The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 214: Carm’s Worries I (3/3)

“Assistant-Manager.” [Yurdum]

“Huh!? Ah, Yurdum-san. You startled me.” [Carm]

“I knocked. Something on your mind? Did the boss go back already? Shelma-san asked me to bring some sweets and tea for you two.” [Yurdum]

“He left already since the work was done. He said he’d go back home properly this time.” [Carm]

“I see. Can I have the leftover tea and sweets then?” [Yurdum]

“Go ahead. It would be a waste to just throw them away, after all.”

“Thanks.” [Yurdum]

As he said that he started digging in.

His actions could be regarded as frivolous, but it wasn’t offensive.

“By the way, did he really finish the job?” [Yurdum]

“Yes. Is something the matter?” [Carm]

“Normally, a child wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of paperwork. At the very least, it would have been impossible for me when I was at his age. Sitting down somewhere and studying was a big enough pain as is.” [Yurdum]

“Ah, that’s what you meant.” [Carm]

…Come to think of it, where did the boss learn how to do paperwork?

He has asked me to teach him how to do paperwork before, but it was regarding the official documents to be submitted to the guild, so it felt more like he was simply ‘not used to the style here’, and in truth was very used to doing paperwork. In fact, he seemed to be a veteran at it.

“I was also just starting to study how to do paperwork when at I was the boss’s age. Perhaps it’s possible depending on the person?” [Carm]

In my case, it was more like I was just helping out, and the work I was doing was less than half a person’s share, but considering the things that the boss has done until now, I feel like it only makes sense that he can do this much.

“I know there are children with talents beyond their age in a certain field, but the boss is different. How do I put it? He doesn’t feel like a child at all.” [Yurdum]

He suddenly made his face look serious as he asked me for my thoughts. I couldn’t help but slip a chuckle at that.

“Well, that’s true.” [Carm]

“Right? Well, that’s fine and all, but there’s something bothering me.” [Yurdum]

“Something bothering you? What is it?” [Carm]

“It would be great if it’s just my imagination, but don’t you think that boss is really tense?” [Yurdum]

“Tense?” [Carm]

“Yes. Especially, when we met for the first time. He was really tense. I’d heard that he was a gentle person, so I couldn’t believe it was the same person. Today it feels like he’s hiding that tenseness and is forcing himself to act cheerful.” [Yurdum]

I see…

“Do you have an idea why he might be feeling like that?”

“I didn’t think he was being overly tense or forcing himself to be cheerful, but he did seem more focused in his work than usual. Or rather it felt like he was trying to get it done quickly. Though that could also partly be because it’s going to get even more busy from here on.” [Carm]

“Ah, I don’t really get it myself, but didn’t he go to meet the president of the Morgan Company? It seems he mainly wanted to confirm his safety, so why did it end up with him starting a new business?” [Yurdum]

“Right, if you’re not used to his antics, no, even if you’re used to his antics, you might still find it weird, but sometimes, the boss suddenly takes a huge leap in thinking like that or outright skips a process.” [Carm]

“Is that the so-called temperament of a genius? But in that case, won’t it be difficult talking to him?” [Yurdum]

“At first, a little, and there have been times when I’ve been overwhelmed by him too, but if you ask him one at a time how he ‘arrived to that conclusion’, he’ll answer properly, so it’s not that troublesome. Besides, it’s a common peculiarity as far as researchers go. I can’t talk about this so loudly, but the boss is a lot easier to talk to than the researchers I had to deal with in my previous workplace. At least, he answers properly when you ask him.” [Carm]

“Ahh, those kind of people are a thing, aren’t they? They rattle on and on, and then wonder why you can’t understand them. When you take that into consideration, I guess the boss really is generous.” [Yurdum]

Oh? He seems rather familiar with those people…

“Yurdum-san, do you know someone like that?” [Carm]

“Huh? Ha ha, I’ve gone to all sorts of places in my quest to test my strength, so I’ve gotten to meet all sorts of people. People like that aren’t bad per se, but they sure are a pain.” [Yurdum]

We both shared a laugh at that.

“But speaking of which…” [Carm]

“Hmm? What is it?” [Yurdum]

“You were talking about how the boss was ‘tense’ and about how he ‘doesn’t act like a child’, right? I don’t know if it’s related, but… The boss has a habit of immediately looking for an ‘answer’ whenever there’s a ‘problem’.” [Carm]

“What do you mean?” [Yurdum]

“How to put it? He doesn’t cry like a kid or he’s quick to adapt… Hmm… Explaining it is a bit difficult.” [Carm]

While I was racking my head how to explain, Yurdum-san patiently waited.

He’s really diligent when it comes to things like this despite seeming so flippant all the time.

“Let’s see… For example, earlier, you were asking about how he ended up wanting to start a new business when he just wanted to make sure that his friend was safe, right? But if you consider it from the perspective of a ‘merchant’ and think about the profits, don’t you think his actions make perfect sense?” [Carm]

“Why is that?” [Yurdum]

“Bluntly put, no matter how much you tell someone how worried you were about them, it won’t amount to a single copper.” [Carm]

“That really is blunt!” [Yurdum]

Of course, having someone so concerned about your wellbeing is something to be grateful about regardless if you look at it from the perspective of a normal person or a merchant.

“But the damages incurred from the fire ranging from the goods to the structures, the sales lost due to the store needing to be closed to deal with the aftermath, the increased security to prevent another arson… etc.

All of that costs money. Because of that there’s no point in prattling on endlessly about the safety of the personnel or the security. All the more so when the company has already dealt with the problem; hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the only remaining problem is the financial burden.

If you look at just that one ‘practical aspect’, then talking about something that could turn over a profit is far more valuable than 10,000 words of concern. As a manager myself, I would be grateful.” [Carm]

According to the boss, his source of funds would be the large sum he inherited from his grandfather and grandmother.

And the plan for his new business would involve a slime goods factory to be built in collaboration with the Morgan Company.

So wouldn’t that mean that he would also be supplying funds to the Morgan Company?

Serge-sama isn’t the kind of manager to lurch just because of one arson, but that’s another story. Having extra funds to cover his unexpected loss should still be a huge help to him.

Moreover, even if this investment were to be considered a loan, the boss isn’t someone who would force a takeover. Seriously, you couldn’t ask for a better lender. What’s more is if a factory to produce popular goods could be successfully put up, then that should also open up another source of income in the future.

“I see. A child would cry when given a problem, but crying alone won’t change anything, so instead he thinks up a solution immediately. In that sense the boss is a very practical and rational person. Is that what you’re saying?” [Yurdum]

Looks like he understands.

“He’s a strange person who always gets involved with slimes and who possesses mysterious knowledge, but the way he immediately sets off to look for an answer when presented with a problem, as well as his diligence in his work, is very reassuring… Even if he does look like a child. As for the parts he lacks, that’s for me and the others to compensate.” [Carm]

“You really trust him.” [Yurdum]

“He does have a habit of becoming absorbed with something and burying himself in work, though. That’s definitely something to worry about.” [Carm]

“Ahaha, that’s something I’ll probably never understand. After all, I’m someone who wants to do his job with the least effort needed… Oh, right. Thanks for telling me something so interesting. I’ll go back to my post now.” [Yurdum]

“Ah, yes, please take care.” [Carm]

But before I could even say that, he’d already taken the tea cups and the plates of sweets and left the room.

“He sure licked those plates clean.” [Carm]

Hmm… Yurdum thinks the boss is tense, huh. That’s worrying.

That man surprisingly has a habit of watching people, so he’s rather sensitive to them.

There’s also something I’m worried about a little. I better pay more attention to the boss.






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