The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 66: To the Marsh (2/3)

The birds laughed in mockery.

Caulkin-san said that the rimel birds would chirp in alarm whenever they didn’t like one’s music, and it just so happens that the way they would chirp then is really infuriating.

So this is what he meant by that! …True. After hearing it it’s certainly not good on the ears.

This sort of stuff seems to be happen frequently, though, as the adventures aren’t reacting one bit. Instead, they’re using it as an opportunity to gather even more grell frogs. And even after finishing, they just ignored the guy.

“I think you can tell just from the birds’ chirps, but this is how a failure looks like. Taming like this is impossible. You can try again if you want, but if you do it too many times, you might get attacked. So, at most, you should only try twice.” [Reinhart]

While Reinhart-san was explaining, the other man started playing with his flute.

This time was even worse than the guy before, as the rimel birds started laughing before he could even finish.

Getting roasted by some birds seemed to have struck a nerve, though, as the man unsheathed his sword and entered the marsh.

“T-That’s not good… Be careful, everyone.” [Reinbach]

“Ha!” [The four guards]

At Reinbach-sama’s words, the four guards stepped forward.

Sebasu-san and Reinhart-san also stood alert, while the madam covered for me and Elia.

“Ke!” [Rimel Birds]

“GUAH! E-Eek!!” [Frustrated Musician]

The rimel bird nearest to the man seemed to have sensed danger coming from him and his sword, as it chirped and attacked him.

As a shallow wound was left on the man’s shoulder, he cried out in pain.

“Wind magic.” [Ryouma]

At that, the other rimel birds also looked at the man.

When the man saw that, his anger quickly cooled and fear took its place as he ran for his life.

The people nearby were caught up in the clamor, and had no choice but to also retreat.

The rimel birds casted wind cutter at the fleeing back. Their accuracy wasn’t very good and they kept on missing, but the man ran for his life regardless.

“You can’t lose your cool like that. Rimel birds may be gentle, but they’re not weak. If you look down on them and try to force them into obedience, they’ll fight back.” [Elize]

While the madam was warning us, I noticed that the man was running toward us.

That’s bad!

The man managed to reach the bank of the marsh, but he seemed to have lost his focus and stopped. It was then that one of the rimel birds casted a spell and got the man by his legs.

“KUAH!? AHH…” [Frustrated Musician]

“Earth wall!!” [Ryouma and Camil]

“Keh!!” [Rimel Birds]

Camil and I immediately cast our spells, erecting a wall made out of earth between the man and the rimel birds.

The ten wind cutters that shot for the man made a shaving sound, but our earth walls managed to hold.

The wind cutters stopped, but then in the next moment, a loud chirp resounded.

“Kukeh! Kukeh!! Kukeh!!! Kukeh!!!” [Rimel Birds] [1]

“Kyaaa!” [Elia]

“GU!?” [Reinhart]

“Is this!?” [Reinbach]

“Get a hold of yourselves!!” [Reinhart]

For some reason, everyone started acting as if they were in pain. The ojousama even started shaking and tottered. Fortunately, the madam and Sebasu-san were able to quickly support her.

What’s going on!?

When I looked around me, even the adventurers in the marsh were suffering. There were even some who lost their minds and were crouching as they screamed.

To affect such a large area… Not to mention this powerful mana I’m sensing. No matter how you look at it, the culprit must be the rimel birds’ chirping.

But which bird?

I searched for the source of the sound and mana, and in a few seconds, I managed to isolate everything to a single bird. Apparently, it was using a wind magic technique similar to mine as it amplified its own chirps. Because of that I was able to quickly find it.

“Silent!” [Ryouma]

I casted a spell toward the culprit bird. It was a spell meant to stop the vibrations in the air. And just as I’d hoped, the sound stopped and everyone’s expression softened.

Looks like it was effective… Unfortunately, it’s not so simple, as the rimel bird was resisting.

That rimel bird is probably using a spell similar to my Big Voice that increases the vibrations in the air.

I’m using a spell that works the exact opposite of that, but because of that, it seems this has suddenly turned into a battle of control.

If I slip for even a moment, the sound will return.

Our control is equal… No, it’s gradual, but I’m being pushed back. If I can’t win with control, then…

I’ll win with brute force!

I used significantly more mana than before and casted the spell again.

“Silent!” [Ryouma]


After a few seconds of struggling, the rimel bird realized that it was at a disadvantage and flew away. The rimel birds followed it and left.

I stayed wary of any attacks from the air as the flock of rimel bids flew away.

“They ran? …I guess it’s over for now then?” [Ryouma]


[1] – The bird wants a cookie. Cookeh! Cookeh! 😀

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