The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 163: Second Day Meeting (2/3)

A worrying factor appeared from somewhere unexpected, but I think it’s good that I’m learning about this now rather than later.

“And that concludes my discussions.” [Reinhart]

“In that case, can I start next?” [Elize]

This time it was the madam who spoke.

Contrast to Reinhart-san who passed out wanted posters earlier, she’s in a good mood.

It’s probably because of those things I gave her this afternoon.

“Elize, it’s been on my mind for a while now, but you seem to have been in a rather good mood since supper.” [Reinhart]

“That’s right! Actually, Ryouma-kun made a ‘bath bomb’ and a ‘sugar scrub’ for me just awhile ago! Because of that all that pent up fatigue from before were washed away in one fell swoop~” [Elize]

The madam started giving her impressions after using those two products I gave her.

“Ah, is this related to the beautifying effect you were talking about yesterday? …A medicine that can change bath water to a hot spring. What an interesting thing indeed.” [Reinhart]

“Ryouma, is that medicine that beautifies the skin that effective?” [Pioro]

“It would vary from person to person.” [Ryouma]

“I want more of those things you gave me! It’s easy to throw a bath bomb into the bath and I was able to warm my body up more compared to just bath water. And just a little rubbing from that sugar scrub was able to change the moisture of my skin!” [Elize]

Seeing the madam talking like this brings me back.

Once you’ve gotten used to them already, they’re nothing much to speak of, but it’s really eyeopening when using them for the first time.

I was the same back in my past life when I first used a sugar scrub.

To be honest, I had no interest whatsoever in beauty, but there was also no reason to waste something I’d received.

But just one use and I was like ’Huh? This might actually be really good.’

When I spoke about it at work, everyone laughed since they couldn’t imagine a big guy like me using beauty products.

“Madam, what I made this noon was just the simplest type. If I were to fuss over the type of oil used and the perfumed oil, I should be able to make something even better.” [Ryouma]

Bath bombs can also be tuned by changing the amount of bath bomb and citric acid to make the bath water slightly alkaline or acidic.

Using water that’s slightly alkaline makes it easier to remove filth from the pores in the skin, and the acidity has an effect of neutralizing aging odor. The perfect ally of a man in his forties!

Moreover, water made slightly acidic by citric acid has the effect of allowing one to recover from exhaustion, as well as give anti-inflammatory effects. It also has a sterilizing and deodorizing effect different from that of weak alkaline water. Human skin is slightly acidic, so it’s gentler on the skin compared to slightly alkaline water.

Which one to use depends on what’s constitution and condition of the skin. Of course, one could choose simply depending on how one feels.

And if you compare these methods with medicinal baths that use medicinal herbs or seasonal vegetations, there’s a myriad of ways to improve a bath.

“How wonderful!” [elize]

“It’s effective against aging odor? Maybe I should give it a try myself…” [Pioro]

“Pioro, are you worried?” [Reinhart]

“Fool! I’m not at that age yet! It’s just that my wife might have made a passing remark or two before, so…” [Pioro]

“Ha ha ha… Well, if Elize is praising it to this extent, then it must be amazing.” [Reinhart]

“Right. Ryouma-sama, if it’s no trouble to you, won’t you allow us to also try those bath bombs and sugar scrubs of yours?” [Reinhart]

“It’s no trouble at all. I still have some ingredients left from this afternoon. I’ll make some and send them to your room later.” [Ryouma]

That concluded the conversation with the madam regarding the beauty products.

Next, it was my turn to talk about the things I couldn’t talk about yesterday, but…

But everyone suddenly sat straight up.

“What is it all of the sudden?” [Ryouma]

“Well, you kept dropping one bomb after another yesterday like those running mash of yours.” [Pioro]

“Frankly, it’s a bit scary wondering what bomb you’ll be dropping next.” [Serge]

“I thought it would be a good idea to brace myself ahead of time.” [Elize]

“Alright. My heart is ready. Now, Ryouma! Come and try your worst!” [Reinhart]

…But if they do this, the one who gets pressured is me!

Am I the only one who can feel this atmosphere that makes it feel like I better not talk about anything boring?

“In that case, let’s talk about another slime use that I wasn’t able to talk about last time.” [Ryouma]

While everyone was strangely tense, I talked about the serum of the bloody slime.

First, I gave a simple explanation of what blood serums and antibodies are. I spoke of me teaching a group of new adventurers.

I also explained why my bloody slime ended up ingesting poison.

And then from there, I talked about the slime’s recovery and the increase in level it observed on its poison skill. Finally, I tied that in with the blood serum and antibodies.

When I started talking about extracting the antibodies and experimenting on animals…

“…” [Reinhart, Elize, Serge, Pioro]

All four of my audience was wearing a serious face.

“…And so we sit here justified in bracing ourselves.” [Reinhart]

Reinhart-san said. The other three nodded.






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        The sugar scrub can remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, without causing pain. leaving the skin soft and fragrant.

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