The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 173: Three Choices (1/4) (SHORT)

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The head of the Moulton Company himself led Ryouma and Co. to the courtyard.

This entire store used to be the manor of a noble and had merely been renovated into a store, so the courtyard was very big.

Depending on the person it might even look deserted.

This place was probably once covered in various plants and trees, but now the ground has been made even and turned into sand. At the center of the courtyard was a line demarcated by a wall of bricks, beyond which was a line of targets for one to show off his skill in the bow or in the arcane arts. Near the door that led to the courtyard were seats meant for the guests, but there was still more than enough room for the slaves to run about and swing their weapons.

In front of the seats were the 10 slaves from before. They have already made their preparations. As Ryouma and the others got to their seats, Moulton announced the topic of the ability test.

“From here on, you will all be displaying your abilities before the customers, but there is a catch. The opponent you will be facing will come from our customers.” [Orest]

The slaves turned to Ryouma and the others. Most of them were looking at Fei.

“You will be allowed to pick from three opponents.

One is Fei-sama, who is sitting here. He is a former soldier from Zilmar and currently works as the head of security of your future employer’s store. Should you be purchased, then you will be working under him.” [Orest]

The slave candidates were concerned about the ‘three choice’, but so far, everything has been going as expected. The slaves were all calm.

“The second choice for your opponent is none other than Ryouma Takebayashi-sama himself. He is the customer for this transaction and the owner of the store, but he is also presently a D Rank adventurer.” [Orest]

Some faint but surprised voices rose up at that.

D Rank adventurers aren’t strange.

But given Ryouma’s age, he would have been considered plenty brilliant just by being an E Ranker.

“And for your third choice… You will be fighting against three monsters. Takebayashi-sama will send out three of his tamed slimes for you to fight.” [Orest]

“A slime!?” [Slave 1]

“That’s a bit…” [Slave 2]

When the slaves heard that they would be fighting three slimes, there were some among them who thought they were being taken lightly.

But Moulton extended his hand and told them all to calm down.

“I will continue. As I mentioned earlier, you have three choices for your opponents. In other words, who you choose to fight is entirely up to you. If you believe an opponent isn’t strong enough for you, then you don’t have to choose that opponent. Your objective here is to pick out an opponent and show off your skills during battle.” [Orest]

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  1. Arrrgh. I’m also hoping one of them decides the slimes and gets pummeled by their fighting skills and not their special abilities. But this left off at just the right point to annoy the poop out of me. 😛 Damn youuuu!

      1. Well, he also has those iron and metal slimes, and those are like mini tanks, like living lumps of heavy metal (ok that sounds way more bad-ass than I initially thought it would). Of course, a house sizes slime would own the arena, and that would be awesome, but it doesn’t fit with Ryouma’s personality.

  2. Ryouma’s trying to whittle them down further. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover test. Orest warned that Fei is a soldier, Ryouma is a D ranked adventurer, or 3 slimes of the said D ranked adventurer. My guess: Choose slimes, get your ass beat and not chosen. Choose Ryouma, get your ass beat but get chosen. Choose Fei and get chosen if you only win.

    1. I think they don’t necessarily have to win. After all, most of them are only level 3 in fighting skills and Ryouma already knows this. I think the test here not underestimating the opponent. They might pick Ryouma or the slimes thinking it’s an easy win. But if they pick these supposed weaklings but take them seriously, it would probably be a pass.

  3. It’s a test of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. My guess: Choose the slimes, get your ass beat and don’t get chosen. Choose Ryouma, get your ass beat but get chosen. Choose Fei, get chosen if you only win.

  4. So, the birbs don’t get any action. Then again, the darkness bird can probably suppress those 10 fighters alone. Anyway this is surely going to be fun.
    Thanks for the release! Awesome translation as always! God bless you, take care and have a great day!

  5. So… which slimes will be used for a match? the scavenger slimes? Since there are three, I’m hoping for some variety. A metal Slime, an Iron Slime, then a Heal Slime party. It’s practically invincible!! xDDDD

    1. Heal slime wearing iron slime as armor and a dark or earth slime would be the perfect party. Covers tank, mage, and healer.

  6. Thanks for the chapter, how merciless Ryouma is… using his slimes as opponents for test just to destroy their confidence

  7. There’s also the fact of eyeing your opponents strength. If they chose Ryouma because they want to fight a strong opponent even though Ryouma looks like a kid, then that would give them some passing remarks. Some bandits have fallen for Ryouma’s innocent kid trick so a guard defending a store that has caught attention would need guards who can eye the customers

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