The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 214: Carm’s Worries I (1/3)

Side Carm Norad

As a fragrant aroma wafted up my face, I opened my eyes.

That should be Shelma-san preparing today’s breakfast.

…I’ve never smelled this aroma before.

It smells great, but I wonder what she’s cooking.

It’s already been over half a year, and I’ve already gotten used to this peaceful time in the morning.

As I anticipated what today’s menu might be, I readied myself, and then headed to the cafeteria of the dormitory.

“Ah, good morning.” [Ryouma]

For some reason, the boss was helping out with today’s breakfast.

“Good morning, Boss. You sure are early today.” [Carm]

The boss is also managing the northern mines, so he usually comes to the store from there.

That’s why he’s usually not here at this time.

When I asked him why he was here so early…

“Actually, I dropped by Serge-san’s store before going home yesterday, and we talked for quite a while. Because of our conversation, I ended up going to the merchant’s guild too, where I spoke to the guild master and again talked for a long time. Before we knew it it was already late into the night, so the guild master let me sleep in the guild’s nap room.” [Ryouma]

“So that’s why you’re here so early.” [Carm]

Of course, he’s early. He didn’t go back home.

If he was able to get a good night’s rest despite that then it’s fine, but there’s something bothering me.

“What did you talk about that you even had to involve the guild master on top of Serge-sama?” [Carm]

“Oh, right. I don’t think it’ll have any effect on the laundromat, but I might as well ask you. Actually—” [Ryouma]

“Good morning!” [Jane]

Oh? Jane-san and the others have come too.

“Huh!? Boss!?” [Fina]

“Oh my~? You really are here, Boss~” [Maria]

“Good morning, Boss.” [Jane]

“Good morning. Sorry to intrude. Ah, Carm-san. We can continue our conversation over breakfast.” [Ryouma]

“Very well.” [Carm]

The boss seems occupied at the moment with helping Shelma-san. He went back to prepare breakfast.

…He talked late into the night as soon as he came back, and then he’s even helping out with breakfast early in the morning. I wonder if he really managed to rest.

While I was thinking that, the employees entered the cafeteria one after another.

Before long, it was already time for breakfast.

“—And that’s the gist of it.” [Ryouma]

The boss is acting casually, but he just said something really crazy just now.

“In other words, you’re planning to enter multiple industries?” [Carm]

“It’s necessary in order to prepare for my objective of ‘going back to the Great Shurus Forest’, and necessary in order to deepen my knowledge and research new technologies… You could say it’s an investment toward myself, but yes, in the end, I will be dipping my toe in multiple industries.” [Ryouma]

I understand what the boss is getting at… Even if it is to ‘prepare for a journey’.

Unlike other people, the boss can use dimension magic, so he can carry more things than other people and is also able to sleep at ease in the night. But I hear there are many situations during adventurer work where he’s not able to resupply and has to rely on his own abilities.

And the boss is also planning on going to one of the top 5 most dangerous regions in the country. It wouldn’t be surprising if he found himself in a situation where he had to conserve mana or couldn’t use magic.

If he finds himself in such a situation, then it wouldn’t do if he couldn’t do anything without magic. I’m sure he also wants to be able to rest his mind and body as much as possible during his journey. If so, then he’ll likely want to be able to take better camping tools and preserved food with him.

I myself have experienced having to camp outside and eat stale food when I traveled here for the first time. I recall being really tired when I finally arrived.

It’s not just adventurers. When people who aren’t used to traveling travel, they have a hard time even when escorted by guards. I know that by experience.

I think any adventurer who travels and camps out regularly would want better accommodations if they had the coin to spare.

But while that might be true, would any adventurer go so far as to start researching into ‘making preserved foods’?

…Other than this person in front of me, is there really anyone who would go so far?

Moreover, what the boss wants to do isn’t just limited to preserved food.

The ‘scope’ of his plans, the people to talk to and the groundwork necessary, as well as the investment needed… It seems he discussed all of those last night.

What’s more is that the guild master apparently wrote to the guild masters of the other guilds too, and that the boss would also be participating in the guild master meeting three days later… As usual, the boss says some crazy things so casually.

“Psst, assistant-manager? Just how much of that was true? It sounded a little too unbelievable for me.” [Yurdum]

“All of it. The boss meant everything he said.” [Carm]

The others were a little shocked too, but it was the boss after all, so they came to terms with it very quickly. Only Yurdum-san, who’s new, found the boss’s story unbelievable, and had to confirm with me.

…But that’s only natural. It’s only natural to be in disbelief.

In the first place, it’s not normally so easy to meet the guild master just by barging into the guild. Not to mention talking late into the night. It’s a really busy job, so sparing so much time for a person is normally impossible.

If it were a big time merchant like Serge-sama, then perhaps the guild might still accommodate him. Or in the case of an emergency, perhaps even other merchants would be accommodated. But in most cases, someone lower in the hierarchy would hear the merchant out, get confirmation, and then get the more specific details on another day.

Getting an audience immediately is normally impossible.

But considering the influx of laborers, and the number of problems pestering the town, perhaps it’s not so strange after all.

“Are you doing this to provide work for the laborers?” [Carm]






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