The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 127: Harvest (1/2)

“Fu fu fu fu… What a huge discovery…” [Ryouma]

 The bloody slime that raised the level of its Poison Resist skill because it was able to produce antibody.

 But what about Disease Resist? When I investigated the matter, it turns out that the bloody slimes also possessed antibodies toward pathogenic bacteria. And they were even more varied than the ones for poison. The bloody slime’s serum might just hold the possibility to become a blood serum for poison and bacteria.

“Hold on a sec, what time is it—!?” [Ryouma]

 When I took out my clock, the hand was already pointed at the time 2 minutes before assembly.

“Oh no!” [Ryouma]

 Quickly, I rubbed insect repellent all over me, then I jumped out of my Dimension Home and ran for the carriage.

 When I get back, I’m going to Dinome-san’s place, and I’m gonna ask him to make me a clock with an alarm function!

 As I decided that in my mind, I made a run for it. Eventually, I could see the back of the students.

 A great crowd had already gathered. I went around the crowd of students and went to where the instructors where.

“Yo, Ryouma. You barely made it on time.” [Roche]

“Sorry, Roche-san. I was preoccupied with the slimes.” [Ryouma]

“I see. What happened then?” [Roche]

“Thanks to everyone’s help, their condition has finally stabilized.” [Ryouma]

“I see! That’s great then.” [Roche]

“Yes. Sorry for causing you all trouble!” [Ryouma]

 Fortunately, the designated place to gather was near the camp, so I barely managed to avoid being late. It seems the people here have already been informed of what happened last night. Everyone was listening attentively, so I decided to make a report on my situation.

“Alright. It’s about time already, so let’s get this morning assembly started. Attention! …Students! How are you? What are your thoughts after spending a night on the Field of Poisonous Insects?” [Roche]

“I’m itchy!” [Student 1]

“I couldn’t sleep…” [Student 2]

 When I listened to the answer of the students, it turns out that most of them were bitten by insects.

 The main purpose of the morning assembly is to take a roll call and confirm the safety of the students, so it didn’t take that much time. Roche-san said just one last thing before dismissing them.

“Those of you who were bitten by insects probably didn’t prepare enough preventive measure for the insects. After treating yourselves as much as you can, make sure to double check the condition of the tools you’ve prepared and their usage! We have two days left in this camp! If you don’t do anything to improve your situation, you’re going to have a hell of a time! Also, I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. You’re free to ask your instructors questions! That will be all! Dismissed!” [Roche]

 At Roche-san’s behest, the crowd was dismissed, and the students started walking back to their tent or toward the teachers.

 Hmm? Roche-san is walking toward me.

“Ryouma. Can I get your advice on something?” [Roche]


“There are several students getting advice from the teachers on weapons and fighting. It’s not a part of the schedule, but the teachers are thinking of having a mock battle as a visual aid, and then using that to help explain to the students. We were just discussing it a while ago, actually. If you don’t mind, can you participate as an archer?” [Roche]

“I don’t mind, but does it have to be only as an archer?” [Ryouma]

“Oh, no. I won’t limit you. I’m sure you have your own style of fighting. But it would be best if we could show the students as many different types of weapons and different styles of fighting. The teachers participating are mostly close-combat fighters, so we were hoping to get someonne who could fight from a distance. I just heard this by accident, but apparently, you took down a bird during night watch?” [Roche]

 Someone on watch must’ve heard him. I needed to get blood for the bloody slimes, so I took out some nocturnal birds.

“If you’re that good of a shot, then I’m sure the students will learn a lot from watching you. Can you do it?” [Roche]

“Alright.” [Ryouma]

 I could refuse him, but my job right now is to be a teacher. It’s my duty to help the students learn as much as they can.

“In that case, I’ll go and make some arrows with a blunt rock for the tip so there won’t be any penetration during mock battle.” [Ryouma]

“I see! In that case, I’ll let the others know. I’ll contact you again later. Alright. I’ll be off then. Can’t let the students wait too long.” [Roche]


“Berk?” [Ryouma]

“Yo.” [Berk]

 I’ve always seen Berk with his friends, but for some reason, he’s alone right now.

 He wasn’t talking to anyone. He was just watching me, and when Roche-san left, he approached me.

 Does he need something?

“…Uhh. The thing is the uh… bugs just won’t stop getting into the tent. I keep trying to do something about it, but it just doesn’t seem to be working… And so, I thought I’d ask you if you knew a good method to keep them away…” [Berk]

 Berk is usually a brave kid, never unafraid, but today, he seems to be a bit timid.

 …Reminds me of my old subordinate, Tabuchi-kun.

“The insects keep getting in, huh… The thing is even if you take some preventive measures, they could still get in when people enter. You have to make sure they’re not on your clothes or in your shoes when you enter… If you want, I can teach you a way to make a simple insect repellent. It can be made with the herbs that could be gathered from around these parts. If you apply it near the entrance, flying insects will have a hard time approaching.” [Ryouma]

“Yeah. Teach me.” [Berk]

 And so, I took Berk and went to the plains.

“Is this place okay? We barely walked.” [Berk]

“The herbs can be found anywhere as long as it’s a grassy place with plenty of sun.” [Ryouma]

 In fact, I think we could have found it even if we didn’t leave the camp.






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