The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 214: Carm’s Worries I (2/3)

“You too? Serge-san and Grisiera-san told me the same thing, but that’s not really a matter for an individual like me to think about. This is an investment toward myself and my future, no more no less. Of course, the laborers will get to work too as a result. I won’t deny that.” [Ryouma]

That’s what he says, but his ‘for my own sake’ isn’t really that believable.

He said the same thing when he opened this laundromat. He said that it was to serve as an insurance in case his adventurer work went awry, but in the end, he’s more concerned with his employees and slimes’ wellbeing and work environment than he is with the store’s profits. Because of that all the employees here including me are very satisfied with our job and morale is also very high, but even after us the ones he’s most concerned with next are the customers. As for himself? There’s probably two or three more after the customers before he even has a thought to spare.

Serge-sama told me to be careful about that part regarding him when I was introduced to this store for the first time, but I’m sure even if Serge-sama didn’t say anything that I would have still become concerned.

The boss is ‘too good of a person’.

As a person, that’s a virtue, but as a merchant, it’s a cause for anxiety.

I believe it was because of that that me and my older sister were dispatched here in the first place – to compensate for his kindness and support him.

That’s just how kind the boss is.

“It is true that there are a lot of things I have to prepare.” [Ryouma]

“That’s right. You’re going to a dangerous place, so you need to prepare properly.” [Fina]

He’s not wrong, but to me it sounds like he’s just looking for an excuse to provide work to the laborers.

In fact, the other employees seem to think so too.

No one’s saying anything, but I’m sure no one believes the boss when he says that he’s doing this just for himself.

At most, the newest employee, Yurdum-san, is unsure if the boss is really serious, but that can’t be helped.

The investment needed to enter a new industry is no laughing matter, but if the risk was too high, then I’m sure Serge-sama and the guild master would have stopped him. If they decided that it’s something they ‘could keep talking about’, then the boss’ idea must have that much value behind it, and is not just a mad gamble at the market.

I’ll just do what I can and do my best managing the store here.

And then in the future—

“Ah, by the way, Boss. You asked me before to investigate the laundromats that tried to imitate us. I would like to give my report on that assignment.” [Carm]

“Come to think of it, I did ask you to look into that before leaving. Well, alright. Let’s hear it.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. 90% of the stores have already been closed. They didn’t have any cleaner slimes, so they had to rely on people to do the laundry. Moreover, they also couldn’t keep up with us in terms of speed and quality, but I think the biggest culprit why they had to close down was because they couldn’t compete with us in price. That being said, there is still a store that’s continuing to operate.” [Carm]

“Oh? What kind of store is it?” [Ryouma]

“In the western part of Gimuru, in the Craftsman District, there is a former workshop that is also a house that now serves as a store. It’s run by a family of three – a mother, a young son, and a young daughter.” [Carm]

“Are they making money?” [Ryouma]

“Not at all. But the husband who passed away last year was really popular, so their neighbors are supporting them, and they’re somehow able to get by.” [Carm]

“I see… This is the eastern part of the town, so it’ll probably be much easier on the customers from the western side if we were to put up a branch store there. If my memory serves me right, there are many braggarts among the customers from there. It’s not a bad location, but it would be reassuring if we could cooperate with someone trustworthy to the locals. But I’m sure they too have their circumstances. Just talking among ourselves won’t do. It looks like we’ll have to meet them to discuss the takeover and the consolidation of the management.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. This task is too heavy for a representative to handle. Moreover, there are also people who find such actions rude, so I suggest you do this yourself, Boss. Of course, I’ll help out with the preparations too. I could also accompany you and help with the details of the contract.” [Carm]

“I see. Can you tell me about the process and etiquettes of a take over? I don’t have any experience with such matters.” [Ryouma]

“Please don’t worry, I understand that very well. But for the meantime, let’s finish our meal first.” [Carm]

Like that we finished our breakfast, and then moved to the office at the store.

Explaining the process of the take over, preparing the necessary documents, contacting the other party, and finishing the stockpiled paperwork… It took us an entire day to finish all of that.

…To be honest, this issue isn’t so important that we had to finish everything in one day, but the boss looked like he was about to do everything on his own again.

You can always count on the boss to surpass expectations. There’s that conversation of his with Serge-sama too. Sigh, he really is just that sort of person. The sort who racks his head, trying to bring everything toward a good direction, only to end up making more work for himself.






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