The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 60: A Compulsory Rest Day (2/2)

All eyes gathered on the slimes I was petting. Just like when the iron slime evolved, the slimes started shaking, then suddenly stopped, and then they started releasing and absorbing mana.

At the same time, their color started to change.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the slimes’ evolution.

The slimes’ color changed to a tawny hue.

When their evolution ended, I used monster identify on them.

Earth Slime
Earth Magic Lv2
Earth Resist Lv8
Absorb Earth Magic Lv1
Jump Lv1
Digest Lv3
Absorb Lv3
split Lv1

Earth magic! The experiment is a success!!

“Ryouma-san, what did it evolve into?” [Elia]

“It’s an earth slime. A slime that can use earth magic!” [Ryouma]

“Wow! That’s another rare slime!” [Reinbach]

“Ryouma-kun, earth slimes are fairly rare. Just how did you manage to evolve them?” [Reinhart]

I explained to them the method I used, but when the ojousama and madam tried it out…

“It’s not working…?” [Elia]

“This is surprisingly difficult…” [Elize]

Normally, after you convert your neutral mana to another element, you invoke a spell or just revert it back to neutral element.

Apparently, maintaining the converted mana requires a high level of mana control. Although I only had to take my time a little when releasing non-neutral mana, my magic control is currently level 4, a result of me constantly playing around with magic. In the end, the two had no choice but to accept that it currently wasn’t possible for them.

Frustrated, the ojousama stopped playing the violin and started training her magic, but she still couldn’t succeed. In the end, she told me that she would strive to acquire the magic control skill next time. She did so while looking competitively toward the slimes that evolved.

Anyway, with this, I got two earth slimes and one dark slime.

Dark Slime
Dark Magic Lv2
Dark Resist Lv8
Absorb Dark Magic Lv1
Jump Lv1
Digest Lv3
Absorb Lv3
Split Lv1

Although I was a bit surprised with the slimes, I’m almost out of mana, so I decided to just leisurely enjoy the atmosphere.

” ……… Ah, a horn rabbit [1].” [Ryouma]

When Elia started playing her violin again, I sat back with my slimes and just quietly enjoyed myself, but when I let my crew bird fly, I noticed a herd of rabbits.

Meat… Should I get some as thanks to the people in the store.

When I told the others that I would go out for a bit to hunt, Reinhart-san, the ojousama, and the others offered to help, so I was able to get a lot of spoils.

I got my bow and arrow and hunted several animals while driving them toward Reinhart-san’s group and the sticky slimes. After that, all that was left was to retrieve the spoils.

…As expected, hunting with a group makes the whole thing so much easier. The workload is completely different compared to when I’m hunting alone.

As I thought that to myself, I went back to where ojousama and the others were, then I brought my crew bird back into its bird cage and cancelled the contract.

The madam said, “You can take it with you, if you want.” But I politely declined her.

Having the crew bird’s eyes isn’t that big of a deal for me, and even if it does become necessary, I can just catch one on my own.

“Well then… Shall we go back?” [Reinbach]

…Before I knew it, a lot of time has already passed.

It was best to get back before it got dark, so we rode the carriage back. We weren’t going fast, though, so there weren’t much swaying inside and the ride back was really pleasant.

But then again maybe I’m just feeling the aftereffects of the atmosphere this afternoon? Alternatively, it’s also possible that I’m a lot more exhausted than I thought.

Like that I dozed off. And when we got back to the inn, I just returned to my room and slept.


[1] – I remember someone saying horned rabbit sounds better, and I agree, but the raws are literally horn rabbit. As in it’s written in katakana. I don’t mind taking liberties to make things sound better, but this one is basically in English already, so I’ll just leave it as is. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Tl Note:Hmm… A bit short. I’ll post again tomorrow.






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