The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 163: Second Day Meeting (3/3)

“Ryouma-sama, this thing you refer to as ‘antibody’. The relation with the ‘Poison Resist’ and ‘Disease Resist’ skill. And the antidote made from the bloody slime. I’m not a specialist or anything in the field of medicine, but even a layman such as myself can see just how inestimable the value of these findings is.” [Serge]

“Indeed. I know enough to tell that if those methods of yours work for that snake’s poison, then perhaps it can also work for other poisons. But at the same time, it makes me wonder whether you’re really telling the truth… Not that there’s any point in doubting now.” [Pioro]

“It doesn’t benefit Ryouma-kun to lie to us. Although at this point, it might be better if it turned out to be just a lie…” [Elize]

“Frankly, I also think it’s too much.” [Reinhart]

Discovering the antibody from the bloody slime, extracting the blood serum and investigating its effects.

Although it’s fun doing experiments alone, it’s not very effective.

A single child’s efforts aren’t enough for it to be released to society.


“Actually there’s more to it.” [Ryouma]

“…There’s still more?” [Reinhart]”

“The reason I was able to find out about the antibody and the blood serum is because the poison resist skill leveled up.” [Ryouma]

“…! I see! It wasn’t learned. It was a level up. In other words, there are other antibodies other than those for the poison of the bush snake.” [Reinhart]

“It’s exactly as Reinhart-san says. In the first place, the bloody slime isn’t a slime that I evolved on my own. It’s a slime I purchased from an adventurer who found it somewhere, so it already possessed the poison resist and disease resist skills resist right from the start.” [Ryouma]

And then after finding out about the antibodies, I wondered if there are other antibodies using the Identify spell.

“I found several antibodies. One of them was for ‘Cursed Wound’.” [Ryouma]

“…” [Reinhart, Elize, Serge, Pioro]

The four adults all sighed simultaneously and looked up at the sky. They looked very tired.

It can’t be helped.

When afflicted by the cursed wound, one is expected to suddenly fall sick and die.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the wound is, where the wound was incurred, or what one’s social standing is.

Like a curse, one will just suddenly wake up sick.

A few days will pass after incurring the wound without anything happening, but before long, the limbs and the face will start to numb. From there, the status of the afflicted will worsen and the body will lose its freedom and start moving about without regard for the damage caused to it. Yes, just like a man possessed by some kind of demon. The whole body will tremble violently, and there are cases where one’s body would even bend like a bow, then harden like a stone. Without any way to resist the urge the bend, the spine will eventually break. This is not something that the afflicted can do anything about. To make things worse, despite not being able to control one’s body, one is fully conscious through the whole ordeal; hence, one can thoroughly savor the pain and thus die while squirming about. The death rate is extremely high…

In other words, it is what is known in my past life as ‘Tetanus’.

A disease that causes death even in modern day Japan, where blood serums are a thing. Unfortunately, for this country, there is no cure. As such, when people are afflicted with tetanus, they are labeled ‘cursed’ with no way to be saved. It’s a disease feared by all regardless of status.

Basically, what I’m saying right now is that there’s a chance that a cure might be concocted for that terrifying disease.

They value of such a cure is immeasurable.

“Are you certain that it’s the antibody for cursed wound? I’m not doubting you, but…” [Reinhart]

“I used Identify on it, so there’s no doubting it. In the first place, cursed wound is a disease that one could be afflicted with anywhere. Naturally, the disease demon (bacteria) responsible for it can also be found anywhere.” [Ryouma]

It is popularly known that clostridium tetani resides in soil.

The bloody slime probably absorbed it after touching soil.

“But Ryouma-kun, in order to create antibodies, one has take the poison into his body first. Won’t surviving be impossible then? The cursed wound has a high fatality rate too, and yet the bloody slime is still alive.” [Elize]

“One possible reason I could think of is that the disease demons (bacteria) taken in were few in number and that the make up of the bloody slime’s body is different from humans, making it difficult for it to multiply, thereby creating less poison and greatly reducing the effects on the slime.

Secondly, the characteristic symptom of curse wounds is mainly muscle spasms, but the bloody slime doesn’t have nerves or muscles… It’s possible that because of this the effects on it were much weaker.

Regardless, there’s a large difference between humans and bloody slimes, so I’m wondering if it can be used. Unfortunately, I don’t have proof.” [Ryouma]

“…Right. When you put it that way, you’re perfectly right.” [Elize]

“Just the production of a new medicine can be seen to have great value, but if it’s a medicine for cursed wound, then all the more so. At the same time, it’s a dangerous thing.” [Reinhart]

“Putting it lightly, it’s a great discovery, but if some bad guys were to get word of this, they’ll probably try to get you. No, they’ll definitely try to get you. If the Medical Guild or any research institute where to get wind of this, they’d never leave you alone.” [Pioro]

“Indeed. And research institutes don’t have a trustworthy reputation either.” [Ryouma]

We were all left speechless with how difficult it was to handle the the blood serum.

For a while, only the sound of sipping tea and eating sweets resounded in the room.

“Ryouma-kun” [Reinhart]

In the end, Reinhart-san was the first to break the silence.

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

He wore a face more serious than I’ve ever seen as he naturally fixed his posture.

What he said within that tense atmosphere was this.

“What do you think about becoming our family’s ‘Engineer’?” [Reinhart]






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