The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 159: Parental Love (2/2)


“Ah, excuse me.” [Ryouma]”

When I turned around, a middle-aged man carrying a delicious-smelling basket was trying to enter.

“You’re…?” [???]

“Butts-san, this person is Takebayashi-sama. He’s the benefactor of my husband and is the person who will be making the idols.” [Rurunez]

“Ah… Come to think of it, I did hear that you were participating in the meeting tonight. So you’re the guy— Erm, I mean you’re the esteemed guest. Pardon my belated introduction, I am Butts. I am the head chef of this residence.” [Butts]

“I am Ryouma Takebayashi. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And thank you for the delicious supper.” [Ryouma]

“So you enjoyed tonight’s supper? That’s good then.” [Butts]

…I wonder why. But this person feels familiar.

I know it’s rude to be thinking this, but despite his soft and peaceful demeanor, he doesn’t appear to be very dignified. He’s not tall in the first place, but because of his bent back, he looks weak. And because of the wrinkles on his face and his thinning hair, he gives me the impression of a father with no place in his house or a useless salary man.

“Thank you for coming here yourself today too, Head Chef.” [Rurunez]

“It’s a much needed meeting to make my daughter’s important event a good memory, after all. This much is nothing.” [Butts]

“Daughter?” [Ryouma]

Hah? This two are father and daughter? But Butts-san is human…

“Butts-san has taken care of me ever since I was young. He’s like a real parent to me.” [Rurunez]

Noticing my confusion, Butts-san himself also added.

“Her parents worked here as a maid and as a guard… They helped me a lot when I was just an apprentice here. I looked after her to repay them, but before I knew it, I started looking after her as my own daughter.” [Butts]

“My parents died when I was young due to accidents while on duty. Reinbach-sama couldn’t just leave me alone after I was left behind and permitted me to live at the residence as a maid apprentice. The people working here are both my coworkers and my family.” [Rurunez]

“…I never knew you had that kind of circumstance.” [Ryouma]

I did think they were treating her rather special, what with borrowing the residence to hold the ceremony. I thought since it’s these people we’re talking about, it only made sense, but it seems that she also played with Reinhart-san for a period of time and served as a caretaker for the madam who came from another family to be wedded into this family.

The experience, skills, and loyalty of someone like her who has been here at the residence since young is very highly appraised. As such, important duties are often entrusted to her.

“That kid who was too young at first and couldn’t do any job at all is now big enough to get married.” [Butts]

“How many times have you brought that story up already? …Like I said, it’s thanks to everyone who didn’t abandon me in those days and helped raised me up that I’m here today.” [Rurunez]

“But even then… I think a servant who’s been working for a long time will feel the same way, you know?” [Butts]

Rurunez-san blushed a little and became speechless.

“Takebayashi-Sama…” [Butts]

“Ah, please just call me Ryouma.” [Ryouma]

I know he sees me as a guest, but I’d prefer if he could just call me normally.

I’m going to be working with them to make this wedding a success, so it would be best if they don’t mind me too much.

I know there’s a difference in status, but it would still be nice if he could forget about that here.

As I asked him that, he nodded.

“It seems Hyuzu-san is acquainted with you.” [Butts]

“Yes. We haven’t known each other for long, but he has helped me before.” [Ryouma]

“I see. In that case, please be his ally. While I don’t particularly hate him or anything, and I’m most certainly not against their wedding, but… For some reason, I just can’t help but be harsh on him.” [Butts]

As he bitterly smiled with those kind eyes of his, he put down the basket on the round table.

“Hmm… Ah?” [Hyuzu]

“Oh? Are you awake?” [Butts]

“Ah, that’s no good. I fell asleep. Boss Butts. Is it time for the meeting?” [Hyuzu]

“It’s yet to start. But it’s the meeting for a very important event. It’s only natural to wake the sleeping groom, no?” [Butts]

“That’s true. Oh, hey. Ryouma and Rurunez are here too.” [Hyuzu]

“We’ve been here since a while ago, actually.” [Rurunez]

“Good work out there.” [Ryouma]

“You finally noticed. Can the groom really afford to be like this? …If Rurunez cried because of you, the stress from that would surely make my hair fall off… Won’t poor me have no hair then? While cooking, I might just accidentally drop a hair tonic in your food.” [Butts]

“Spare me the hair tonic, old man! And quit it with the poor attempt at snide remarks. You suck at acting and you take too long… In the first place, I’m not planning on making her cry.” [Hyuzu]

“And hopefully you never will.” [Butts]

He probably isn’t the kind of person to say things like this normally.

But his feelings are complicated.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to understand those feelings since I’ve never been a parent myself.

Everyone has their own circumstances and feelings…

Rurunez was standing between them, but she walked away and just watched the two of them talk.

The room gradually filled with people, and before long, it was time for the meeting to begin.






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