The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 126: Trouble (2/2)

 Although it was time for my duty, the teachers and the students who knew my situation accommodated me to help me take care of my slimes. Because of that I was able to hunt monsters near the camp under the pretense of ‘doing my rounds’ and was able to secure the needed blood for my bloody slimes. Thanks to that the bloody slimes were able to safely get through the most difficult part. Although they still seem weak, unlike earlier, they are no longer in pain. Actually, they’re recovering a lot faster than I expected.

“That’s good to hear.” [Teacher 1]

“It’s thanks to everyone.” [Ryouma]

“Still, Ryouma-kun. You really do bring your slimes with you, huh.” [Teacher 1]

 What does he mean by that? From the tone of his voice, it doesn’t seem like he’s looking down my slimes and thinking, ‘Why are you carrying such weak monsters with you?’ 

“Oh? You don’t know what the people call you?” [Teacher 1]

“They call you the adventurer with a slime. Nowadays, anyone from Gimuru would be able to recognize that title.” [Teacher 2]

“…Really?” [Ryouma]

“Whether it’s beating up a lot of monsters and thugs at the mines or opening a strange store, you’re plenty famous, you know?” [Teacher 1]

“Although there probably aren’t as many who know you by face and name. Even I didn’t know who you were at first. But when I saw your slimes, I immediately knew you were the rumored adventurer.” [Teacher 2]

 Huh… Before I knew it, it seems I’ve gotten famous.

 It was starting to get embarrassing, so I kept our conversation short and excused myself to get some rest.

“There’s still tomorrow. So, I’ll be going now.” [Ryouma]

“Rest well.” [Teacher 1]

“Good night.” [Teacher 2]

 I went back to my base, but because of the bloody slime’s condition, I didn’t feel like sleeping at all. Their condition is stable, so there shouldn’t be any reason to worry. …Shouldn’t be, anyway… Still, it sure has been awhile since a slime other than the poison slimes ingested poison.

 In the past, I fed the slimes poisonous herbs to try and get them to evolve, but I was able to keep things safe since I only gave the herbs to those who wanted to eat them on their own volition. I haven’t fed my slimes poison since then. This would be the first in a long while. Unless my memory is failing me.

“… Monster Identify.” [Ryouma]

 When I tried using Monster Identify on one of the bloody slimes that ingested poison.

Bloody Slime


  • Suck Blood Lv5
  • Deodorize Lv3
  • Disease Resist Lv3
  • Poison Resist Lv2
  • Play Dead Lv10
  • Digest Lv2
  • Absorb Lv4
  • Split Lv1

 …I found out that Absorb and Poison Resist had grown by a level.

 The increase in the level of Absorb should be because of all the blood I’ve fed it until now. But as for Poison Resist… I don’t recall feeding it anything poisonous. Disease Resist hasn’t leveled up. Well, the level of its Disease Resist has always been higher, so maybe that’s why it hasn’t changed. I wonder if there’s something mixed in with the blood of its food.

 …No. That shouldn’t be the case. The blood I feed the bloody slimes are either extracted by myself personally from animals I’ve hunted or blood from Zeke-san’s butcher. If the blood isn’t the culprit, then the reason behind the level up of the Poison Resist skill should be this recent incident.

 As its situation stabilized, the level of its Poison Resist increased by a level.

“…It overcame it in this short of a time?” [Ryouma]

 The Poison Resist skill, just as the name implies, is a resistance toward poison. The power to resist poison. It’s not about technique like spear mastery or sword mastery. Instead, it’s about one’s constitution and experiences just like Disease Resist.

 It’s also related to one’s immune function. In that case, is Poison Resist ‘antibody’?

 But if so, then there’s no way it would be able to overcome the poison in just a night… Or maybe it’s because it’s a slime?

 Slimes are monsters gifted with the ability to adapt to their environment and reproduce. The one who said this was none other than the God of Creation who birthed the slimes and this world. There’s no way this information is wrong.

 Perhaps it’s because the bloody slime also possesses that adaptive power that it was able to overcome the poison within just one night… I don’t have proof, but…

“Bloody Slime, blood, diluted poison, antibody… With all these, I wonder if it would be possible to create an ‘antiserum’.

 That thought suddenly flashed through my mind.

I might be able to find out if the antibodies exist with a little investigation.

“Lend me your body for a little.”

 I took a sample from the bloody slime that ingested poison.

 …I retrieved a sample from the bloody slime in the same way I retrieved samples of acid, poison, and deodorizing liquid.

 A normal slime would die without leaving a trace, but I wonder if evolution would bring their characteristics closer to that of the food they eat. 

 …Well, that’s not a topic I should be pursuing right now. Right now I need to think about the blood serum.

 Blood Serum is mixed in with the blood, so I need to use Alchemy to separate it.

 I could also get it by leaving the blood on its own for a while, but I want to get results now.

“Identify” [Ryouma]

 I used Identify on the orange liquid left inside the vessel…

 ’Blood Serum’

 It’s the blood serum I was able to extract from the bodily liquids of the bloody slime.

 There’s an antibody for the bush snake poison mixed in.

“!” [Ryouma]

 It was at this moment that the presence of antibodies within the blood serum of the bloody slime was proven.

 I still don’t have a hypothesis for their adaptability.

 But I was at least able to confirm the presence of antibodies in their blood serum.

 I have an antidote for bush snake poison that’s fit for human use. But it’s not like I have an antidote for every poison. They might all be called snake venom, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Depending on the type of snake and its growing condition, the composition of the venom will change. As such, although there are many known poisons, there are not that many antidotes.

 …I don’t know just yet if this blood serum can be given as an anti-poison serum to humans and whether if it will be safe or not. But it’s also true that in my past life, a horse was once given an antigen, and then doctors used its blood serum to heal people. The possibility isn’t zero.

 More than anything else, it doesn’t cost anything to produce this serum.

 I do need to think of a way to store it in case of emergency, however, but depending on the type of poison, I might be able to prepare the antibody on the spot and still make it in time.

 The more bloody slimes I have, the more I’ll be able to produce as well.

 I’d like to prepare some just in case of an emergency.

 I’ve been using Earth knowledge until now, but the discovery of blood serum had a huge effect to the field of Medicine on Earth… Given how big of a deal this is this time, I better proceed cautiously.

 For now, I’ll secretly research blood serums.






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