The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 140: The Promise with the Church (2/2)

“It’s a bit hard to say, but weren’t you always alone back on Earth? Even when you were employed, although you had subordinates and coworkers, there weren’t many people you were close with.” [Kufo]

“That’s true…” [Ryouma]

“Although you’re fine being by yourself and not being a part of a group, it’s not like you’re not interested in being a part of one, right? So, I think you might have been yearning for something like that unconsciously, and that had an effect on your monster affinity.” [Kufo]

“Well, that’s… That’s just really sad!!” [Ryouma]

 What kind of depressing reason is that!? I mean it’s one thing if I were to say it myself, but having someone else tell me that straight to my face really hurts. Not to mention, it’s a god saying it! The trust factor is too darn high!

“Ha ha ha! Well, stuff like that happens when you’re alive. Go on, drink.” [Tekun]

 Tekun poured more liquor to my cup and I emptied it.

“But because of that you can form a contract with so many types and in such huge numbers too. Isn’t it fine?” [Kufo]

“That’s true. I’m not dissatisfied with the power.” [Ryouma]

 I may not be happy with the reason why, but I’m not exactly unhappy with my affinity.

 As the mood changed, I took the opportunity to ask about divine beasts.

“I heard that Reinbach-sama formed a contract with a divine beast. What is a divine beast? From what I hear, they’re supposed to be beasts that have received a divine protection from the gods and has been given the duty to protect its territory.” [Ryouma]

“Exactly. As expected, just by having a contracted human, Riforu Kingdom was able to get the right information.” [Kufo]

“Are those lands important to you gods?” [Ryouma]

“They’re important to us, but they’re also important to the world and to its inhabitants. The territory of the divine beasts, also known as the holy lands, they are the pillars of this world that produces mana.” [Gayn]

“That sounds interesting… Can I hear more about it?” [Ryouma]

“It’s fine. After all, it’s not unrelated to why you were brought here.” [Gayn]

“In fact, it’s something that you should be made privy to. After all, you’re going to be related to the holy land from now on.” [Kufo]

“Related from now on?” [Ryouma]

“Ah, I suppose we should start with an explanation of what the holy lands are. They’re not actually that amazing, though.” [Kufo]

 Kufo gathered his thoughts and began talking slowly.

“First, this world has something called mana. The people of this world and the monster beasts use it. Mana is exactly as you understand it, Ryouma.” [Kufo]

“But it’s being consumed faster than it is being made, so you had to supplement this world’s mana with that of Earth’s. And that’s why I was brought to this world.” [Ryouma]

“Exactly. Although it’s unfortunate that the balance between demand and supply is broken, this world continues to produce mana. As for what it is that produces mana, the answer would be the ‘natural environment’.” [Kufo]

 Plants and vegetables, stones, rivers and valleys… These natural components of the environment greatly affect the production of mana.

“But while mana is being produced in normal forests, it is also produced in human towns. That being said, the production of mana is higher in places where nature is denser, so the amount produced in towns is insignificant.” [Kufo]

“Mana can be born anywhere within this world. The so-called ‘holy lands’ are just places where the production rate is especially high. They’re highly-efficient territories. As for the conditions, they include: ‘an undeveloped land untouched by humans’ ‘has met a certain size’ ‘abundant with nature’… Something like that.” [Gayn]

“But because of that humans that come from outside and monster beasts that get lost could ruin the place and cause us a lot of headaches. To prevent that, we prepared special monster beasts that we bestowed divine protection upon to protect these places.” [Kufo]

 That makes sense. And I think I have an idea of what they meant when they said that I would be related.

 After all, I’m trying to go to a place abundant with nature that’s hard for people to enter.

“The Great Forest of Shurus is also a holy land, huh.” [Ryouma]

“Yep. The holy land is located at the center. It is because of the mana produced from the holy land that there are so many precious stones and herbs in the forest. There’s no divine beast, though.” [Kufo]

 So not all holy lands were provided with a divine beast, huh?

“Is that alright?” [Ryouma]

“It’s far from humans, so it’s still fine. Besides, while there are no divine beasts, we made sure to tighten the defenses. Well, at least Fernoberia did.” [Tekun]

 He’s saying that full of confidence and satisfaction, but it’s not like he’s the one maintaining the defense.

