The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 184: After Story II – Introspection and the Changes of Gimuru (2/3)

“Is that all? I don’t think you’re lying, but are you sure there’s nothing else you want to talk about?” [Ryouma]

“…Sometimes you’re really sharp, Boss… Mr. Lord’s stature and appearance is sure to serve as a deterrent. I believe that from the bottom of my heart, but at the same time, the loss of his left hand might cause others to look down on him. After all, even though I thought he looked really strong at first glance, I couldn’t help but have second thoughts after seeing that.” [Carm]

“I know he’s left hand is no good, but if you see him fight once, I think you’ll be able to be at ease. I also thought it was strange when I was just reading about him from the documents I was given… If you want we can show off his abilities to everyone.” [Ryouma]


If it’s alright with you and him, can we have the two of you spar during the busy hour tomorrow?” [Carm]

Apparently, the part timers will be working during that time slot, so we’ll have some leeway for the spar.

We’ll also be able to show Ox-san’s face and ability to the customers.

Moreover, by having him spar during this period, we’ll not only be able to show that he’s our new employee, but also show off his ability for everyone to see.

Later we can spread some rumors that will make the bad people think twice about wanting to touch our store…

I’ve thought this since before, but Carm-san, you sure are good at this kind of stuff.

“I am my older sister’s twin, but when it comes to negotiating or operating a business, that is to say, leadership skills, my older sister has always been at the lead. Frustrated by that, I looked for some other way I could make myself useful, and in the end, I ended up specializing at intelligence gathering and manipulation.

Ah, but of course, I’m at least good enough at business not to hinder it. My older sister is also decent at gathering and using information.” [Carm]

“I don’t doubt it. Let’s continue to get along.” [Ryouma]

After all, he’s basically operating the store by himself nowadays. He’s really reliable.

“For the meantime, it’s good that nothing really bad has happened, but if some strange people were to do anything to the store or the employees, please be sure to inform me. Talk to me too if there’s a need for brute force.

I know some adventurers I could talk to, and frankly, I’m more useful in fighting than in negotiations.” [Ryouma]

As much as possible, I’d like for any issue to be settled with just talking, but it’s important to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses with a calm composure.

And obsessing over one method too much and causing bigger losses as a result is simply failing to see the forest for the trees. As much as possible, I’d like there to be no damages or losses whatsoever.

2 weeks later I’ll have to go to Shikumu to hunt a Mud Salamander, but after that, perhaps it would be better to stop going on trips for a while.

At least until New Year.

“Right. I was originally going to talk about this first, but my ‘greeting’ to the duke’s family ended well. In fact, it ended on a very good note.” [Ryouma]

Moreover, because they believe that my business might be able to help reduce the occurrence of disease in the city, I’ve been asked to build a branch over at Gaunago too. They’ll even be providing the lot and the property, and on top of that, due to Gaunago having a lot of nobles, they’ll even provide maids to teach the employees the proper etiquette of dealing with the nobles.

Just those alone would be considered exceptional treatment, but during my stay there, we talked about stuff like garbage problems and fertilizers, and they said that they would also support my endeavors that could benefit the public (things that can bring a profit to the territory). They were saying it indirectly, but it was still relatively straightforward in my opinion.

I also spoke to Serge-san and Pioro-san about the construction of the manufacturing plant for the waterproof cloths and the cultivation of the mushrooms. From the looks of things, it appears that we will be able to continue cooperating for a long time. Another matter worthy of celebration.

It’s good to have such encouraging allies.

I explained these things to him in hopes of relieving him of his stress even just a little, but…

“What’s the matter?” [Ryouma]

Before I knew it, Carm-san had become thoughtful.

“Getting the protection of the duke’s family is indeed something to be happy about and it’s also reassuring, but if they expect so much from you, then in the case you’re unable to fulfill their expectations… I can’t help but become anxious. No. Stop. I shouldn’t be like this.” [Carm]

Did he become pessimistic while I was away? He shook his head and renewed his resolve.

“If they told you to put up a store in Gaunago, then we can consider the matter done. We should immediately pick out who to send and
decide the rest of the staff.” [Carm]

“I actually have someone in mind.” [Ryouma]

I took out a pamphlet from my Item Box.

“This is the Moulton Slave Company’s?” [Carm]

“Yes. I got it before leaving the store after purchasing Ox-san. There’s an explanation in it about new businesses.” [Ryouma]

I received it while essentially running away, but if I were to explain its contents in a few words, it would be ‘temporary staffing’.






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