The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 141: Strange Phenomenon (1/2)

—Slime Observation Record—

 Today, two new slimes were added to my monster collection.

 I’ll use this opportunity to summarize my findings.


 Stone Slime


  • Harden Lv2
  • Physical Attack
  • Resist Lv2
  • Digest Lv3
  • Absorb Lv3
  • Split Lv3
  • Mimic Lv10


 A slime that looks just like your everyday stone that could be found anywhere outside.

 Just as one might expect, its diet consists of stones.

 So far, I have seen no signs of preference for certain types of stones or minerals contained within.

 But when I gave it a stone, the slime did change its color to imitate it. Moreover, it was even able to replicate the texture.

 I tried closing my eyes and allowed the stone slime to tumble onto the ground. When I opened my eyes next, I had lost track of the stone slime.

 I was able to retrieve the stone slime thanks to the effects of the contract, but it is certainly difficult to find it with one’s senses alone.

 Also, because of another experiment, I was able to find out that the stone slime likes earth-attribute mana. I was also able to find out that earth magic has an effect on its body.

 I look forward to increasing the stone slime’s numbers and finding other slimes that show a response for other stones, such as magic stones, ores, and gems.


 Weed Slime


  • Increased Vitality Lv5
  • Photosynthesis Lv5
  • Digest Lv1
  • Absorb Lv1
  • Accelerate Growth Lv5
  • Split Lv8
  • Mimic Lv9


 This is a slime that grows weed from its body. Just like the stone slime, the weed it grows is your everyday weed that can be found anywhere.

 When this slime is hidden among bushes, it is very hard to find.

 Its diet consists of weed. I tried feeding it my stock of medicinal and poisonous herbs, but it showed no interest.

 However, it did eat the Kotsubuyarikusa that I picked up during the training session.

 It’s possible that it’s a kind of weed, but it’s also possible that this guy just also happens to like grains.

 I haven’t come to a conclusion on that just yet. First, I’d like to increase its numbers, so I have another specimen to compare it with.

 Fortunately, the weed and fertilizers that it feeds on are easily acquired… And for free too.

 The weed slime reproduces quickly.

 I’m sure we’ll have a whole family of weed in no time.

 Also, maybe it’s because it’s related to plants, but it likes earth, wood, and water-attribute mana.

 Also, I tried giving it the fertilizer that the scavenger slime makes and it was happy to receive that too.

 The fluff slime was also happy with the fertilizers, so maybe all plant-type slimes like them.

 More observation and experimentation is necessary.


 I can’t really get started on either unless I increase their numbers first.

“Oh, right. Speaking of increasing numbers…” [Ryouma]


 Bloody Slime
 Currently Under Observation.
 But it’s no longer poisoned, so that’s one source of relief.


 So far, I’ve confirmed the presence of antibodies toward bush snake poison within the blood slimes.

 But they have always possessed the Poison Resist and Disease Resist skills.

 As such, I expect that the bloody slimes should also possess antibodies toward other poisons and diseases.

 I would like to confirm the existence of those.

 To that end, I need to increase their numbers, but for that, I will be needing a considerable amount of feed.

 Presently, most of the feed are procured from Zeke-san’s store.

 But he is already generously giving me all the blood his store has.

 Asking for any more is simply impossible.

 As such, I need to find another source.

 One candidate I thought of is the Saionji Company. They offer butchering services as well.

 But if I were to rely on them, I will have to entrust a bloody slime to someone in the branch store at Renauph and have the bloody slime increase its numbers there.

 If I were to think of someplace nearer that blood could be sourced from, the adventurers guild appears to be a prospective candidate, given that they are supposed to have a place allocated for gutting monsters.

 I heard about that during the training a few days ago. Apparently, anyone could use it as long as they paid the fee.

 I have never used it before, however, so I don’t know how they deal with the garbage from gutting the monsters.

 Still, I might be able to get blood from there.

 And even if I can’t get blood, I might able to acquire thrown bones and meat parts to feed to the slimes.

 There’s no harm in asking. So, yes. Let’s try asking them.

“…Something like this, I guess.” [Ryouma]

 After thinking all of that to myself, I wrapped up my notes and put them away.

 I’ve already eaten supper. Is there anything else I’m supposed to be doing today? …Ah.

“Come to think of it, what happened to my mushrooms?” [Ryouma]

 Yesterday, some thin stuff grew out of them.

 I should go take a look before I sleep. Having decided that, I went to the tunnels where I left the mushroom bed.

“…Why is it so noisy?” [Ryouma]

 The moment I opened the door I installed yesterday, a sound reached my ears. Something small seemed to be clawing from the other side of the door. Did some small rats get inside?

“‘Search’… !?” [Ryouma]

 Just to be safe, I casted Search. I got a response. There’s something on the other side of the door. There seems to be more than 10 or 20 of them too. Moreover, these aren’t small rats. They’re something smaller.

 I immediately called out my sticky slimes and had them prepare sticky traps.






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