The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 60: A Compulsory Rest Day (1/2)

After our break ended, we resumed training… Or at least that’s what I thought would happen, but apparently, we were done for the day.

“The both of you have already learned Share Senses, so you can just practice it in your spare time from now on. For now, Ryouma-kun, why don’t you listen to Elia’s music. You might think I’m just a doting father, but I do believe her skills in music are truly something to be admired.” [Reinhart]

“Music? Why all oft he sudden?” [Ryouma]

What’s going on?

“We talked about the rimel bird before, right?” [Elize]

“Yes. You mentioned it’s one of the reasons you came to town.” [Ryouma]

“That’s right. Rimel birds can fly fast and use wind magic. That’s why it’s hard to catch one without hurting it. You can’t seem them normally either. But rimel birds are still monsters, so you can still form a contract with them!” [Elia]

I see, so since it’s possible, she’d like to try taming one, huh.

So, what does that have to do with the music?

“Does music have something to do with that?” [Ryouma]

“Bingo. Music is indispensable if you want to form a contract with a rimel bird.” [Elia]

Really? I thought to myself, but then Sebasu came and explained.

“Rimel bird possess a great amount of mana and are also intelligent. Because of that a normal contract will fail with them. However, rimel birds use their their beautiful cries to discern friends and to communicate. So, if you can play a tune for them that they like, then it will become possible to form a contract with them.” [Sebasu]

As expected of another world, they have a catching method that goes beyond common sense! Who would’ve thought I’d have to play a tune to be recognized as a friend…

“You can form a contract like that? I didn’t know that.” [Ryouma]

“The odds of success are really low, so there are people who think it’s just something someone made up. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of anyone taming a rimel bird other than with this method. As such, when it comes to rimel birds, it has the highest of chance of success.” [Sebasu]

“And that’s why Elia is going to show off her playing. Today is just practice though.” [Reinhart]

“Ryouma-san, please stay there and listen. If you don’t want to listen and fall asleep instead, that’s okay too. [1] But you can’t go home.” [Elia]

Huh? It’s okay not to listen, but I’m not allowed to go home?

Confused, I glanced at Sebasu-san and the others, and that was when I finally noticed it. They were smiling while looking at me.

………Ah, could it be!

“You finally noticed?” [Reinbach]

“Ryouma-kun, you’re always working too hard, so we figured we should help you take a break for once.” [Reinhart]

“After subjugating some monsters, you built a store, then you hired some new employees, then you took some jobs at the adventurers guild, and now, you’re making some waterproof cloths. I hear you haven’t been getting much rest lately, too.

And just yesterday, some hoodlums came to your store, so you’re probably going to get busy again. So, before that, we figured we’d use today’s training as a pretext to distance you from work.” [Reinhart]

“Ryouma-sama, this is something everyone agreed on after hearing about your workload.” [Sebasu]

“And just when did word of that get around?” [Ryouma]

I never noticed at all.

“We’ll be watching over you today, so you’re definitely not working even a little bit.” [Elia]

“This kind of resting probably won’t help your mind rest, but without any rest at all, there’s a chance your body might break. If you still intend to work without regard for yourself after this, we’ll take you back home with us even if we have to do so by force.” [Reinbach]

“Sorry for worrying everyone.” [Ryouma]

“Even if your current workload is alright with you, a normal person would surely break down if they kept that up. It’s also possible you just can’t tell that you’re working too hard, so you need to be careful.” [Reinhart]

“And so, Ryouma-san, today is a compulsory rest day. I will be starting my performance then. Please do enjoy t.” [Elia]

The ojousama sure is unusually pushy today… Or was she always pushy? …Nah, I’m sure this is just her naivete.

While I was thinking that, the ojousama received a violin from Sebasu-san and started playing.

This world has violins too, huh. Maybe an otherworlder brought it.

I listened to the music while thinking of useless stuff. The ojousama is actually quite good.

She played a calm tune, so I was able to relax.

When the music ended, she asked me for my thoughts.

“Ryouma-san, how was it?” [Elia]

“You played beautifully.” [Ryouma]

I’m not just flattering her. I played some guitar myself back in my previous world, but I don’t think I played that well. I don’t know that much about music, but I felt good while listening to her playing, so I’m sure it’s good.

Although my words didn’t overly praise the ojousama, she was still elated.

After that she started playing again.

I listened to Elia play the violin while I petted the amiable Ruog and my slimes. I passed the time in leisure like this.


While listening to Elia’s music, the time for the slimes to feed came, so I started giving the 3 slimes my mana.

“Oh!” [Ryouma]

Then, suddenly, one of them showed signs of change.

“It’s here!” [Ryouma]

“What is it!?” [Elia]

“Ryouma-kun, what is it all of the sudden?” [Reinhart]

“What came?” [Reinbach]

When I exclaimed like that, the ojousama stopped playing, and the others approached me.

“My slime is evolving!” [Ryouma]

[1] People falling asleep when someone *cough* sings for them? PUFFFFF! (○`з´○)






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    Slimémon gotta pact ’em all
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    Slimémon! Oh, their his best friend
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