The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 160: The Situation of the Meeting That Couldn’t Be Spoken About (2/2)

If I can’t find work or if I finish quickly, then I’ll move to finishing the design of the gods.

Hyuzu-san said he’d pay for the cost of the materials since it’s his selfish request, but I’m sure there are a lot of other things that he has to pay out of his own pocket. It’s best to save money wherever possible. Fortunately, they don’t mind me making the idols out of recycled materials.

“You’ll be back by supper, right?” [Elize]

The madam seems to be reminding me not to overwork myself.

“Yes. I’ll be in your care tonight too.” [Ryouma]

I didn’t want them to worry for me, but for some reason, it seems they don’t really trust me when it comes to not overworking myself.


After breakfast.

“…” [Ryouma]

I rode a carriage.

‘If you’re going out, then ride the carriage!’ The madam told me as she sent her servants running to get me one. I’m probably the only adventurer in the world who’s being driven around on a carriage with the crest of the duke’s family.

I wanted to refuse, but she was really persistent about it, and in the end, it was decided that I would be on the carriage until I got out of the nobles district.

“Somehow, it feels like the madam is even more protective than before…” [Ryouma]

“She’s been separated from her daughter. She must be very lonely, no?” [Fei]

I was just talking to myself thoughtlessly, but Fei-san answered. He was staying last night with Serge-san’s servants, but since I would be going out today, he came to accompany to me.

“Really?” [Ryouma]

“No decent parent would want to be separated from their children. It might not be a good idea to go too far with that kind of thinking, but using a carriage to move around is common sense to the nobles.” [Fei]

I guess sending off one’s child on a carriage is still within the realm of normalcy…

Wait a moment? Fei-san knows that Elia started going to the academy?

“The duke and his wife summoned me yesterday.” [Fei]

“What!?” [Ryouma]”

“They seemed to know about my previous occupation. They just wanted to confirm that there were no problems. They never really stopped talking about their daughter when I asked if she was here.” [Fei]

“I see…” [Ryouma]

They’re good people, but they’re from the duke’s family and are nobles. It’s normal for them to be on guard against suspicious people in their territory, so it’s not particularly strange even if they know. In the first place, the guild master probably reported about them ever since she took them in and helped them get work.

Still, I never thought they would actually meet him face to face and start talking about their daughter.

“In any case, I’m glad there are no problems.” [Ryouma]

“There’s no problems at all… In fact, they gave me a written guarantee for my identification and a recommendation to the adventurers guild. They provided one for Leelin too. In exchange, they told me to take care of your store.” [Fei]

“Now that’s lavish hospitality…” [Ryouma]

Fei-san took out a luxurious-looking letter from his chest.

It was sealed by the same family crest that was on this carriage.

“…Well, we’re going there anyway, so how about registering now? You can’t accompany me to work anyway.” [Ryouma]

For foreigners like them, these documents will greatly increase their freedom in this country.

Although I don’t plan on binding them while they’re working in my store, it’s still good to have options for when they feel like retiring.

Besides, if I were to hand them something similar face to face, it would probably be hard for them to accept them without any burden.

“Right. With this we can live a normal life anyway. I’ll take this opportunity to register.” [Fei]

He seemed to be worrying about it a little, but in the end, he decided to register.

If an opportunity ever presents itself, it might be a good idea to take on a job with the three of us together.

“Oh, right. By the way, did you ever feel like you were being watched since yesterday?” [Ryouma]

I talked to him about the House Haunting Fairy that Rurunez-san spoke to me about, and he seemed to have an idea.

“I thought for sure I was being monitored.” [Fei]

“Me too. Normally, that’s what you’d think, right?” [Ryouma]

Technically, we were being monitored, though. It’s just that the fairies were doing it on their own.

“Still, fairies that protect a house, huh? That sure is rare. Back at my country, we had fairies that called misfortune on their landowners. They’re said to be born from house owners that died. Especially, those that died a cruel death.” [Fei]

“…Are you sure those are fairies? Not ghost-type or undead-type monsters?” [Ryouma]

“In my country, those are all referred to as ‘Gwi’. It also means monster beast, so that might be the case. In order to drive those Gwi away, we use… In the language here, I suppose you’d refer to it as Necromancy, I think. Anyway, There’s a branch of magic like that, and that’s what’s used against them.” [Fei]

“From what you’re saying, I think it’s safe to say that you’re referring to some kind of evil spirit.” [Ryouma]

Hearing about a new type of magic piqued my curiosity.

Fei-san and I talked until the carriage reached its destination.






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