The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 57: A Lucky Find (3/3)

When I got to the mine, the first thing I did was to start the treatment of the waterproof cloths. I’m here anyway, so I figured I might as well. Today I made 50, then after doing some other stuff, it was finally time to form a contract with the rare slime I just bought.

Gently, I lifted the lid of the stone box, then while peeking at the slime inside, I chanted the spell for the monster tamer contract.

Immediately, the liquid body of the slime rippled fiercely, then it gradually weakened down, until it was no more.

Contract success!

Well, I expected this, though.

When I used monster identify on it, this came out:

Bloody Slime
Blood Suck Lv4
Deodorize Lv3
Disease Resist Lv3
Poison Resist Lv1
Act Dead Lv10
Digest Lv2
Absorb Lv4
Split Lv1

Bloody slime, huh. It possesses the blood sucking skill too, so it’s food definitely has to be blood. Other than that it also possesses the deodorizing and disease resist skills. Moreover, although a little low leveled, it also possesses the poison resist skill. What’s up with this Act Dead, though? Is it really going to act dead? …Well, whatever. We’ll just check the skills later.

The problem now is food. If it’s food really is blood, how am I supposed to procure that?

“Should I hunt some random beast or monster?” [Ryouma]

I ordered the slimes to do as they please as long as they don’t go too far, then I took the bloody slime with me and went hunting.

Before I left, though, I noticed that several dozens of slimes took their staffs sand spears and started practicing on their own.

Although I just taught them so they could defend themselves, there sure are some passionate ones among them.

The slimes lined up perfectly and started repeating the basic spear/staff movements that I taught them. There were also some who partnered with each other and started sparring. Their movements gradually improved.

It’s good that they’re practicing, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t normal.

While thinking that to myself, I took the bloody slime and looked for a prey. After a while, we found a rabbit with a horn. A horn rabbit, in other words.

I took out a bow and arrow from my Item Box, then with a single shot, I ended the rabbit’s life. After that I told the slime to have his meal.

The slime approached the horned rabbit that laid lifeless on the ground, dyed with the red of its own blood, then it started to suck the blood straight from the wound.

So it drinks the blood from the wound. We have organisms that drink blood back on Earth too, like the mosquitoes or the fleas… Oh, speaking of which, there’s also a bird that drinks blood. Well, basically, it’s something like tha—!?

While I thought to myself as I watched the bloody slime do its thing, the bloody slime’s body that was already more liquid than other slimes suddenly started to become even less viscous, then before I knew it, it had disappeared inside the body of the horn rabbit.

“It went in through the wound?” [Ryouma]

Well, that was unexpected.

The bloody slime’s body is a lot less viscous than other slimes. It’s not really a syrupy liquid anymore but more of a smooth one. It seems it uses that near-liquid property of its body to enter the veins of an organism and feed on its blood.

“This slime is… very different from all the slimes so far. Who would’ve thought there’d be a slime like this?” [Ryouma]

While I was being surprised by the actions of the bloody slime, the bloody slime suddenly exited the horn rabbit’s body.

It’s body is dark red, so it looks like blood is spouting out of the horn rabbit’s corpse. It’s a little creepy, honestly.

After the bloody slime had completely exited, I used Identify on the horn rabbit.

How is it?

Horn Rabbit Corpse
Its skin, meat, and horn can be harvested.
It was instantly killed by an arrow shooting through its neck, so there’s little injury to its horn and pelt, making their quality high.
The blood has also been drained exceedingly quickly, so the stench has been greatly reduced and its meat is of the highest quality.

I get the horn and pelt part, but did it just say that it’s blood had been drained? That must be because of the bloody slime then. But I wonder if it’s safe to eat. You won’t catch anything, right?

I used Identify again, and it seems everything was safe.

“It seems this slime is going to be really useful for adventurers and hunters.” [Ryouma]

When I got back to the mine, I gutted the horn rabbit and cooked it. When I tasted it, the odor was completely gone and it was really delicious. The odor disappearing might have something to do with the bloody slime’s deodorize skill. With such convenient skills, it seems purchasing this slime was money well spent.

It seems I’ll be needing blood if I want to make more bloody slimes, though.

“Just how should I procure all that blood to feed my experiments… I can’t possibly hunt all the beasts and monsters around here, now could I?” [Ryouma]

After all, if I did that, then the ecosystem here would turn into a mess. Not to mention, I’d be taking work from other adventurers.

“I know! Let’s talk to Zeke-san.” [Ryouma]

There’s a dish back at earth that uses animal blood as an ingredient, but there’s no such dish here.

As for why, that’s because th mana of a living creature is present in its blood. If a human drinks it, the mana within will also enter his body, exposing him to mana intoxication should he consume too much.

It’s no different from mana overconsumption, so there’s no need to treat it, but it’s something that should be avoided.

Zeke-san is a butcher. Adventurers bring meat to him and he buys them. If he does the blood draining at his store, then it might be possible to acquire a lot of blood from him.

I’ll drop by his store when I get back to town.

As I thought that, I suddenly recalled that I’d forgotten to capture some new slimes to experiment with, so I looked for some in the tunnels and caught myself 3 fresh slimes. I formed a contract with them successfully.

The cloths still aren’t done drying, so I decided to start the experiments.


Tl Note: This is a continuation of the sponsored chapter part yesterday, so this together, they only count as one extra chapter part. Again much thanks to all the patrons and donors who made this chapter possible. KmF and GK tomorrow, so next TMPG chapter or part will be on the day after. Also, IIRC there should be more changes coming in V3 for TMPG. Don’t quote me on that, though.






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