The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 58: Procuring Slime Food

After catching my breath, I released some mana toward the three slimes.

The slimes quivered and jumped toward that mana. The emotion transmitted to me was joy.

On the outside, the slimes just looked like they were shaking, but thanks to my Mana Perception skill, I could tell that they were in fact absorbing mana.

“As I thought…” [Ryouma]

When I saw the slime evolve after releasing and absorbing mana yesterday, I realized something regarding the relationship between slime and mana.

First, heal slimes can use healing magic, so slimes definitely have mana. The condition to become heal slime is also probably healing magic itself.

At the time, I figured, “if so, then wouldn’t it be possible to create a slime that could use fire or water magic?” But the result was that I just ended up hurting the slimes, so I stopped the experiments. But what about now?

A slime that could use every attribute. In the past, I figured there should be a slime that could use other spells. Something that I confirmed with Maelyn-san just the other day.

If it’s an existing slime, then it should be possible to make it evolve by changing its diet. The next question would be whether mana could be used as feed for slimes.

I released mana again. This time I turned my mana into that of the fire attribute. In my mind, I visualized the image of mana burning up like gas. Supposedly, that the image one visualizes varies from person to person. Like this I was able to change my neutral attribute mana into the fire attribute.

This attribute conversion is necessary if one is to use an attribute’s spell. Only, normally, one would immediately invoke a spell along with the conversion of mana attribute. In my case, I’m stopping right before I cast the spell,o leaving the mana in a converted state as I release it.

“This is actually more difficult than just using magic normally.” [Ryouma]

It’s probably because I’m not used to it.

“You don’t like neutral mana?” [Ryouma]

When I tried releasing just neutral attribute mana, the absorption rate of the slime became slower.

I tried out different attributes, and I found out that two out of the three slimes preferred earth attribute, while the last one preferred dark attribute.

It seems mana attribute is an individual preference.

Does mana actually taste like something?

Anyway, the slimes look happy, so let’s continue.

After that I kept feeding the slimes until I was just a step before running out of mana, then after taking a break, I took the dried waterproof cloths, went back to town, and headed to Zeke-san’s store.


“Welcome! What kind of meat are you looking for?” [Store Clerk]

It was a 14 or 15 year-old boy that greeted me when I got to the store.

“Sorry, I have something I’d like to discuss with the manager, Zeke-san. I wonder if it would be possible to talk to him?” [Ryouma]

“Oh. Boss! Someone’s looking for you!” [Store Clerk]

When he called out loud like that, a man covered in bloodstained clothes came out. It was Zeke-san.

Pale skin, unhealthily thin, and bloodstained clothes… This person is – in a very different way from Wogan-san – also scary…

“Oh, if it isn’t Ryouma-kun. You have some business with me?” [Zeke]

“Yes, actually…” [Ryouma]

I explained to him my situation.

“…I see. So there was a slime like that, huh. Alright, I can give you some now. There were some young adventurers who dropped by with a lot of spoils, so there’s plenty of blood if you need them.” [Zeke]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

After that I was let in to the workplace. 5 men were in the middle of work. Near the wall of the workplace was a large ceiling joist from which hooks and cords dangled from. Animals dripped in blood as they hung from the hooks and cords.

“Over here.” [Zeke]

I was led to one of the beasts dangling from the ceiling joist. There were two large containers beneath it, and both were filled with blood. The containers were as long as the room.

“Thank you. Would it be okay to feed my slime now?” [Ryouma]

“Sure.” [Zeke]

After getting permission, I put the bloody slime inside one of the containers. The bloody slime immediately went to work, and in the blink of an eye, the blood was sucked up until nothing was left.

“Wow… Now, that’s convenient.” [Zeke]

“You think so too?” [Ryouma]

“We have to dispose the blood after draining it from the meat. And even if we didn’t, we would still have to wash the container. Unfortunately, it’s big, heavy… It’s a huge hassle.” [Zeke]

“Especially, when we get a big one. Whenever we have to drain a lot of blood like today, it takes a lot of work.” [Worker 1]

“I see.” [Ryouma]

It was such a huge undertaking that even the worker nearby said it took a lot of effort. But still, they had to do it.

We were here already, so I figured I might as well ask if there are any dishes that use blood.

“A dish that uses blood as an ingredient? Never heard of one.”

“I mean it’s common sense to throw blood. Yeah?”

“Of course, if you could eat it, that would be a waste…”

“I’ve heard that the mana in the blood disperses if you leave blood on its own, but then the blood spoils or dries, so you still can’t eat it.”