“It’s because the Great Shurus Forest is under Fernoberia’s management. One day, he said, ‘Why don’t I station a divine beast too?’ But then he changed his mind and said, ‘It would be easy if I simply bestowed great power upon a monster beast and left things to it, but that’s too simple’, so he went and tightened the security using only a combination of normal monster beasts and some arrangements with the environment. What do you think about that?” [Kufo]

“I know this is a big deal for me to be putting things this way, but if I were to liken the situation to a game, I would say it’s akin to a self-imposed challenge?” [Ryouma]

“I know what a games is, but ‘self-imposed challenge’?” [Kufo]

“It’s when you intentionally don’t use a tool that you have and limit yourself to accomplish an objective in a game.” [Ryouma]

“Ah! That’s exactly it! That’s exactly how he’s like!” [Kufo]

“You agree with him!?” [Tekun]

“But Fernoberia isn’t playing, you know? He just wanted to make more work for himself. And because he’s so good at delicate stuff like that, he has the nerve to look at my holy land and call it ‘crude’.” [Kufo]

 …Apparently, Kufo had an issue with Fernoberia regarding that and he ended up complaining at me until it was time for me to go home.

 But I was able to find out about the ecology of the Great Forest, so I’d say the trip to the divine realm this time was worth a lot.






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    man… talking like that to the gods… so much envy…

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    If u actually knew, and I mean actually KNEW there was God or Gods and they made divine beasts to protect certain areas would you still try to go there to take things? I don’t think anyone would. Ppl always look at the risk involved and, messing with the Gods and the areas they chose to protect would pretty much mean that there’s 100% chance of death/losing. So who would really go? Also, the divine beasts were actually made to protect those areas yet in the GSF a god chose to not use the proper tool but what is essentially a basic battle array instead? For both of these I don’t really find the “reasoning” logical or even the least bit sensible. To say the least, not a big fan of how this was pieced together to give us some background info and world building. Because of how illogical both are, it wasn’t really all that interesting to read and caused far more questions than answers to pop-up. Thx 4 the updates. Oh, btw, is there no way to go back to disqus?

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      I think you are underestimating human greed and stupidity. While most people would understand that it is a death sentence, to say that no one in the entire history of the world would try it is unbelievable. This is probably just the most recent attempt by an influential greedy fool.

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        We don’t have Gods here. Nor do we have any truly powerful enemy that could wipe us out with a simple smile. With our commonsense(Earth humans) we can look at it and say that humans are very greedy and stupid. I’d even agree that we are willing to do anything as long as we have a CHANCE to come out on top. But this isn’t our world. Our commonsense and view point doesn’t apply. Gods, the beings that built the worlds themselves, DO exist here. There is absolutely no chance to win and that should be very clear to everyone on the planet. It should be a part if THEIR commonsense. To me, it’d be like an earthling trying to retrieve a meteor of gold from outer space without any type of space suit or oxygen supply. That’s a zero % possibility for us. Do you think any human is willing to take the risk knowing full well they can’t even step foot in space without a suit? Of course not. It’s instant death that NOONE could get around. No matter how greedy one is, there are limits to it. @Countrymage- yes, that did happen and I somewhat agree with Misery’s End in that regard but, I look at this with a different viewpoint altogether which is, the writing is just flawed and nonsensical right here. When creating a world for writing u should always include the laws of nature for that world and the commonsense of that world. But, Roy isn’t really good at that and continually includes our commonsense from that world’s viewpoint which of course, would create conflicts and holes in the story.

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      Someone did still attack a Holy land though, with their military, because the increased mana generates valuable materials, like mana crystals, magic metal ores, and the materials from the rarer monsters there.

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      Think there is another angle you should look at this from. There is a massive difference in collection materials from an area and developing the area to produce resources. I mean have a few hundred people go collecting herbs, beast parts, and a few stones is vastly different then burning down half a forest to build a city just to turn around a dig a big hold in the ground…

      Otoh, the system that produces the mana seems to be separated for the materials that are a byproduct of the system. For all we know, leaving that resources in place might be part of the problem. The the plants and animals consume the mana and lock it inside glands, gems and other materials. I mean, if the collecting of materials was detrimental to a holy land, do you honestly think the dragons(or by extension the gods) would allow their removal?

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      Even humans knowing that by polluting rivers, our drinking water will run out slowly, and that by polluting the skies, the air will become less and less breathable, damaging our health, will they stop? Some may even stop, others seek other less polluting methods, but these are exceptions. The human being is greedy, even a Christian who fervently believes in the existence of God, still steals or kills for his own benefit, even the god in which he believes, condemning the act. Sorry if you have English errors, I’m using google translator here, since I do not speak English.

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      The problem is, most humans are destructive to their environment. I can only think of a few cultures that live inside an ecosystem instead of dominate it or do something that alters it in a fundamental way.

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        But other life alters their environments to suit them better too, just humans learned to do that to a greater extent. Humans are just one of the forces of nature. They’re not special.

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    “I heard that Reinbach-sama formed a contract with a divine beast. What is a divine beast? From what I hear, they’re supposed to be beasts that have received a divine protection from the gods and has been given the duty to protect its territory.” [Ryouma]

    from this explanation, Drunk Slime is Divine Beast cause it has Tekun’s Divine Protection

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