The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 161: Hobby and Benefit and Unexpected (1/2)

“Boss! Someone came to register!” [Guild Employee]

“Yeah! Bring him here!!” [Boss]

It was like a bunch of bandits talking among themselves…

I parted with Fei-san, who went to register at the adventurers guild, and went to the reception desk to apply for a convenient demolition job. When I got to the site, the man in charge openly frowned.

“A weak looking guy came.” [Boss]

I look like a child, after all. I’m used to it already.

“Good morning. Here are my papers.” [Ryouma]

I showed him the documents for the job and my guild card.

“Oh, so you’re an adventurer here to take on a job, are you? Look, the jobs here may be simple, but— Ah? …You look young, but you’re already a D Rank?” [Boss]

“Yes! I’m confident in my endurance and I specialize in Earth Magic.” [Ryouma]

A mage, huh… Well, fine then. What do you mean you need these materials?  Are you fine with the rubble from the demolished building? You’re fine with the specified reward?” [Boss]

It’s good that he’s quick to talk. That makes it convenient for me.

This kind of atmosphere is nostalgic.

“Of course, but I’d like to get as much rubble as possible. I can use dimension magic, so there won’t be any problems with transporting them.” [Ryouma]

“Take as much as you want then. Hey! Take this kid to the back!” [Receptionist]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Just as the receptionist at the guild said, I was readily permitted to work.

Apparently, this place specializes in demolitions. They hire people outside their company to take away the rubble left behind from their work.

The money paid by the client for the demolition includes their expenses, so if they can reduce the amount of rubble that they have to outsource, then they will be able to reduce the costs by that much. They don’t really look like they expect much from me, but the pay is commission-based, so they’re not really losing out in having me here.

“Here’s the place! This is what you’ll be in charge of.” [Young Man]

The place the young man brought me to was at the very back of the place I was at awhile ago. It was exactly as the boss had said.

But there’s no one here. Just a part of a wall from a large structure that’s collapsed a few meters.

“No one is here right now, but this is where the earth mages work.” [Young Man]

“It’s different from the others.” [Ryouma]

“From what I hear, it’s because people need to concentrate when using magic and when mages run out of mana they become a hindrance.” [Young Man]

True. People can find themselves in so much pain that they can’t even stand when they run out of mana.

I suppose given how dangerous the construction site is, it’s a big problem if they collapse there.

“We don’t pay without results, so we don’t really mind when people work themselves like a dog. For the mean time, what you’ll be destroying is the wall here. Just the area inside the lot. Don’t touch the road or the other structures. And be careful not to get hurt from the falling debris. That’s all. Also, I’ll leave this here just in case.” [Young Man]

The man placed the demolition hammer on his shoulder and rested it against the wall that was to be destroyed.

“You can rest if you want, but you’re an adventurer, so you should show some guts.” [Young Man]

As he said that, he left.

…Is it really such a good idea to leave a beginner in a place where the field overseer or the person next in command can’t see?

The person from the guild said that this demolition company has had a shortage of workers since forever. I suppose that really must be the case.

“…Alright!” [Ryouma]

Well, whatever. The orders were kind of rough, but I’ll just get to work.

First up…

“Dimension Home.” [Ryouma]

I summoned a metal slime and had it transform. I folded a towel to form several layers and placed it above my head, then I ordered the metal slime to cover my head like a helmet. The convenience of metal and iron slimes. I reminded myself of the importance of wearing a helmet at a construction site.

…Come to think of it, I’ve never seen anyone working while wearing a helmet since coming to this world.

The people working here also don’t have any helmet equipped. Maybe I should try developing safety boots and other similar products too. If I were to use the sticky slime materials… Oops. Mind started wandering again there. Let’s put that thought off for later…

” ‘Break Rock’ !!” [Ryouma]

I started by casting a spell on the wall.

As a part of the wall collapsed, a hole with a diameter of 40cm opened.

I was able to penetrate the wall a little, but I went ahead and made another smaller 10cm hole.

I guess this much mana can only do this much… The hole is a lot smaller than I thought. This wall might be using that paint that obstructs earth magic that I heard of before. In that case, I’ll have to exert more mana and cast a stronger spell.

” ‘Break Rock’ !!” [Ryouma]

I opened a hole much bigger than before. By increasing the amount of mana used and increasing the firepower of the spell, I was able to open a bigger hole.

“It works, but this is too inefficient…” [Ryouma]

The collapsed wall turned into sand and scattered by my feet.

Although I can destroy the wall like this, there’s no need to go out of my way and turn the wall into sand.

Even the people working outside are just using a hammer to demolish the place. It should be fine as long as I turn the wall into lumps small enough to be carried.

…Right. Let’s adjust my methods.

“I visualized the scope of my spell not as a surface but as a line and drew it from the top of the wall to the ground… ‘Break Rock’ !” [Ryouma]

My mana penetrated the wall and sand fell down from the wall in front of me.

It was as if the wall was full of sand.

After the sand fell, an a groove of about 2cm big with a lot of bumpy areas formed.

“Success! The same amount of mana is able to penetrate the wall much better. With this I should be able to cut the wall into a convenient size.” [Ryouma]






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