaped counter. Serge and Co. were shocked upon seeing the store completely furnished, and at the same time, Carla and Carm started feeling a little hopeful for the future of the store.

“Welcome! To the Laundry Agency: Bamboo Forest!” [Ryouma]

To the pair of twins, the person who would become their boss and was also the source of their worries, Ryouma, had just made his appearance. Their eyes reflexively changed to those of judging gazes.

“Ryouma, thank you for your invitation today. I’m really happy you even invited me~” [Pioro]

“Not bad. This store gives me a good feeling. Looks like I can look forward to what’s ahead.” [Grisiera]

“Congratulations for completing your store.” [Serge]

“Thank you everyone.” [Ryouma]

Ryouma looked just like a normal child as he smiled, completely unlike the sort you’d think suited to be a merchant. For better or for worse that’s how he looked to the twins. If he were just one of the kids in the neighborhood, they wouldn’t think anything of it, but unfortunately, he was going to be their boss, so they couldn’t help but think of how much trouble was waiting for them. Merchant work was no walk in the park. As someone who worked in the filed despite being so young, they knew that all too well.

“Guild Leader of the tamer guild branch, Taylor, thank you for accepting my invitation.” [Ryouma]

“Congrats. I was just wondering why there hasn’t been any news since you registered, but Reinbach did introduce you.”

Seeing the boy talk so brightly like that with 4 people, half of which led a guild while the other half owned a large business, the twins turned to each other and shared a knowing glance. This kid really was a noble’s child.

“Serge-san, those are?” [Ryouma]

“Oh, please excuse the belated introductions. These are the assistants I wanted to introduce to you.” [Serge]

“Carla Norad. I have been working with my younger brother at the Morgan Company’s branch in Ruiam just a few days ago.” [Carla]

“Carm Norad. It is our pleasure to make your acquaintance.” [Carm]

“These two twins are still young, but they have been working as the vice-manager at Ruiam’s branch until just a few days ago. They have worked for a long time at Morgan Company and they can also be trusted to do the job. I’m certain they can be of service to you, Ryouma-sama.” [Serge]

“That’s…” [Ryouma]

“Is there a problem?” [Carla and Carm]

Ryouma immediately added.

“I was just surprised at how qualified you are. There’s no problem at all in that regard. It’s a huge help to me too to have someone skilled come, but it just so happens that the work isn’t very demanding, so I’m not sure if you’ll have the ability to demonstrate your abilities here… No, I’m not saying you’re not needed.” [Ryouma]

Isn’t it a waste to use such talented people for a receptionist or someone to carry the laundry? But with the two already as nervous as they were, Ryouma’s words couldn’t be taken lightly.

It was then that Serge realized that they were acting a bit odd, but…

“Aren’t you getting too worked up? Th–” [Serge]

“Ryouma! We’re here!” [Wogan]

Just when Serge was about to gently speak to the twins, a loud voice interjected followed by 11 men and women entering the store. It was the adventurers gulid.


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