The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 140: The Promise with the Church (1/2)

Tl Note: I know it’s abrupt, but this is really chapter 140 part 1.


The Man Picked up by the Gods: The Promise with the Church (1/2)

“Oh, so you came back from the monster affinity diagnosis today.” [Gayn]

“That’s right. And when I dropped by the store, it turns out someone came to sell a stone slime. Because of that I found out that the pet slime of the church has been acting weird, so when I went to take a look, I found out that it had evolved into a Weed Slime. It was a lucky day for me.” [Ryouma]

“Both types can use the Mimic skill, so they’re hard to find. That’s great.” [Gayn]

“But wasn’t that weed slime the children’s pet? Didn’t they cry?” [Gayn]

“Well, that was dealt with somehow. It’s true that there were children who found it disappointing, but the weed slime didn’t just grow weed on its body, it also possessed the power to grow weed on everything around it. Because of that the entire garden of the church has been overrun with weed.

 Moreover, when I checked it with Monster Identify, I found out that it possessed an absurdly high level of the Split skill at Lv8. It was obviously a slime that reproduced really quickly. So I talked to the two sisters and got them to persuade the children. Of course, I promised to take care of the slime.” [Ryouma]

“I see. Well, it’s good that it didn’t leave a bitter taste. Another cup then. Your cup will go empty, you know?” [Tekun]

 Tekun heartily laughed as he took out another bottle of liquor and turned it over.

 I hurriedly received the pouring liquor with my cup to prevent it from spilling. When I drank it, the mellow fragrance of grapes filled my body.

“Still, I sure have gotten used to being summoned to the divine realm.” [Ryouma]

“Someone calls us too every time you pray at the church.” [Kufo]

“The number of gods you’ve been acquainted with has also increased.” [Gayn]

“I might be acquainted with more now, but it’s just Tekun and Fernoberia-sama on top of you Gayn, Kufo, and Rurutia, you know?” [Ryouma]

“You haven’t even met half of the gods yet?” [Tekun]

“I have heard of Manoairoa-sama. Although I haven’t actually met him. What kind of person is he?” [Ryouma]

“Manoairoa, huh? …That’s a difficult question.” [Kufo]

“Oh, you don’t have to answer if it’s difficult, Kufo.” [Ryouma]

“Nah, that’s not it… It’s just that I haven’t seen him myself in years.” [Kufo]

“Same.” [Tekun]

“Haven’t seen him either.” [Gayn]

“Huh? You mean even though you’re all gods you don’t meet each other?” [Ryouma]

“It’s because he likes to wander… He’s definitely in the divine realm, but he’s always going here and there. I wonder what he’s doing now.” [Gayn]

“He is also the God of Fine Arts, so he has various shapes and forms. There are times when he looks normal and times when he looks completely outrageous. Moreover, he gets bored easily. He’s a weird god.” [Kufo]

“Now that you mention it, wasn’t he going around saying, ‘this is natural beauty!’ while stark naked?” [Tekun]

“Ah! He did! He did! He wasn’t even wearing a loincloth. Rurutia and Kirillel got so mad at him.” [Kufo]

 I guess there are all sorts of gods…

“By the way, where is Rurutia?” [Ryouma]

“I think they’re at some gathering meant only for goddesses?” [Kufo] 

“Apparently, it’s something she picked up from Earth. Haven’t a clue how it’s difficult from parties, though.” [Tekun]

“I think she mentioned they weren’t good at gatherings… So, she’s accompanying some goddesses that looked out for her.” [Gayn]

 There really are all sorts. …Ah, speaking of which.

“Mind if I change the topic a bit? There’s something I’d like to ask Gayn and Kufo.” [Ryouma]

“Of course.” [Gayn]

“What happened?” [Kufo]

“I mentioned taking the monster affinity diagnosis before coming here, right? As a result, I found out that I have an affinity for monsters that tend to herd together. I got my powers and knowledge on monster taming from you guys when I was brought into this world. And I can also form a contract with an abnormally large number of slimes. Is there a reason behind why you gave me those powers?” [Ryouma]

 When I suddenly asked that, Gayn and Kufo became thoughtful.

“We didn’t intentionally give you those powers, but we’re not wholly unrelated either.” [Gayn]

“At the time, you said you wanted the ability to form a contract with monsters, but you didn’t specify exactly which monster. So we just left your affinity to you.” [Kufo]

“So in other words this affinity is born from my nature?” [Ryouma]

“Rather than nature I’d say it’s closer to ‘wish’.” [Kufo]

“After all, we did give you the power you longed for. Your desires probably came into play as well. As such, they might have had an effect on your powers. That’s probably why your compatibility with the slimes is so good.” [Gayn]

 So if I had wanted to form a contract with dragons, then my compatibility with dragons would have increased?

“If you wished for it from the bottom of the heart, yes. If you just wanted to try forming a contract with one. A yearning of that level won’t be enough.” [Gayn]

“And so, the one who chose the slimes was none other than myself.” [Ryouma]

 I feel like I’m starting to figure out how this works. Still…

“The powers you have been given should have been decided when you arrived at the Forest of Gana. Your affinity for monster taming should be the same too. Even if you begin researching and showed interest later on, your affinity shouldn’t change. We didn’t tamper with your abilities to that extent.” [Gayn]

“And even if it does change, it might simply shift from an affinity with monsters that tend to herd toward a full slime specialization. At least, in your case. It’s probably because of the environment in your past life.” [Kufo]

“What do you mean?” [Ryouma]






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