The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 190: Mud Salamander Hunt (1/3) (SHORT)

After breakfast I left the house.

It was still dark outside and there was a faint mist too, so it was a little hard to see.

Still, it wasn’t as if I couldn’t see the path at all, and I’ve already been told the way beforehand.

And besides, Kai-san and Kei-san are both with me, so there’s no way I could get lost.

I sway my arms, raise my legs up high, and make sure to keep myself warm as I slowly make my way toward my destination.

By the way, the dad finished eating sooner than anyone else and was the first to leave.

“Hey.” [Kai]

“Usu.” [Kei]

“Good morning.” [Ryouma]

As we approached the lake, more and more people about to work appeared.

Before long we arrived at our destination, the beach.

“Ohh…” [Ryouma]

At the beach were hundreds of strong muscular men. They had split into two groups and were eagerly watching the lake.

Near those two groups were fire baskets that seemed like they were meant to serve in place of a lighthouse.

There was also boatlight over the lake. Several small lights could be seen in a line.

There were also camp fires and piles of firewood on the beach. There were about 8 of them.

People could be seen waiting by those with a spear, no, a harpoon at hand.

The burning flames reflected upon the dim lake and the contour of the light blurred by the mist painted a dreamlike image.

The boats communicated with each other using flutes and drums. The whole thing looked like a festival of sort.

“Ryouma, over here. Let’s go.” [Kai]

“Yes!” [Ryouma]

It’s beautiful, but I don’t have the time to gaze at the view.

I need to greet the people organizing the adventurers and report my arrival, then I need to rendezvous with the people from the Wharf of Shikumu.

Apparently, the Mud Salamander subjugation is done in teams, so I’ll have to team up with them.

“Good morning!” [Ryouma]

“Good morning.” [Shin]

“Oh. You sure are lively so early in the morning.” [Sein]

“Let’s get along…” [Peiron]

Shin-san, Sein-san, Peiron-san had already arrived ahead of time, so with our arrival, that makes all of us.

There was still some time until the hunt would begin.

“By the way, if you guys don’t mind, can you teach me a little about how to hunt the mud salamanders?” [Ryouma]

I’ve studied the basics and I also learned about the subjugation methods from the senpai adventurers yesterday, but there are experienced people here, so if they know something useful, it would be best to know.






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