The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 59: Monster Tamer Arts (2/2)

With the both of us being able to successfully link with our respective monsters, we were given a short break.

Arone-san and the others poured us some tea.

“The 2 of you sure are fast learners. I can’t believe you managed learned the spell so quickly.” [Reinbach]

“Elia has Jamil blood flowing through her veins, so I expected it would be fast, but still… I didn’t think it would be this fast. I also thought Ryouma-kun would have some difficulties learning the spell.” [Reinhart]

“Isn’t it fine? There’ll be less issues if they can learn fast. After this comes the grind, after all.” [Elize]

“That weird feeling is going to continue, huh.” [Elia]

Apparently, the ojousama was having a hard time getting used to the sensation even with her eyes closed.

Though I guess anyone would have a hard time if an image was so pushed down their brain. I’ve seen TVs before, so I’m better off, but even if I tell her about them, it won’t help since she’s never seen one.

Good luck, Ojousama.

We talked idly like that for a while, then the madam asked me a question.

“Ryouma-kun, how was contracting a monster other than a slime? Did it feel weird anywhere? Does it feel like your connection is faint?” [Elize]

“No, not in particular.” [Ryouma]

“Then that might mean you have an affinity with bird-type monsters.” [Elize]

Affinity? What is she talking about?

“What’s an affinity?” [Ryouma]

It was Reinhart-san who answered that question.

“You don’t know? Monster Tamers and Conjurers each have their own individual affinities regarding what monsters they could form contracts with and how many. In some cases, they could form contracts with just a few but powerful monsters. It varies from person to person and is basically just like one’s affinity to magic attributes.

In your case, you most likely have very good compatibility with slimes; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to form a contract with so many.” [Reinhart]

“Knowing what monsters you’re compatible with and picking the right monster is essential to monster tamers. If you don’t know what monsters your most compatible with, then you’ll have no choice but to keep looking until you figure it out. In my case, I’m most compatible with scaled monsters. And while I can’t form a lot of contracts, every monster I form a contract with is a force to be reckoned.” [Reinbach]

“In my case, I’m good with four-legged monster, while completely sucking at bird-type monsters. I can’t even form a contract with them.” [Reinhart]

“In my case…” [Elize]

Just as the madam was about to open her mouth, a light flashed beside her and a giant silver wolf suddenly appeared.

“!?” [Ryouma]

I was surprised, but the others were all just quietly sitting.

The madam chuckled and told me it was alright.

At that, I relaxed.

“Sorry for startling you. This child is Ruog, my little fenrir.” [Elize]

Fenrir? …You talking about that fenrir? The legendary one!?

“Oh, my. You seem to have mistaken him for the other fenrir.” [Elize]

“He’s not?” [Ryouma]

“Of course, not. Fenrir is a divine beast. Little fenrir is a monster. A wolf type monster that can use some ice magic. It’s definitely a powerful monster, though.” [Elize]

“I see…” [Ryouma]

Little fenrir sounds amazing… And the madam too since she’s able to win one over…

When the madam petted the little fenrir, the little fenrir made a delighted expression as it laid down beside her legs.

It’s like a dog.

“This child is the leader of the pack. I have 20 more little fenrirs like this one. Then I have another 100 wolf-type monsters. I’m really compatible wolf-type monsters.” [Elize]

20 little fenrirs!?

Although they can’t compare to me and my slimes in numbers, the quality is just too different. The intimidating aura around one is whole ‘nother league compared to the black bear’s.

“Elize is a masterful monster tamer. Little fenrirs aren’t something you can normally tame. In the past, when I met Elize, I actually couldn’t help but feel inferior.” [Reinhart]

“Oh, really? Didn’t you say something like ‘I have my sword!’ and just focused on improving your swordsmanship instead? And besides, I don’t think you were that untalented when it came to monster taming.” [Elize]

“…But if you compare me to you and dad, I look no different than your common monster tamer.” [Reinhart]

“But it’s not like you minded it that much, right? I mean, in the first place, even back in your childhood days, you never really liked training your taming abilities and just focused on your sword instead. So don’t make it out as if I’m at fault.” [Reinbach]

While Reinbach-sama was grumbling, I glanced at Ruog and thought to myself.

The madam has 20 little fenrirs and another 100 wolf-type monsters. And Reinbach-sama could be said to be her equal.

This definitely isn’t normal, right? At least according to this world’s standard. I mean they did say she was an excellent monster tamer.

While I was thinking to myself like that, the ojousama called out to me.

“Ryouma-san, what are you thinking about?” [Elia]

“Hmm… I was just thinking how amazing Reinbach-sama is since he could stand equal to the madam.” [Ryouma]

Elia seemed delighted at having her family member praised, as she made a big smile.

But the madam overheard my words and corrected me.

“Ryouma-kun. That’s not quite right. Actually, Father-in-law is much more amazing than me.” [Elize]

“Really?” [Ryouma]

“That’s right. Father-in-law’s monsters are in a different league altogether. Although he only has 20 under him, every one of them would be give an A Rank Quest should a subjugation job for them be posted in the adventurers guild. After all, half of them are dragons.” [Elize]

“Dragons!?” [Ryouma]

I’ve never seen a dragon before, but I sure as hell know that 10 dragons mean serious business. Moreover, each one possesses a strength equal to an A Rank. That’s just way too much firepower for a single person!! …Reinbach-sama, why does it feel like you’re more of a cheat than I am?

“Mu… What’s the matter with dragons?” [Reinbach]

Reinbach-sama asked after hearing my surprise.

“Oh, the madam was just telling me about your monsters. I think it’s amazing you could tame so many dragons.” [Ryouma]

“I just have good luck. Of course, there’s also my affinity, but the first one I formed a contract with was especially strong. And he gathered the dragons subordinated to him and they all became subordinated to me. Dragons are powerful allies, but I rarely call them. It would make a huge fuss, after all.” [Reinbach]

Well, that’s true…

“Besides, I can’t compare to the founder of monster taming, Shiho Jamil. Shiho-sama was compatible with all monsters and could form a contract with any monster regardless of their strength. Records say he also had an infinite number of contracts.” [Reinbach]

Well, that founder is probably an otherworlder, so it’s just the gods’ cheat at work. According to Gayn and the others, the founder is supposedly a good person.

Because I knew about the cheats, I was more intrigued with what Reinbach-sama’s dragons normally do.

“Shiho-sama sounds like an amazing person… By the way, Reinbach-sama, what does your monsters normally do?” [Ryouma]

“They live in the mountain in my territory. The monsters there are too strong, so people rarely come there. But their main job there is to prevent the monsters there from descending to the human settlements.” [Reinbach]

“I see.” [Ryouma]

“The stronger the monster a tamer has contracted, the more troubled he’ll be with where to put it. If you ever form a contract with a powerful monster in the future and you don’t know where to put, make sure to contact us, alright?” [Reinbach]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

I’ll turn to them for advice if my dimensional magic can’t accommodate it.






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