The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 189: Breakfast of the Fishing Village and Souvenir (3/3) (SHORT)

After a while, breakfast was ready.

For the first dish of today’s menu we have mustard soup. That’s the same dish we had last night.
Mustard soup is treated in this region like miso soup, so for today’s soup’s ingredients, we’re using the leftover crab from yesterday and the eggs I brought.
Another dish we’re having is the usuyaki bread made from Kotsubuyarikusa. A dish that I ate a lot of when I lived back at the forest. We also have some pickled vegetables that resemble pickled daikon radish.

Mornings at the fishing village start early.
Because of that breakfasts here are usually made up of something that can be easily prepared plus another dish that can fill the stomach.

“Oh! Today’s breakfast sure looks extravagant.” [Kai]
“Where did the bird eggs come from?” [Kei]
“Ryouma-kun brought it as a souvenir for us. He says he’s raising chickens using dimension magic.” [Mother]
“He even helped out with today’s breakfast. You boys could learn a thing or two from him, you know?” [Mei]

Kai-san and the others who have just woken up ignored their older sisters’ words and stared at the soup with twinkling eyes.
Looks like they like it. As the one who gifted it to them, that makes me really happy.

“Thank you…” [Hoi]
“? Ah, you’re welcome.” [Ryouma]

The dad muttered a ‘thank you’ quietly. Our eyes met, so I realized that he was thanking me.
He didn’t say anything more and quietly started eating after picking up his plate.

Does he have low blood pressure? He’s acting completely differently compared to yesterday.

“Sorry about that. My husband isn’t very talkative without liquor. He’s the kind of guy who just says one word when he needs something.” [Mother]
“I see.” [Ryouma]

I feel like I heard about it yesterday, but I didn’t think it was this bad.

“He’s not angry, so don’t mind him. You eat too, Ryouma-kun.” [Mother]

As the mother of the house said that, she got some kotsubuyarikusa bread and placed it over her plate.
The dad started eating, so Kai-san and the others started eating too.

Well, in that case, I might as well dig in.

…Yep. Delicious. The kotsubuyarikusa bread has a peculiar taste, but after soaking it in the mustard soup, it’s not noticeable at all. If anything it’s served to only add a nice accent.

But I wonder why…
This soup seems to be really nostalgic. It’s almost as if I’m about to remember something just from eating it.

“What’s the matter? You’re making an odd face. Do you not like the food?” [Mother]

Oops, the mother is looking at me anxiously.

“I was just thinking about something. I feel like I’ve eaten this soup somewhere before, but I just can’t remember where.” [Ryouma]
“Oh, so that’s why.” [Mother]

The mother sighed in relief.
Fortunately that cleared up the misunderstanding.

There’s not much time, so I better leave the thinking for later and just finish eating quickly.
Everyone eats quickly too anyway, and I have to fight the mud salamanders today.
I need to prepare myself thoroughly!






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    I’m betting that it’s a kind of soup made from mustard greens or a similar kind of robust leafy green that can withstand stewing. I imagine it’s a bit of an acquired taste, depending on how it is flavored, kind of like collard greens are in the US.

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