Looks like mana-infused blood really is just waste.

After that Zeke told me to come whenever I needed blood. He also gave me the meat and bones that weren’t sold and had spoiled. He didn’t mind giving me the things that they would just throw away and was quite generous. With this I’ve also acquired feed for the scavenger and acid slimes.


“Thank you very much!” [Ryouma]

Elated after receiving much more than I was expecting, I thanked Zeke-san and left his store.

When I did…

“Walk briskly!” [Guard]

“That hurts!” [Suspect 1?]

“Hey! What are you sorry lots looking at!? [Suspect 2?]

“This ain’t a show!” [Suspect 3?]

“Shut up and walk!!” [Guard]

I noticed the guards escorting several boorish-looking men. What happened!?

Upon seeing that, I immediately ran to the store. Everyone was already gathered.

“Is everyone alright!?” [Ryouma]

“Ah, Boss!”

“I saw the guards coming out of the store… Is everyone alright?” [Ryouma]

“Everything’s fine~ No one’s hurt too~” [Maria]

“Fei-san took care of all of them singlehandedly!” [Fina]

“Thank you, Fei-san.” [Ryouma]

“Don’t sweat it. This is my job too.” [Fei]

“You helped us out a lot too, Ryouma-sama. Fei-san and Leelin-san helped out, of course, but you also helped out since it was due to your foresight that you hired them beforehand. Thanks to that no one was hurt.” [Carla]

“N-No. I didn’t do anything.” [Ryouma]

I mean I just got here.

While I was thinking that, Leelin-san called out to me.

“Boss, can we talk? I think we should make some preparations in case they try this again.” [Leelin]

I left Fei-san and the three working women in charge of the store, then I took Leelin-san and the twins with me to the office.

“Although I said that, we don’t actually need it just yet. As long as my dad and I are here, there won’t be any problem. Ruffians like that, I could take them alone. There’s just one thing I want to ask. Boss, are you hated by someone?” [Leelin]

“What do you mean?” [Ryouma]

“Those ruffians were hired by someone. I know for sure since I gave them some truth serum before the guards came.” [Leelin]

“They were hired by someone?” [Ryouma]

I tried to think of who might hate me, but…

“Well, there’s a group of adventurers who tried to extort some children. I beat them black and blue, so they probably hate me, but it’s probably not them.” [Ryouma]

I’ve been isolated in the forest until now, and before that I was in another world. Ever since I entered town, I’ve been meeting nothing but good peolpe, so I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten on anyone’s bad side. The only issue I’ve ever had was really just that.

“Those guys said they were paid a large sum… Even though they were only asked to do something so simple.” [Leelin]

“Simple? What do you mean?” [Ryouma]

“They were just asked to quarrel with some customers and shout angrily.” [Leelin]

“But Fei-san noticed them and stopped them.” [Carla]

So they don’t want to hurt the employees or the facilities. What they want is to hurt the business, huh.

“…I really can’t think of anyone.” [Ryouma]

“Then perhaps it’s envy. From another store’s perspective, our laundromat suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started making a killing.” [Leelin]

“Those sort are everywhere. We should be careful.” [Carm]

“It would’ve been great if the ruffians has some more information, but it seems their client took care to hide cover his tracks.” [Leelin]

“This sort of stuff does tend to happen where there’s profit. We might just have to brace ourselves to deal with the situation whenever it happens.” [Carla]

After this Carla-san and Carm-san reported today’s matter to the merchant guild and Serge, while I reported to the duke’s family.

It was also decided that the security in the morning would be left to Fei-san and Leelin-san, while the slimes will be let loosed to patrol the store grounds in the evening.

When I spoke to Reinhart-san about today’s matter, it turned into a huge deal, as he recommended me to use their connections to hire guards.

The ones that could be hired immediately were all former soldiers or knights, who retired because of an injury. The thing is not one of them was on the level something like my store should be able to hire, as they all had titles that overqualified them.

Speaking of which, of the people I was recommended, the most skillful one was the former knight commander. Apparently, he’s Reinbach-sama’s war buddy… As if I could hire someone like that!!

After talking for a while, it was decided that we would just quietly monitor the situation for now.

Oh, come to think of it, didn’t Leelin-san just casually drugged someone? I ignored it at the time, but they actually have that sort of stuff with them… Ah, well… They’re reliable, so it’s probably okay.

Let’s go to sleep already.


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